Join us in April 2014 when the Sawmill Girls & Sawmill Farm Kids Wake Up their farm for Srping planting.

As the cold mountain Winter season draws to end and the first signs of Spring begin to appear in Sawmill and on Sawmill Farm, the Sawmill Girls have an itch to drop their plows in the beautiful Sawmill Farm dirt and plant their crops.  They plant only healthy organic crops to feed their family of Sawmill Morgan Horses, the resident's horses and all the farm animals on Sawmill Farm.

The night before it's time for them to start plowing their fields at sunrise the next morning, they have a beautiful ceremony on the west terrace of their big beautiful 3 story red barn named the Morgan Quarters that over looks where most of their larger fields are.

They wear their granny dresses and pink bonnets just as the girls did in centuries past. Everyone in Sawmill attends this beautiful ceremony dressed as folks did in the 1800's when Sawmill Farm was born from the Kagen family that homesteaded Sawmill Valley.

The music and dance is Native American performed by Sawmill's Cherokee Indian friends we call "the Brothers". They play beautiful flute and drum music and dance around a fire and then bless the Sawmill Girls and their farm the only way a Native American can bless the earth and it's soil.

The girls all ask Sawmill Farm to wake up for planting season and each one of them will either sing or play a string instrument.

This is a very beautiful and serious ceremony and you will get to be there on Sawmill Farm when they hold this ceremony . You will also be at the ceremony when they put their farm to sleep for the winter at the end of their harvest season.

The Earth is our Mother; care for Her
Honor all your relations.
Open your heart and soul to the Great Spirit.
All life is sacred; treat all beings with respect.
Take from the Earth what is needed and nothing more.
Do what needs to be done for the good of all.
Give constant thanks to the Great Spirit for each day.
Speak the truth but only for the good in others.
Follow the rythms of Nature.
Enjoy life's journey; but leave no tracks.

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