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Where I Am In My Life Now

I'm 18 years in age now. The first and the most important is I am a Christian and my God comes first in my life. We call Sawmill God's Country because it's so beautiful and peaceful here. We sometimes think Sawmill is where God comes to rest and he made it so.

I now have a Cathedral to pray in again. I walk outside and I'm standing in the most beautiful Cathedral in the world, this valley we call Sawmill. The candles are lite every morning when the morning sun breaks over the top of Sawmill Mountain and floods our lives with God's pure grace.

Sawmill has been my home for about 7 years now. I'm blessed with a beautiful mum and dad that loves me so deeply. I have 14 beautiful sisters and one BIG BROTHER! My auntie is here living near to me and my Elena and her family are also here living near to me. I have five precious aunts and 2 uncles. I have more cousins, neices and nephews than I can hardly keep up with.

I am a Senior in high school, I'm an honor student, I play in the high school marching band and I'm on the student council. I suppose not to bad for kid like me. I think I've learned a lot about being a kid in a public school system and having to deal with the peer pressure and all the problems that goes along with it. Peer presure is one thing that I don't let interfere with my life, period. I could care less about designer clothes, the latest and hottest of anything in cell phones, computers, new vehicles and the latest gossip on tv.

I do no social networking and I sure as heck don't spend my life sending and receiving text messags. Those are two things that just "ain't going to happen" in my life. My days are so busy that I don't have time for all that foolishness in my life.

I work in our family business as an intern under my sis Scoot. Scoot is our international corporate lawyer. I got interested in law earlier in my life and loved it. My plans are to attend a local small community college with Anuta, Beth and Elena and continue to live at home and then go to law school once I graduate from there. When Scoot retires my place in our family business will be to take her place.

One thing that's important in our business is being able to go from point A to point B as quickly as possible. This is the main reason we own our private business jet plane. It gets us from point A to B and back in 1/10 the time it would take us flying commercial. Because of that I'm a pilot working on my jet certification so I can help fly our plane especially when the big three retire. (Karen, Scoot and Marina).

We get emails from our readers asking us what is it like being a Sawmill Girl and how did you girls get that name? Where is Sawmill located and how much land do you farm? Is it fun being a farmer?

First thing to mention to you. To keep our personal lives private, and to respect the privacy of the wonderful residents of this valley, we never disclose the exact location of Sawmill nor do we disclose how much land we have in cultivation.  Sawmill is located on the back side of nowhere, as people would say, and has no direct access from a major highway. It is also a latch key community with security. No, we don't have shirts, bumper stickers, decals on our tractors and trucks with Sawmill Girls on them but all area residents know who we are and that we do farm Sawmill. Is it fun being a farmer? That depends on what kind of day we're having on our farm and we will assure anyone if we were not having fun then we wouldn't be doing it.

Back when Aunta, Beth, Elena and me made the decision to try and farm Sawmill Farm and bring it back to life again we got flooded with support from our family and all the residents here in Sawmill.  You have to try and understand at our age this was going to be an almost impossible task for us since we knew nothing about farming. Anuta and Beth had grown up on Sawmill Farm playing more so than learning anything about being a farmer.

The only farming I suppose Elena and I had ever done, if you want to call it that, was when we rode the train to a large potato field near Tula and dug potatoes to take home for more food on the table for us. That's a Story within it's ownself.

Everyone here in Sawmill decided we needed to have a special name so we could be referred to in conversations as those girls farming Sawmill Farm. They went through several different versions of trying to figure out what to call us. Anuta, Beth, Elena and me thought this was funny as heck at the time so we just went along with it. They finally had it narrowed down to three names and when they took a vote Sawmill Girls won almost by a 100% vote so that's how we got the name Sawmill Girls.

I think one of the funniest things that happened to us after we got named the Sawmill Girls happened on the farm. We had already made a business plan with our dad's and uncles as to what steps we needed to do to start bringing Sawmill back to life. It was now late Fall season and time for us to get started.

