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Emilia Relocates To America and Sawmill

My dad picked me up and held me in his arms as we left the court room. We stopped outside so I could say goodbye to my auntie, my Elena and her family. This was a very emotional time for us but we also knew in just a few more months we would all be reunited together again in America and a place called Sawmill.

When we got into the van with Uncle Dimitri my sis Anuta and Beth got into the van with us. I sat between them and they held my hands as we left the court house going to the airport to fly here to America and Sawmill. I had never flown in an airplane and I was told we would be returning to our home in America in the Kagen family jet K1. I don't thing that even was something I thought about.

My mind was on the fact that I was leaving my precious mum Svetlana here in Russia and I would not be so near to her anymore. I was leaving my auntie and my best friend Elena and her family. I was leaving my country of Russia and moving to another country many miles from here called America. My heart begin to ache and I had a terrbile hurt feeling in it. I was with people I had not spent much time with and in some ways were strangers to me even though I know in my soul they love me as their very own.

I think my sis Anuta and my cousin Beth could feel my feelings. They both told to me everything was going to be wonderful for me in America. That did very little to stop this hurt I was having in my heart. I wanted to cry but I held back the tears and didn't say anything to them. My sis Anuta told to me that this was not the first time they had done this before and held the hands of one of my sisters when she was moving to America with us. Beth said and I'm sure we will be doing this again. Later in my life I also got the opportunity to sit in this van and hold one of the hands of two of my little sisters Precious and Little Lena as we made this trip to the airport to fly back to our home here in America.

We got out of the van at the airport and went inside a building. We were leaving Russia and had to pass through customs and passport control which meant nothing to me. We went outside and started walking to a plane that looked big to me and I remember seeing the letters K1 on the back of it.  My mum and dad were holding my hands, Standing at the bottom of the steps going up into the plane stood my three sisters Karen, Scoot and Marina, They each gave to me a very pretty long stem rose. They hugged my neck, told me they loved me and they would be the pilots that would fly me to my new home in America. I had no idea what a pilot was so all I did was smile and started walking up the steps holding my mum's hand. At this time in my life I had no idea that one day I would be the Captain of this beautiful plane we call K1 and be her chief pilot and fly an adopted kid from a foreign country back to her new home with us here in Sawmill.

My mum put me in a seat next to her and put a belt around me. My dad sat across from us and smiled at me. My sis Anuta, Beth and another girl named Olga came in the door winked at me and then found them a seat to sit in. Olga was a cousin of mine and she flies anywhere she has to go on K1. I was never told why nor did I ever ask anyone. My sisters Annablue, Galina, Elena and Taty came inside the plane and found them a place to sit. Then there he was coming in the door my big brother Igor. He looked at me and smiles, pinched my ear and said let's go home sis.
When the plane was rolling I knew that this was the last time I would be on the ground in my home country of Russia for I don't know how long and it hurt my heart to be leaving her. Soon the engines roared and I could see the buildings getting smaller and we were gone from my beautiful country of Russia that I loved so much.

The hours rolled on by and we were getting further away from my beautiful Russia and getting closer to my new home in America. I'll say this much though, there was not a dull moment on the plane with all the humor my sisters were having with each other. They did their best to draw me into it but I was not in a mood to be playing.

We had a lot of food to eat on the plane but I was not very hungry. I think my big brother noticed I may be homesick. He came and sat on a sofa across from us and called me to him. I walked a few feet to him. He put me in his lap and held me close to him and told to me I was going to be ok soon and he loved me so very much.
My mum looked at me and smiled and winked at me. I felt very warm and secure in my Igor's arms and went to sleep.

I heard my mum say wake up baby we're almost home. I got up and she helped me back in my seat and put the belt on me again. She gave me a big hug and told to me you're going to love your new home and have so much fun here. Your auntie and Elena will be here with you so soon you will think a fairy brought them to you. That was good to my heart to hear that.

When the plane was landing I could see a very big mountain. My cousin Olga told to me we call that big mountain Sawmill Mountain and cuz you're going to love seeing it everyday and riding horses on it. Horses! I've never even touched a horse in my life! They're BIG for my size.

I heard all my sisters yell..yee haww we're almost home. Ok, so what's next is what I thought. The plane started dropping down to the ground very fast and then boom we were rolling real fast on the ground. The plane stopped and turned. I could see eome buildings and more planes and looked like some people standing out there.

When the plane stopped I could see a lot of people waving and clapping. I wondered what was wrong with those people. When my mum walked down the steps with me they were clapping and welcoming me to my new home here in Sawmill. This made me feel very good inside and I smiled and waved back to them.

Well, I have arrived to my new home in America and this place in these beautiful mountains we call Sawmill.

Dear God, I love you so very much as my only God in Heaven. Dear God I have arrived to my new home here in Sawmill and I was greeted so warmly by everyone that lives here. Dear God, I beg of you to take this hurt from my heart and let me love these people back and love this place called Sawmill. Dear God, Please tell to my mun in Heaven with you that I'm now in Sawmill with all of my new family around me loving and caring for me.
Amen, Emilia