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 The New Family Bonding Begins

Anuta and I had our own private shower in our room so she told to me to take me a hot shower first and then she would get hers. I went into that bathroom and could not believe my eyes. I have NEVER in my life seen such a beautiful bathroom. I had to ask her to show me how to turn the water and shower on and of course she did this with that smile on her face that she always has.

When I got done with my shower I went back into the bedroom and looked at my new dress, and new shoes.
I was standing there looking at them, so pretty and then I heard...you need mum to help you get dressed baby.
I thought to myself, did I really hear someone say these words to me. I looked at her and the words just rolled out of my mounth, I think so mum.

I looked up at her and then realized just how beautiful and sweet she really was. She helped me to get dressed, dryed and combed my hair for me. Then she said to me, wait baby, mum has something else for you to wear. She left the room and returned and put a neckless on me. I had never seen a beautiful neckless in my life other than on tv and in magazines. She looked at me and told to me, you are sooo beautiful tonight. I thought to myself is she really telling the truth or is she trying to snooker me. (street smarts)

Anuta came bouncing out of the bathroom and said WOW sis you're sooo pretty. Uh oh, here those words were again. She got dressed and in walks mum with a very beautiful neckless for her. I'll have to admit we both looked pretty dang good that night.

In the elevator mum was holding my hand and dad was holding Anuta's hand. Out the door we go and into the van with uncle Dimitri and out onto the night streets of Moscow. All this night I felt something very strange in me and today now living in Sawmill where I am so loved and cared for I still wonder about it. Maybe you've experienced such feelings before in your life and never discussed them with anyone. It seems to me that these are private and personal feelings not to be shared with anyone.

As the week moved on for me living in a new family environment I became more adjusted to the idea that this was real and not just a night time dream and would not fade away. I felt a very special love from my new mum and dad and my new sis Anuta, but it was a different kind of love that made me feel so warm and comfortable inside my heart. I was included in all conversations and my opinion on some things seemed to accepted and approved by everyone.

A couple times a day I would call to my auntie and my Elena and we would discuss how my life was now changing and their lives would also change for the best. My new mum, dad and new sis understood and accepted the fact that I go to the Cathedral and pray two times a day.

All three of them went with me and prayed with me even though they aren't Orthodox like I was at this time. Today in my life I am a Christian and no longer Orthodox but I still pray and worship to the same God in the Heavens above us. It was my decision, no one elses, to become a Christian and attend our church here in Sawmill and I also still pray to my God two times a day sometimes more.

I spoke at the beginning of my Story that when I was living in Volgograd my mum took me to church with her two times a day to pray. I was being raised in a church environment which is still within my soul today and I will never, nor will anyone else, ever remove this from me. This is a very important part of my life.

During this time I was being introduced to my new family in America. We would sit together at a table and use Skype to see and talk to my new younger sisters here in Sawmill. They acted like happy kids and seemed to be excited about having me as their sis also. They were so fuuny sometimes. They would take their laptops and walk around the house and show me things on the web cam. I saw their bedrooms, dogs and a goat but they would not show me my bedroom. It was to be a surprise for me when I arrived to Sawmill with them.

I met my olders sisters the same way. I met Karen, Scoot, Marina, Carmen and Michelle and their kids and they all were smiling and telling me how excited they were to be getting me as their new sis. I really felt something warm inside me coming from these people through Skype. I met my aunts Jeannie, Mary, Cyl, Carrie and Lena.
I met my uncles Tyler and Ken. They all smiled and told to me how excited they were and would be glad when I could arrive to them. I was getting more excited now.

Then one day I met my brother Igor. He looked at me with the same beautiful blue eyes that my sis Anuta has and smiled the same beautiful smile that she has. It felt very strange for me for a few seconds looking at him. I was looking at something that I never even thought about having, a big older brother. He spoke very softly to me and told to me his heart was excited to know that it had a new sister coming to him soon. We talked more but I really didn't know how to talk with him about anything because I had never had such a thing as a big brother to talk to. My big brother Igor was standing right behind me at the court hearing for my adoption in Moscow that day. He and I are very close to each other and sometimes we have those big brother little sister talks that mean so very much to me.

I had already met this kid Beth in Skype, Anuta's cousin and soon to be my cousin that lived next to her in Sawmill. Be sure to read her Story, it's very heart warming and "to the point" per say. Beth would meet Anuta, Elena and me in Skype everyday and we would really have some fun laughs together.

Being together as a family in Moscow those two weeks was a tremendous help for my adjustment when I arrived to my home here to Sawmill to live. I was already familiar with my new family and what the inside of my new home looked like. Mum and dad treated me in Moscow as their own daughter not an adopted or step daughter. We spent a lot of time together in Moscow doing some shopping and going to see and do fun thigs together.

What I didn't know at this time that they were already starting the documents to adopt me and the necessary documents to relocate my auntie, Elena and her family here to Sawmill in America.

Dear God, I love and trust you so much as my only God In Heaven. Dear God, thank you so much for letting me be chosen to be given the gift of live by this so beautiful loving and caring Kagen family here in the beautiful Sawmill. Dear God, please tell to my mum with you in Heaven that I love and miss her so dearly but I am OK now in my life and she would be so very proud of me. Amen, Emilia

Chapter 4, Emilia's Adoption Process Begins available December 2013