Anuta, Elena, Beth and me decided we needed to get on out there and get started on this new farm project. We decided one of the first things we might need to do is start bush hogging and cleaning up around poppa's barn. We rode in Anuta's truck to the farm. There is a gate to open to enter the farm where the barn is and we keep it closed. When we pulled up to the gate there was a newly painted sign on it that read...Welcome To Sawmill Farm, Home of The Sawmill Girls.

We got out the truck, looked at that sign and actually laid on the ground laughing our butts off. I'm here to tell you now that was just to fuuny to us. Beth said are we going to leave it on the gate and use it for target practice? That one tore our butts up again and we laughed more. We had all kinds of incidents where we were being called the Sawmill Girls and it took us a long time to get used to being called Sawmill Girls.

We were spending most of our free time at the farm working and getting this seemingly almost impossible new farm project started. We had made up our minds that we were going to give it all we had to make this work. We had help from our families, the Sawmill Kids (later to be named that) and some of the residents here. It seems someone was always on the farm working mostly rebuilidng the infrastucture. The group that was there the most, and worked the longest hours, actually are the ones most responsible for bringing back the integrity and beauty of Sawmill. That group of kids who we now call The Sawmill Farm Kids grew up playing and having the fun of their lives on the farm.

These kids, The Sawmill Farm Kids,  more or less took charge of that massive project and everyone would work with them as their leaders on this project. We would hear from everyone working on the farm, ask a Sawmill Girl or ask a Sawmill Kid when a question needed to be ask. The Sawmill Kids were reclaiming their rights as to their lives growing up on the farm. It was just one huge awesome self rewarding time for everyone involved during that time. I think this is where all the respect started coming into play by everyone calling us their Sawmill Girls and our Sawmill Farm Kids. It stuck and here we are four years later still known and respected as their Sawmill Girls and Sawmill Farm Kids.

Rcently four of us had gone to town and had stopped at a burger joint. We were eating our bugers and a lady asked us if we were Sawmill Girls. That kind of slowed the burger eating down for a few seconds. Elena jumped on it first and asked what's a Sawmill Girl, we're college kids we no nothing about a sawmill. The lady was very nice and told us she was reading an ebook with a slide show and we looked a little like the girls in it. We've had a lot of other funny incidents being called the Sawmill Girls but we're certainly proud to be called Sawmill Girls now.

Is the name Sawmill Girls important to us? Yes it is and it's a rewarding part of our lives now to be called a Sawmill Girl. There is no hype or arrogance about being a Sawmill Girl. The challenges and dificulties for us
back then were enormous and after four years of farming we still get slapped in the face sometimes with more challenges and diffculties on our farm. We love being called a Sawmill Girl or the Sawmill Girls because of what the name Sawmill Girl stands for to everyone of our family members and the other residents of this valley.

To all nine of us that are Sawmill Girls and farming Sawmill Farm the name Sawmill Girls means we're just nine special grand daughters keeping our poppa and granny's farm alive for another generation of kids to love and enjoy just like us and all the other kids before us did.

In my sis Galina's Story, which she has completed, she will tell you how she and my sis Annablue earned their stripes to be called a Sawmill Girl. Our older sisters Marina, Scoot and Karen are the ones that name you a Sawmill Girl, not us. Galina also tells why neither of us will have anything to do with the seat on K1 that we sat in flying to Sawmill for the first time. Neither one of us "do not" sit in that seat. Mum laughs about it with us but she knows "do not" ask either of us to sit in that seat next to her, somewhere else in K1 but "not that seat". We both agree it was one of the most horrible experiences in our lives. We had left our homeland of Russia and being relocated to an unknown full of uncertainty for us with people we really didn't know nor the language and culture.

Sawmill is a working farm even though we seek no profits from her. The beautiful Morgan Quarters is the home of our loved family of Morgan Horses, our Kickass the mule, Beth's mule Roger and a few other animals and we want them to be fed healthy foods.

