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Updated 4/1/2017

4/1/2017...We would like to thank the 1000's of viewers and dedicated readers of Sawmll since the Sawmill Book was originally opened to the public. We've not updated the site in several months. Due to the growth of Sawmll the Book, we're having to move it to a more dedicated server to handle the amount of traffic it receives.  We're also in the process of rebuilding the site on a more user friendly platform and be viewable on mobile apps also.

Sawmill is a very large site with 100's of pages and images and this makes it a huge task for us moving all the files over to the site and server. The Sawmill Girls, Sawmill Farm Kids and the Kagen family, have completed all their personal stories and will be available on our new website.

We again thank you for your dedication to our book and you're understanding as we make this transition over to our new website and server. Your emails to us and beautiful comments for our Guestbook have been overwhelming to everyone of us and we do read them and answer them when time permits for us. All registered readers will receive an email from us when we open our new site sometime during the summer of 2017.

Thank You!
Sawmill Girls, Sawmill Farm Kids, Kagen Family


Версия Россия лесопильного будут доступны в ноябре 2012 года

Sawmill is being read in 24 countries. Thank you to all of our readers and supporters in those countries.