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Emilia Is Offered "The Gift Of Life", She Has Been "Chosen" By Anuta's Parents

Anuta and her parents had decided to extend their stay here in Moscow for another week. One evening they came and talked to my auntie in private. They also brought Anuta and Elena's mum . I had no idea what this was all about but I'll admit I was worried that something was bad wrong with my Elena. They talked in private for at least two hours and my mind was going in a thousand directions.

Soon they all came into the living room and sat down. Anuta's parents were smiling and gave me a big hug. My auntie had a beautiful smile on her face. Aunta's parents were sitting in front of me and my auntie started talking to me. Anuta was sitting next to me holding my hand.

Our Emilia we have something very important to discuss with you. Mr. and Mrs. Kagen and Aunta have come to me and told me how much they have learned to love and care for you since they met you. I've just learned tonight that they want to adopt you, and me, and relocate us to their home in America to live. They will also be relocating Elena and her parents to America and live in a place called Sawmill. They told me that there is no way they would ever seperate you and Elena and want you to always live near to each other.

Anuta told me Sawmill is a wonderful place to live. There are a lot more kids living there that have been adopted and will become your friends. They have told me that you will have a brother and a LOT of sisters that will always love you as their very own sister. You will have more aunts and uncles to help love and care for you also.

Anna speaks to Emilia. Emilia I know you miss your mum very much. I will never try to replace your mum in your heart and soul and will always help you love your mum in special ways all the way from our home in America. I promise to you that I will always love and care for you and your auntie and provide for all your needs. We will return together to Volgograd at least two times a year and place fresh flowers on your mums grave. At anytime you felt like you needed to return to visit your mum we would bring you and never ask you why.

Anuta's dad speaks next. Emilia I promise to give you something you've never had in your life. I promise to be your farther and love you as my very own daughter and help Anna take care of all your needs in life. You will be loved and accepted by all in Sawmill and become one of us and you always be our daughter and never our adopted daughter. We also talked about a lot of other things for awhile longer.

I was beginning to cry. This was so much for my 10 year old mind and I did not know how to react to such seriousness as this. I asked to Elena's mum, What does Elena think about this? Well Emilia why don't you ask her? Anuta goes and opens the door and in comes Elena. She hands me her pad and it says...Wahoooo Emilia we're moving to America! All I could do was laugh at her.

My auntie came to me and held me so close and told to me, my precious Emilia, maybe this is what your mum told us when she visited us. Maybe this is her prediction to us and maybe we need to accept this offer.

Anuta was still holding my hand and said to me, I want you to be my sister and live in America with me and my  sisters and brother. Emilia you will grow into something beautiful in our family and you will excel into a new life with so much happiness and fun. All I could say was..ok.

It seemed all of a sudden a happy occassion with everyone hugging each other. I started getting scared and then that warm feeling came to me again so I felt better then.

The decision was made that I would go spend a few days with Anuta and her parents, and I suppose my new parents also, to spend a few days with them at their hotel. I was a little scared as I was packing my bag because I had never been away from my auntie with anyone for any length of time but Elena and her parents. Once again this warm feeling came over me so I was ok again.

Uncle Dimitri was outside waiting at his van. He took my bag and hugged me and told to me everything was going to be ok and not to worry about anything. I thought to myself, what choice to I have right at this very moment.

We rode to a beautiful hotel and that Anuta was still holding my hand and telling me everything was going to be great and we would have a lot of fun together. When we got out of the van Anuta's mun and dad took my hands and we started walking into the hotel. I will tell you now this was making me feel special. I can never remember holding hands with anyone other than my mum and my auntie and to be truthful with you my butt was sure scared.

We rode the elevator to the top floor. When the door was opened to what I thought would be a room it looked like a large apartment and it was beautiful. Anuta took my hand and led me into a room with two large beds. Anuta said the bed with the pretty dresss on it is your bed sis. Sis! is what she called me! The only person that ever called me sis before was Elena and it sure wasn't in an environment like this.

Anuta told me we needed to get dressed sis because mum and dad are going to carry us to a very nice eating joint tonight and started laughing. That kid Anuta was always laughing and still does to this very day. I looked at her and asked, what am to call your parents? I heard her mom say to me, we would like for you to call us mum and dad our Emilia.

Dear God, thank you so much for being my only God in my life. Dear God my mind and heart are going in so many directions now. I pray to you that you will touch my heart and mind and help me with this new adjustment in my 10 year old life. Dear God, thank you for the new mum and dad on earth and my new sister Anuta. Dear God, please tell to my mum in Heaven with you that I am ok with this and she will always remain the only mum in my soul. Amen, Emilia