Most everyone here in Sawmill owns a horse and they have to be fed and cared for just like a human. They're also quartered on Sawmill Farm but not in the Morgan Quarters. Annablue has 12 cows and Galina has the same amount of pigmy goats that live in their own quarters on Sawmill. We grow only crops to make feed for all of these animals and try and keep them healthy. Our animals are members of our family and we treat them as such.

Our family has a trememdous investment in Sawmill now not only in the cost of all the equipment it takes to farm and maintain a farm the size of Sawmill but the 1000's of hours of labor and monies we've put into rebuilding the infrastructure of the farm. One of our aunts that was born and raised on Sawmill said recently that our Sawmill Girls and Sawmill Kids are turning our family farm into a work of art. We love our family farm. It's a part of our family heritage and roots that must be preserved for all family members now and generations to come."Family dirt" is important and should always remain "family dirt". Our farm is "family dirt" and will always remain our "family dirt".

Who are the Muskateers we see mentioned in the book? That would be Anuta, Beth, Elena and me that are the original Muskateers. Last year we invited Ling Lee to join our elite group of  Muskateers and she accepted so there are five of us now.  I've forgotten who started calling us the Muskateers. I think we were around the ages of 12 or 13. We got on this kick sometimes where we would call most all the residents in Sawmll and ask them what they were having for dinner usually on a Saturday evening. They would tell us and always say we've got plenty so you're welcome. We would then discuss who we thought had the best grub that night so we would just show up at those folks home not telling them we were headed their way to eat with them. And, we still do this sometimes. Sho is a lot of fun too.

When I started writing my Story it seemed as if it was constantly changing on me and it took me almost a year to get this far with it. All of us Sawmill Girls have had some serious discussions about our stories and we've wondered if we've helped anyone along the way that's read them.

We have also agreed that writing our Stores has helped us heal some hidden hurts in our hearts that we didn't realize was there at the time. All nine of us came together here in Sawmill and on this precious farm of ours with different histories in our lives.

I think one of the reasons we've made Sawmill Farm as successful as it is was because we capitalized on our past histories together, gained inner strength from each other and set our minds to working together that we could and would do this as a team. We all held hands and prayed everyday together on the west terrace of the Morgan Quarters where it all begin for us when we made the decision to become the new farmers of Sawmill Farm four years ago.

True to her word my mum Anna had told to me we would always go back to Volgograd and visit my mum's grave and place fresh flowers on it and this we did. My sis Galina and sis Karen had also lost their mums to cancer and were also adopted by our mum and dad and relocated here.We would always fly to Staryy Oskol and visit their mums first because it was enroute to Volgograd and the home to my mum, aunts and several kids in Sawmill. We also had grandparents still living there.

I personally thank all of you that are reading all of our Stories and I hope you've learned something from them. If you have a hurt in your heart and soul just as some of us did why don't you sit down and write your own Story to yourself. Be honest and truthful with yourself when you do this. Maybe it will remove some hurt in your heart just as each of us writing our stories has done for us.

God Bless each and everyone of you especially the teenagers out there reading our Stories.
Love You I Do!...Sawmill Girl Snoopy

Dear God, thank You so much for being my only true God in Heaven. Dear God, thank You so much for guiding my heart and mind and giving me the inner strength to be able to write my Story. Dear God, I beg of You to lay Your hands on our teenagers hearts and help them work through all the difficulties they're having in their lives right now. Dear God, please tell to my precous mum Svetlana that's in Heaven with You that I love and miss her so much and though her strength to me I was able to write and finish my Story. Amen..Sawmill Girl Snoopy

I was asked one time if teenagers really prayed...see for yourself

Thank You God For The Power Of Prayer For Our Teenagers...Sawmill Girl Snoopy







Yes Teenagers Pray...Amen! ... Do You?