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Emilia's Final Chapter Page 2

My auntie...IT'S MY AUNTIE!!

I threw those roses up in the air and started running to my auntie as fast as I could possibly run and she was running to me. We had tears flying all over us as we grabbed each other and held each other. My auntie was finally here to Sawmill with me and we would never be separated again. We had not seen each other in 6 months except in Skype and that was ok but this was the real thing now.

I'll never forget that so special day in my life when I saw my auntie for the first time in 6 months. All the fears I had of relocating here to Sawmill, all the homesickness, all the culture shock and all the loneliness were gone from me at that very moment in my life. I had my precious auntie back in my real life now where I could love and care for her.

My family had already built her a beautiful home close to my sisters Karen, Scoot and Marina's homes and it was almost completed. My auntie lived with us for about a month until her new home was ready to live in. This was such a wonderful time for us to be together again after 6 months apart. I got asked a lot of times if now I was going to live with my auntie when she got here and I would say no. I would continue to live with my parents and sisters in our home in the Village and auntie would live in her home. We live only about 10 minutes from each other riding in a kart and I would visit her often and spend some weekends with her.

I now want to speak to the ones of you that have just adopted or going to adopt a kid from a foreign country.

When a kid is living in a home for unwanted kids, or other reasons, and has no family member to love and care for them except the sisters in those homes is not a good life to live. In most countries when an orphan kid turns age 18 they get booted out on the streets usually with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

When you adopt one of these kids they will usually have a much easier adjustment when they've relocated to your home and family because they have no family in their homeland that cares about them or has passed on and they had to be placed in a home. In other words they have no family roots they can depend on to help them.

If you read my Story then you saw that my situation was totally different. I had an aunt that was rasing me in my homeland of Russia in the city of Moscow. I was a happy kid and knew my aunt loved me with all her heart and soul and I had no worries and was very secure in my feelings and surroundings.

When my beautiful parents Anna and Blue Kagen adopted me and brought me to Americaa to live here in our home in Sawmill they were yanking me away from my only family member that I had living that loves me more than life.

They were yanking me away from the only lifestyle I knew and had accepted and moving me 55000 miles away from all of this to a new country, a different culture, a different language and a competely new and different lifestyle.

They were yanking me away from my only real friend Elena and her family that I loved as my very own sister and family.

I did not really know this family very much and they became strangers to me even though they were pouring their love out to me in bucket loads. I became very homesick for my aunt in Moscow and everything I knew in my life there. I was trying to become introverted and separate myself from this family but they held me in their beautiful hearts and never released me. They knew what was happening to me and just held me tighter in their hearts and wouldn't let go of me.

If you're going to adopt a kid from a foreign country I beg of you to please learn as much as you can about their culture and keep a heads up and watch for homesickness and culture shock. Learn as much of their language as you can before they relocate to your home. Try to have someone on standby that knows their language just in case you have a BIG misunderstanding in culture difference.

The most important thing is to always let them know they are loved by you and not consideed adopted but a real life member of your family. Please always refer to them as your child not adopted child.

I was extremely fortunate that I was being adopted with a Russian mum, Russian sisters and a Russian brother not to mention the ones we call half pints, Annablue and Taty. They were born to our mum and dad here in America and are Russian-American.

There was no language barrier for me when I got here to Sawmill. English is the first language in our home and I learned the language very fast but everything was explained to me in Russian then translated into English for me. My family made it fun for me so I had no problems learning English and was doing just fine with it in a few months. I am now fluent in several languages and have no Russian accent anymore, none of us do.

I could have written a book on my life but what I've done in my Story is to touch on some of the more important things in my life that maybe someone else can learn from.

Trust me, I am one very happy kid now. Thank you and God Bless each and everyone of you.
Sawmill Girl Snoopy

Dear God, thank You for being the only true love God in my life. Dear God I love my Sawmill family so very much and I thank You for bringing us together as a family in this home. Dear God, thank You so much for giving me the courage to write and tell some of my Story. Dear God, please tell to my mum Svetlana up in Heaven with You I love and miss her so very much, Please tell to her that  I have finally gotten the courage through God to write and tell my Story. Amen, Emilia Svetlana Anna-Blue Kagen (Snoopy)