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Emilia's Final Chapter Page 1

When I arrived to my new home here in Sawmill I was not only homesick but I also was experiencing something called culture shock. I was without my auntie and my friend Elena near to me all the time and I missed my life in Russia. I had no Cathedral to go to and pray everyday. Everything here in Sawmill was different and seemed strange to me compared to Moscow. I had no sidewalks to walk on and no big buildings around me and did not hear the street noise like in the big city of Moscow.

I was sharing a home now with 5 sisters, a mum and dad, two dogs, a small pigmy goat and a kat. I did not have the quiet around me like I did living with my auntie in our home in Moscow. I was learning that I wasn't the only kid in the house and had to share. The smells were different for me, the foods were different for me, my clothes and shoes were different for me. I was wearing jeans and shorts now and hiking boots most of the time instead of sneekers.

Transportation is much different for me here than in Moscow. We walk a lot but not like I did in Moscow. My parents bought me a bicycle and my sisters taught me how to ride it. We travel around Sawmill in golf karts on kart trails. The stores are so far from us that we can't walk to them, we ride in my mum's van.

At night I would go outside and see dark and only the stars in the sky. I no longer saw millions of lights all around me coming from all the buildings and streets of Moscow. The quiet here in Sawmill compared to Moscow would sometimes make me very lonely and homesick. I'm sure everyone around me here in Sawmill knew this and did the best they could to help me to fight off this homesickness.

It seemed to me that I was never alone. I had sisters, cousins and friends near to me all the time. Sometimes
I would want to run and hide from everyone so I could be alone with my homesickness and drown myself in my loneliness but no one here in Sawmill would allow me to do such a thing.

My school here was much different than in Moscow. The school was to far for me to walk. Our older sis Carman took us to school every morning and got us after school and brought us home. The kids in my school were totally different from the kids I went to school with in Moscow.

I was still praying two times a day even though I had no Cathedral to pray in. We have a small and beautiful old country church near our home and I started going there to pray. My mum would go and sometimes my sister Anuta and Beth and my dad would go with me and pray with me. I asked to my mum one day why we had no candles to light when we prayed. She told to me this was a Christian church and not an Orthodox church. I told to her ok. I was going to Sunday school and church there and learning about the Christian church and I liked it very much. The next morning when mum and I went to pray there were candles at the alter for us to light.

One night my sisters and me were outside moom watching and spyder watching and heard K1. We  watched her lift up into the night sky turning northeast and disappeared into the darkness. We reckoned our big sisters had a meeting somewhere and were flying there tonight.

Two morning's later at breakfast my mum's cell rang. She left the table and went into the den to talk. Anuta looked at us and said..K1. I asked now how do you know that sis?..She said her cell has a different ring when our sisters call her from K1. Well ok I didn't know that. Mum came back to the table and looked at me and smile and winked at dad. Wonder what that was all about.

When we got home from school that day we saw a huge vase full of roses on the kitchen island. We all guessed dad had given them to mum for some special reason. Mum's cell rang with that different ring from K1 and all she said was ok. We thought maybe mum was losing it and laughed at her and she laughed back at us and said sorry girls and laughed again. We have an awesome and funny mum.

About an hour later we were outside playing root the peg. Mum came out where we were and started laughing at us and told to us hit the showers and get cleaned up real fast like. She wanted us to go with her to meet K1 when she landed in about an hour.

We all plopped our butts in mums van. Beth came running from her home to us yelling yee hawww and did a belly flop getting in with us. We were sure laughing at her when she did that. Dad looked at Beth and said good landing Beth and we all laughed again. That Beth is a funny kid most of the time.

We had no idea why mum wanted us to go with her to meet K1 so late in the afternoon. It takes only a few minutes to drive to the port from the village so we were here in no time it seems. When we got here a lot more people were there including the rest of my family, Beth's parents and more Sawmill folks. I thought this strange and asked dad about it. He just said K1 has a VIP onboard her and it's always nice to give them a nice meet and greet when they get here. Ok I thought.

Mum had us to line up in front of everyone. There seem to be a lot of folks here for this meet and greet. No one was saying a word. Mum came to me and gave me all those roses and told to me I had been selected to present the roses to the VIP onboard K1. I thought to myself you got to be kidding me.

Dad was holding a phone in his hand and we heard our sis Karen say K1 entering final to home soil. We could hear and see K1 off in the distance decending down towards us. Karen landed K1 beautifully and then rotated towards us from the end of the runway.

Karen pulled K1 up about 50 feet in front of us and shut down her engines. I heard my mum take a deep breath and looked like maybe her eyes were a little wet. I wondered why she was doing this. Our sis Marina opened the door on K1 and let the steps down to the ground. She walked down the steps and stopped and turn facing the door. Sis Scoot came out next and did the same across from Marina. Karen came out next and stood next to Scoot and they were looking up at the door.

My big brother Igor was standing behind me with his hands on my shoulders. I thought this is good so maybe he can save my butt when I have to present these roses to that VIP onboard K1.

We saw a person coming to the door inside K1 and I was wondering who this person was I had to give these roses too.

Dear God, my only God in Heaven that I love and trust so very much. Thank You so very much for this family that has adopted me and loves and cares for me so very much. Dear God I thank You for the courage You gave to me to start over coming my homesickness and culture shock. Dear God please tell to my mum in Heaven with You that I love and miss her very much and I am getting to be a more happy kid now. Amen, Emilia