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Emilia Has A Vision And Meets Elena

I had been living in Moscow for about 6 weeks and still had not a single friend my age of 10 years. Lot of kids on the streets but no luck making a friend. My auntie told to me one night that I was so beautiful and was a little shy too that probably other girls were jealous of me. I really didn't think so so I just laughed at her.

That same very night after I said my prayers at bedtime the warm feeling seemed to be touching me again and warmed my heart. Even though it had been 6 very long weeks for me since I lost my mum my heart still hurt for her and this night I cried myself to sleep wanting my mom to be holding me.

During this night when I was sleeping I saw my mum smiling at me. She looked so young and beautiful and I felt such a wonderful warmth all inside my heart and soul. She had on a beautiful yellow dress that I never remember seeing her wear before.  Her black hair was so shinny and beautiful and her big brown eyes spoke to my heart. She did not speak to me just smiled at me and I felt something inside me saying my baby you're going to be just fine, do not worry, mum loves you.  And then she was gone from me.

I woke from my sleep and ran to my auntie's room telling her my mum had visited me in my sleep. When I ran into her bedroom she was standing at the window looking outside.  She was wiping tears from her face and told to me, I know our Emilia, she visited me too.  She held me and told to me my mum let her know we were ok and not to worry. Our lives would soon be on a path that would carry us to a height we could never imagine. Our Emilia I do not understand this but one thing is for sure we we'll continue to lead our lives as normally as we do now and wait for that time. Now, let's eat some breakfast since neither of us could possibly go back to sleep.

I remember that morning to this day very well. We ate our breakfast and laughed together and talked about some of the things we had done together with my mum in Volgagrad. After we ate and cleaned we walked to the Cathedral and prayed like we do every morning but this morning was something very extra special for us as we prayed.

Later in the day I had to go to the food magazine and get some things my auntie needed. I would be close to the Cathedral so I thought I will stop and pray again and thank God again for sending mum to us for a visit last night.
I walked by a koisk that was selling school and office supplies so I stopped. I needed a small writing pad and a new pen and now was as good as anytime to buy them. I paid for them and put them in my backpack and walked on towards the Cathedral. I thought to myself this is so a beautiful sunny day and not so aweful hot.

When I walked up to the front door of the Cathedral it opened and almost knocked me down.  I looked and out the door came a very pretty blue eyed blonde girl about my age with a beautiful smile on her face. I thought to myself man this kid's name must be sunshine.

She stopped and looked at me. I looked back at her and told to her hello my name is Emilia. She touched her mouth a few times and said nothing. I thought to myself this kid cannot talk. I asked her if she could talk and she nodded her head no.  I said wait. I took out my new pad and pen and asked her to write her name on it. She wrote my name is Elena and I cannot speak words with my mouth.

I told to her ok not a problem for me you can write anything on the pad you want to say to me. We talked like that for a few minutes and I told to her I wanted to go inside and pray and asked her if she would like to go with me. She got all excited and was nodding her head yes.

We went inside and each of us lighted a candle. I told to Elena I usually come here two times a day and pray for my mum and my auntie. She wrote on the pad that she came here also everyday and prayed for her family and her little sister. So we prayed together that morning and then went back outside. I still was thinking this day was filled with bright sunshine and a cool breeze that was wonderful.

Elena and me walked and talked. We had to stop so she could write to me on the pad. It seemed we were making friends and we both were having fun together, I told to Elena I had to go to the food magazine and get some things for my auntie and asked if she would like to go with me. She wrote on the pad YES. We walked to the magazine and got some things and then started back down the street. 

We stopped at a koisk that sold ice cream. I asked her if she wanted an ice cream and she shook her head no and wrote on the pad I have no money. I told to her no  problem I would buy her an ice cream. We sat down on a bench and ate our ice creams.

Elena begin to write on the pad and started telling me some things about herself. She told me she had no friends and all the kids laughed at her because she couldn't speak words. I told to her I had no friends either and didn't understand why so we will be friends. Elena got all excited and was trying to write something on the pad. I laughed and told her to hush talking so fast and take her time.

We exchanged phone numbers and where our homes were and  it seemed we didn't live that far apart. She wrote if you call I cannot talk to you but my mum or dad would. I told her I understood and was not a problem for me.
Before we left each other we agreed to meet the same time tomorrow at the Cathedral and pray together and then we would have some fun. This excited Elena very much and she was nodding her head yes.

When I got home I was so excited to tell my auntie what had happened and she wanted to hear all about this Elena. She hugged me and smiled and said you must invite her to our home for a meal and have some fun together here. I want to meet this Elena and I'll have a pad and pen so she can talk to us.

Thank you God for this wonderful blessing you have sent to me and this kid Elena today and letting us meet each other at your Cathedral. God I pray that you will bless Elena and me and help us become so very close friends. Amen..Emilia

Chapter 5, The Blessing of Friendship Begins