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Emilia's Adoption Court Hearing

Today is the day I have to go to the Adoption Court with my new mum and dad. My auntie and I spent the night with them in the same suite and hotel where I had spent two weeks with them earlier. We had dinner out in a nice place and talked a lot about a lot of things. My new mum and dad were treating me just like I had been born into their family as a biological kid. They were treating my auntie as one of their own sisters so all seemed well for us.

My big brother and all of my sisters were on another floor in the hotel being cared for by my oldest sisters and my aunts and uncles. I was told later they were having a hoot of a good time down there and excited about this court hearing today where I would legally become a member of their beautiful family made up of mostly adopted kids like I was going to be.

Later that night my dad called to me and told me to come look out the window. I walked over to the window and looked down. All of my new family were standing down there holding lighted candles looking up at our window. They were holding the sign that said We Love You Emilia Welcome To Our Family and was singing a song. We were so high up and the window would not open so I could not hear this song they were singing to me. I was told by my mum they were singing a song written by my aunt Marcie that welcomed all new adopted kids into their lives and to Sawmill. My mum told me that this song also had the words to the Adoption Creed in it.

At this moment in my life I had never felt so loved before and did not know what to say or do. I just stood there with my mum and dad's arms around me looking down on all of my new family singing up to me. I waved to them and threw kisses down to them. When they saw that they all started yelling and clapping and pointing up to me.
I saw my big bother Igor throw a kiss back up to me. I think every girl needs a big brother in their lives. 

We woke early this morning and had breakfast in our room. I still had not spent anytime with my sis Anuta or my Elena since all this started happening last night. I really missed my Elena but I also understood this was something very serious happening today and I had to be prepared for it.

My mum called me to my room and showed me a new beautiful dress and shoes she had bought for me to wear to the court hearing. I hugged her and told to her thank you and I love you mum. I took a shower and got dressed and went to the living room. My auntie told me I was so beautiful and looked just like my mum Svetlana when she was my age.  My mum Anna said well your mum must have been a very beautiful lady when she was your age and I agree with auntie.

Soon we were at this huge court building in Moscow Centre and getting out of the van. I looked up and saw all of my new family waiting on us. We walked up to them and this beautiful tall blonde lady came to me and hugged me and told me I am Beth's mum and we have come to be with you on your special day. The next thing I kenw I had arms all around me and it was my new cousin Beth that I had talked to so many times in Skype and on the phone.

Then my Elena came to me and hugged me and gave me a paper that said I love you my sis Emilia and I will be with you today in the court room. I can tell you now this was a lot for a kid my age to try and comprehend at this very moment.

Everyone left and went into the court house. My mum and dad took my hands and we walked into the building and down a long hall and stopped outside and waited to be called into a large room by the judge. Soon the door opened and uncle Dimitri ask us to come into the room.

When we entered the room I saw all of my new family in there with big smiles on their faces and trust me they were not saying a word which I found out when I got to Sawmill was a blessing for anyone but so funny.

We walked to the front of the court room. Mum and dad were holding my hands and my auntie was right beind me with her hand on my shoulder. We stood there and then all my family stood up as Judge Anastasia enter the room. She told everyone to please be seated. She began reading a lot of things I didn't understand but my mum, dad and auntie did.

She asked me to please stand up Emilia I have some questions to ask of you. When I stood up I felt some hands on my shoulders. I turned and looked and it was my big brother Igor. I cannot tell to you the questions she asked of me because of the privacy of the adoption court.

She then asked my mum dad and auntie to stand up. She asked them some more questions and then asked them to recite the Adoption Creed to me.

Our Emilia "Not flesh of our flesh, not bone of our bones
But still miraculously our own.
Never forget for a single minute
You didn't grow under our hearts but in our hearts".

Then all of a sudden everyone in that court room started reciting the Adoption Creed to me. The judge looked up and stood up and started smiling at them. It seems all of my family was adopting me as well. This was the most beautiful moment in my life except when I accepted God into my life.When all was done everyone started clapping and I could tell the judge like this.

The judge looked at me and told to me...Emilia I understand you wish to take the name
Emilia Svetlana Anna-Blue Kagen for your legal name. I told to her yes I do and she then told to me..
Emilia Svetlana Anna-Blue Kagen you may now leave this court room and this great country of Russia and relocated to your new home in America with your new parents, and your new beautiful family that has come all this far to show their love and support to you.

Dear God, thank you so very much for being my only God in Heaven. Dear God thank you so much for this Kagen family as a whole for choosing me and Giving Me The Gift Of Life, a compete family to help love and care for me. Dear God, please tell to my mum in Heaven with you that I love and miss her very much and finally once more in my life I am a very happy kid. Amen, Emilia