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Emilia And Elena Go Shopping With Anuta's Dad

Last night when I went to bed I had thoughts of this Russian kid Anuta from America and her mum and dad. A warm feeling came over me and I could feel my mum smiling at me. I remember I did not understand this warm feeling but I had felt it before and something good would happen to me.

Elena was spending the night with Anuta and and her parents in ther hotel and was to call me this morning. I declined the invitation to be with them. I wanted my Elena to enjoy something new and exciting for her without me being there. 

My auntie woke me early and already had our breakfast ready. My auntie asked me how I like Anuta and her parents. I told to my auntie that this kid Anuta was fun to be with and I liked her very much. She asked me how I like her parents. I told to my auntie I liked them very much and they seemed to be some very fine people and loved Anuta very much. All my auntie said to be was I think so too our Emilia.

The phone rang and it was Anuta's mum. She told to me Elena, Anuta and her dad would come to get me in about in about 1 hour. This lady, Anuta's mum, has a very sweet voice and it made me feel so warm and good talking to her. She was a very tall and beautiful lady that smiled all the time like Anuta and I felt very warm when near her.

I heard a knock on the door and opened it. It was Anuta and she said good morning Emilia! I told to her good morning and welcomed her into our home. Anuta spoke to my auntie. My auntie hugs us, smiled and told us to have fun and not cause any problems with Anuta's dad.  So, out the door we go and I was wearing NEW clothes. When we got to a van Elena was standing there and she also had on NEW clothes. We laughed and got in the van.

There was a man driving this van and he was introduced to me and we were to call him uncle Dimitri. It seems he and Anuta's dad were very close friends and had known each other for a long time. We rode across the Moscow River and drove to a part of Moscow where I could tell not any street kids would live and had really nice buildings.

We stopped in front of a building that had a sign on it that said Electronics. Now I wondered to myself why we were going in there. When we went inside I saw things I had never seen before nor had any idea what they were. I did recognize laptop computers and cell phones. Any color possible was in there. Elena and me just stood there amazed at what we were seeing.

Anuta told to us let's walk and talk. I think we looked at every laptop computer in that big store. Her dad and uncle Dimitri were talking and laughing with the store owner while we walked and talked. Anuta would explain everything to us with the laptops just like we knew what she was talking about. A laptop to Elena and me were something we never even thought about owning and figured we never would but it was fun for us anyway.

We must have done this for an hour and then this kid Anuta asked to Elena and me, what your favorite colors with those laptops? We both laughed and said either pink or purple. Anuta asked to us, well WHAT color do you LIKE the BEST? That Elena and me got to laughing at that Anuta and she got to laughing at us.

I told to Anuta I like the purple and then Elena told to her the same color. That kid Anuta walked to her dad and told to him something. He nodded and then said something to the store owner. Elena and me thought she must have to pee and not know where the bathroom was.

She came back in a few minutes and then we walked and talked about cell phones for another hour. This was really fun and she was teaching us some things about cell phones. Elena and me had never even held a cell phone in our hands much less talk on one.

She asked us what color did we like and again we both laughed and told to her purple. She then walked back to her dad and told to him something else. I asked Elena, I wonder if this what American kids do in their stores, walk and talk and then go talk to their dads and we both laughed about that one.

Anuta's dad came to where we were and got some things and went back to the store owner and uncle Dimitri. Anuta said let's walk to where dad is and find out what they're doing. When we got there he handed Elena and me each a purple laptop and told to us they were ours. All Elena and me could do was cry . We had never ever imagined owning a laptop computer. That Anuta got wet eyes and started hugging us and telling it was ok and not to cry. She told to us it was her idea so we could be able to talk everyday together when she got back to her home in America. She also told to us she had a lot of friends in Sawmill that would also talk to us in a progam called Skype.

I had no idea what she was talking about but that Elena did and got so excited trying to write to me on her pad about it her writing looked like nothing I had ever seen before. I think it's best you read Elena's Story to hear her excitement about seeing Skype work for the first time.

Anuta's dad then handed Elena and me a purple cell phone and told us we needed these too. WOW what two rose dreams for us today. Anuta told to us we would be connected to the internet soon and our cell phones would work in just a few more minutes. I had NO idea what an internet was but was sure going to fine out the next day.

Dear God, thank you for being my only God in Heaven. Thank you for these two rose dreams for us that Anuta and her dad gave to us today. Dear God, since I relocted to Moscow with my auntie you have provided for me so graciously in so many ways. Dear God, please tell to my precious mum in Heaven I miss her so very much but you're taking care of my auntie and me and my best friend in life my Elena. Dear God I love you so very much.
Amen, Emilia

Chapter 8, Emilia Finds Love From Someone That Will Change Her Life Forever.