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The Blessing Of Friendship Begins

That night at bedtime when I said my prayers I thanked God again for my new friend Elena and asked him to someday give her the blessing of speech so she could talk. I again thanked him again for sending my mum to visit us the night before. And, I always thank him for my auntie and asked him to continue to bless her for the care and love she gives to me.

The next morning after auntie and me went to the Cathedral to pray and returned home I called to Elena. Her mum answered the phone and I told her I was Emilia and Elena's friend. She got so excited and thanked me for being Elena's new friend. I told to her I think it was meant to be so not to thank me. She told to me Elena was so excited when she got home she couldn't eat.

Wait Emilia and I will tell her you've called and I will tell you what she writes on her pad. Hello Elena, what you doing today girl? The same as everyday Emilia nothing but go to pray and then come back home and play with my little sis Olga. You want to meet me at the Cathedral about 2:00 this afternoon and we'll pray together and then have some fun? Yes! that would make me very happy. Ok see you at 2:00 Elena. Ok Emilia see you there.

I can tell you now it seems my life is getting a little better now that I have a friend my age to play with. I told to my auntie that I had called to Elena and we were going to meet at the Cathedral and then play for a couple of hours. I could tell that made her very happy and she told to me I will make some snacks to carry. Ok auntie and I will also buy us an ice cream again. I could tell my auntie was so very pleased now that I finally had a friend.

Walking to the Cathedral I was so very excited and when I got there Elena was standing on the steps waiting for me. We waved and then went inside and prayed. We left and walked to Red Square where a lot of kids hang out during the summer months. They ignored us but we didn't care. We laughed together and I told to Elena they're the losers because they won't be our friends. Elena started laughing and wrote on her pad I was having the same thoughts.

We sat down next to the Cathedral St.Basil in Red Square and ate the snacks auntie had prepared for us. We talked about our lives and she told to me she was so very sorry to hear my mum had passed to Heaven. It seemed that we both had a lot in common and we were bonding well in our friendship. I told to Elena time for us to find a koisk and get us some ice cream. She started shaking her head no and wrote on her pad I have no Rubles. I laughed at her and said silly girl I buy your ice cream all the time so not to worry about it.

During our talks that day Elena had told to me how poor her family was. Her mum had been one of the best flute players in Moscow and lost her job when Russia failed. She said her mum worked cleaning the homes of the rich people in Moscow and sometimes her hands were chapped so bad she could hardly do any work at home.

Her dad had lost his job and could find no work so he stayed home and took care of her and her little sis Olga. At this time in Moscow this would be considered  one of the norms of the Russian people. I felt so blessed that my auntie was doing ok financially and could care for our daily life needs.

When I was a kid growing up in Russia, and living in Moscow, times were very hard and difficult for most people especially the kids. Here in America kids have so many nice clothes, computers, cell phonse, new cars and plenty of food to eat.  In Russia a kid was lucky if he or she had more than one changing of clothes, food on the table for more than one meal a day, heat in their homes in cold winters, and a mum and dad living together. A cell phone or computer were not even a have or must have. They were luxury items that were just rose dreams and something we would never own.

When Elena and me were on the streets in the playgrounds we begin to notice seeing more street kids begging for food. We also knew that sometimes parents or a parent would send their kids out on the streets to beg for money, usually to buy drugs and alcohol with.  We avoided them as much as possible because we could not tell the difference between a hungry kid or a street kid called a "gypsy kid" begging for drug and alcohol money for their parents. It was almost impossible to ride the metro without a gypsy kid begging for money.

I think every kid that lived in Moscow had "street sense" because we had no choice. Where Elena and I lived was and still is a nice place to live. If we wanted to play outside we had no choice but to go out on the streets. When were out on the streets playing, and I don't mean actually playing in the streets, we had to be "street savy" always being careful of our surroundings and who was in our surroundings.

Where I now live here in Sawmill is a very scured and protected valley. Kids here can go out and play and have fun with no problems of being attacked or kidnapped. Our town is not so bad either. Kids can walk the streets without being bothered and worry so much about the bad guys. We look after each other here, in Moscow you looked after your own butt anyway possible. Life is good here in Sawmill and our town.

Dear God, I love you so much and thank you so much for my friend Elena and the blessings of friendship you have bestowed upon us. I ask you to please protect the street kids in all the cities of the world and protect them from the enemies of kids. I ask of you to please provide food and shelter for them and keep them safe.
Dear God, I thank you so much for the blessing of being adopted into this beautiful loving and caring family here in Sawmill. Thank you so much for this Sawmill family being able to relocate my best friend in life Elena and her family here to Sawmill.  We are two happy kids. Amen...Snoopy

Chapter 6, A New Beginning In The Lives Of Emilia And Elena