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A New Beginning In The Lives Of Emilia And Elena

The summer moved on for my friend Elena and me and we spent almost everyday together really having some fun times and sharing a lot of laughter together. We were happy kids now and our friendship went from just being friends to calling each other sisters. We had no idea at this time that our lives would soon change forever when Elena met a Russian kid from America named Anuta that had a Russian mum and an American dad. All the details to that meeting are in "Elena's Story" and I will let you read it there for yourself.

One morning Elena came beating on our door like a bear beating on the side of a tree with a honey comb in it. I ran and opened the door and Elena almost knocked my butt to the floor. She was waving her arms in excitement and trying to talk. My auntie put her in a chair at our dinner table and gave her a pad and told to her to start writing and telling us why she was so excited.

Elena begin to tell us about this kid she had met in one of the underground tunnels that go under the wide streets here in Moscow. She told to us this kid's name was Anuta and she was a Russian kid living with her Russian mum and American dad in America in a place called Sawmill.

Elena told us everything that had happened and told to us that this kid's mum Anna and her mum had known each other for many years and had played in an orchestra together. She said it was a wild reunion when her mum opened the door and her mum and Anuta's mum saw each other. She said Anuta was a kool kid always smiling and laughing. Elena said to us Anuta's dad was a very nice man and really enjoyed meeting my dad and Anuta translated for them when they talked. She laughed and told to us they look very wealthy too but did not act like they had so much money.

Elena told to us that Anuta and her parents were going out to a nice resturant tonight and they had asked us to go and they would not take no for an answer. My mum said no we cannot pay for such a place. Anuta's mum said we're going to pay and YOU will go with us so I suppose we're going.

Elena said I told this kid Anuta about my Emilia. She said this kid said great! I want to meet your friend Emilia and we'll all be three friends together. I told to Elena I think that would be fun and we'll have to do that when it was possible for us.

Elena left us with a hug going back home so she could go to dinner with this kid Anuta and her parents. Elena's
mum called me when she got home and Anuta wanted auntie and me to go with them to eat. We had just finished our meal and declined the offer and we also had made plans to visit one of auntie's friends on another block.

When I first met Anuta, Elena had been right on about her. She was definitely a kool kid always smiling and laughing. To Elena and me it seemed this kid Anuta had it all. It seemed she had wealthy parents, really nice clothes and more than one changing and money in her pockets and she also lived in the geat country of America.

Elena, Anuta and me shared some fun times together for a few days. It seemed this kid Anuta really liked us and was becoming a sister to us. We spent a lot of time on the streets and everyday when Elena and me would go to pray this kid Anuta would go and prayed with us also.

Anuta and Elena bounced in the door one morning and told to me Anuta and her parents were going to stay at least another week in Moscow. That sure excited Elena and me for sure. This very morning that Anuta was with us was going to change Elena and my lives forever.

Anuta told to us that her mum and dad had a surprise for us and we were to meet them at the store Terronova near Red Square. Man that Terronova store had clothes in it only kids like Elena and me could wish for. I think it would cost Rubles for us to even go in there and look at the beautiful clothes.

We leave my home and walk to the store Terronova. Not so very far from us maybe a 20 minute walk. When we got there this kid Anuta's parents were waiting for us. They introduced themselves to me and then both of them gave me a hug. They were smiling and seemed so warm and friendly. I felt something very warm come over me and knew it must have been coming from my mum in Heaven.

We went inside the store and I was shocked at all the beautiful cothes in there. That Anuta and her mum started taking clothes off the racks and asking Elena and me how we liked this and how we liked that. Everytime we nodded we liked something this kid Anuta's dad would take it and leave with it. Still to this day in my life I have no words to describe the feelings going on inside of me.

It felt to me that we were in that store for hours but it was not so, maybe one hour at the most. Anuta's mum said it was time for us to go now and I was wondering where did all those clothes go that Anuta's dad had left with. I was SOON to know. We walked to the front of the door and Anuta's dad was standing there with a LOT of bags sitting next to him. He had the bags for Elena and bags for ME!

Elena and me both started crying. Anuta's parents hugged to us and told to us do not cry. Now how could we not cry when we had bags full of new clothes from the store Terronova that was only a rose dream for both of us. Those bags had more nw clothes in them than all the kids on my street had probably ever had in their lives.

Anuta's mum found a taxi and we drove to my home. I think when we got to my home and went inside my auntie had her first major ass crash when she saw all the new clothes Anuta's parents had bought for me. She could hardly speak words. I found out later that Elena's mum had called to my auntie and told her what this kid Anuta's parents were going to do for us and told her not to worry they will take NO for an answer.

Anuta's parents went in the kitchen and had a cup of tea with my aunite and talked while Elena, Anuta and me looked at all our new clothes. I had never owned so many beautiful clothes in my live and I was so proud of them.
That kid Anuta was standing there smiling and said tomorrow we go shopping with my dad. I'm here to tell you now my butt was still in shock over this day of shopping with her mum and I could not imagine shopping with her dad the next day and for what?

Dear God, thank you so much for being my only true God and holding Elena and me in your arms today as we shopped with this kid Anuta and her beautiful parents from America. They truly must be Earth Angels you have sent to us from Heaven. Dear God, once again you have bestowed upon us the gift of love and friendship and we are so humbled for your beautiful blessings of new clothes today. Thank You God!..Amen, Enilia

Chapter 7 Emilia And Elena Go Shopping With Anuta's Dad available December 2013