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Sawmill The Valley

Sawmill Valley is located in a remote area of the beautiful North Georgia mountains. It runs East and West between a chain of mountains with a part of it bordering a beautiful mountain lake. Sawmill is more or less a latch-key community with plenty of security and owned by the Kagen family since they homesteaded in the valley in the 1800's.
Sawmill also has a farm on it called Sawmill Farm. There is no easy access to Sawmill because of it's remote location to any major highways.

Sawmill got it's name because of the highest and longest mountain that borders the complete length of the valley named Sawmill. Yes, it had a sawmill on it and was harvesting lumber from the mountain now called Sawmill Mountain. That sawmill is still there and is owned by Anuta and she refuses to ever again let a live tree be cut down in Sawmill Valley. That is not a subject she will discuss with you unless it's about to fall on your home and then she'll ask you if it can be propped up and stablized.

Two of Blue Kagen's daughters from a previous marriage, Carman and Michelle,  have claimed all rights to the top of the highest section of Sawmill Mountain and have built beautiful homes up there with views like no other and trust me on this one, no one will argue with those two about their claim. They're married and raising their familes looking out over the world it seems.  They've done some beautiful landscaping up there and have built a playground and picnic area for Sawmill residents to go up and enjoy the views and the quiet.

The three oldest in age adopted kids of Anna and Blue, Karen, Marina and Scoot are known as the Big Three live in an area over looking the farm the residents of Sawmill have named...Da Hood....you'll read more about those 3 that have become power houses in their family and will then find out why they live in Da Hood and why Scoot built her beautiful log home where she did in Da Hood.

The Kagen family as a whole lives in an area bordering the lake that is called the Village. The Village sits up on a small ridge and has one road through it called Road One. This road also connects Sawmill to a section of the valley where the Kagen kids and other familes in Sawmill have their planes based. The Port is also where the Kagen family's corporate office is now located.

You'll meet some of the Sawmill Kids that are now the CEO's of their family corporations that live in Sawmill and have small offices at their homes where they manage their business from so you might say Sawmill is a business community as well.

At the Port is a large building they call their shed. Sawmill maintains their own roads, has a commercial
style firewood splitting machine there, snow plows and any other equipment needed to keep things going there.  You will be surprised who is in charge of the shed and manages our roads here in Sawmill.

The other residents of Sawmill live on or near the other Sawmill roads Road 2, Barn Road where the farm is located, Sawmill Lane and the Lake Road. Any other thing that looks like a road in Sawmill is either a past moonshiner runner's trail,  horse trail or an animal trail.

Sawmill has several streams and creeks flowing through it, one small waterfall and a large stream called Sawmill Stream. Sawmill Stream flows down the north side of the farm and Sawmill Lane borders it on the other side north of the farm.

There is a large hill there called the Slough where they go "mud sliding". When it rains the Slough gets very slick. Kids and adults both head up to the Slough when it's wet and sit on their butts and slide down the hill. We call it our dirty entertainment and it sure is fun.

Another hill in Sawmill we call Bird Brain Hill. It's a natural snow ski slope probably a 50 yards wide and 1/2 mile to the bottom. When it snows enough to ski or sled that is where you can find just about all the kids due to the schools being closed. The Samwill Girls "hitch" a wagon to the back of a tractor and carry all the kids back to the top so they terrorize the slope again on their skis and sleds.

Sawmill has three roads coming into it. The front entrance which is the nearest to the only paved road in and out of there. This road is now paved into Sawmill from about 7 miles to the nearest paved county road and the road most used by the Sawmill residents. There is a graveled road connecting to Barn Road on the west end of the valley and where the farm ends. There is also a large graveled road on the east end of Sawmill leading from the port to a more traveled larger highway that is a major artery through the county.
All the roads in sawmill are mostly single lane graveled except part of the Lake Road.

Over the years as Sawmill grew the residents got to noticing that moving around in Sawmill in their vehicles was getting to be not to much fun so they laid out about 15 miles of golf kart trails. After that project was completed every family bought a kart, some more. When you pass by Anna and Blue's home and all their kids are at home their yard looks like a golf kart dealership it has so many karts parked in it.

Sawmill Farm and the beautiful large barn called the Morgan Quarters is where it all happens in the valley. Outdoor concerts on the south terrace of the Morgan Quarters, clear spring fed cold water swimming hole, horse trails and picnic areas. 

The Sawmill resident horse lovers have their own barn there other than the Morgan Quarters to quarter their horses. Sawmill Farm is where all the food for their horses, mules and cows is grown and harvested by the Sawmill Girls and the Sawmill Farm Kids.

Sawmill Farm is used only to grow oats, corn, wheat, soy beans. They grow alfafa hay and use the shutes off the oats to bale straw. They grow large plots of Silver Queen corn and other vegetables to eat and share with the needy in their communites around them. They sale nothing and make no monies from their Sawmill Farm projects.

Kids only golf ball driving range, putt putt golf course, tennis courts, camping areas, trout fishing. Kids go there and pet Annablue's pet cows and can ride one of them.

The kids visit Galina and Precious's Pigmy Goat quarters and can play with their pet goats.  The kids in Sawmill love the farm and call it their play ground.

Sawmill is a very remote, quiet and paceful valley loved by everyone that lives and works there and they protect it, their kids and their way of life with any resource they have and anymore they could possbile get their hands on.

So now, as you read Sawmill you'll have a better understanding  as where things are happening at any given time in their lives in Sawmill Valley.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Sawmill.





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