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Sawmill Girls & Muskateers Elena, Anuta, Beth, Galina and Ling Lee Speak About Their Snoopy

Our Snoopy, the quiet one of all 9 of us Sawmill Girls. It took her a year to write her Story and publish it for us to read.

Out of the 9 of us Sawmill Girls there are only 6 of us that were actually adopted and relocated here to Sawmill with our new families. 

The first four Sawmill Girls were Anuta, Beth, Snoopy and Elena. The other five became Sawmill Girls over a period of the next two years. We usually kept our personal comments for each Sawmill Girl Story to the first four of us until our four Stories had been completed.

Snoopy has also told in her Story the history of how and why we're called The Sawmill Girls.

Snoopy's Story is touching a lot of people's hearts and two Sawmill Girls in particular. Sawmill Girl Galina and Sawmill Girl Ling Lee are the other two that were adopted from another country.We've asked them to comment on Snoopy's Story with the other three of us and they have both agreed.

We've also asked Sawmill Girl Galina to write her Story next and she told us she had been working on it for almost a year and would try to finish it soon. After reading her sister Snoopy's Story she told us she can finish it now.

We ask our readers to have patience and understanding with us. For some of us our Stories are difficult for us to write in a manner that you as our readers can understand them.

Anuta wants to finish her Story and she tells us she's at the point in her story where she and poppa started bonding their love for each. She told us because of all the memories this will be very difficult to write about but she promises I will get it done.

We're writing our comments about our Snoopy's Story and they'll be available soon.

Sawmill Girls Anuta, Beth, Elena. Galina, Annablue, Taty, Hankie, Ling Lee