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Emilia Begins Her New Life In Moscow

When my new life in Moscow began it was difficult for me to wake up in the mornings and go to bed at night without the presence of my mum with me.  I kenw I was loved so deeply and cared for by my auntie but the loss of my mum was still in my heart and soul. At the age of 10 there are a lot of things going on in our lives and we don't need the loss of a parent especially when one parent is all you have.

It was summer months for me and no school and I had not met any kids my age. Not only was I having to try and accept the loss of my mum I was having to deal with loneliness also of not having any kid friends to play with. My auntie did not have to work and was financially ok due to some investments she had. She would take me to a park near our home everyday and play with me. Lot of kids there but none of them acted like they wanted to be my friend so the loneliness was getting worse for me.  Later in my life when my auntie and I had relocated here to Sawmill we discussed this and I now understand more about Moscow and the kids there. To this very day in my life I still wonder why kids can be so cruel to other kids.

Every morning my auntie and I would walk to the Christ The Saviour Cathedral. We would light a candle for my mum and then pray together. I would always thank my mum for just being my mum then I would tell her how my life had changed since I had relocated to Moscow to live with my auntie. I remember this always being a special time for my auntie and me and we do this together often here in Sawmill.

As I got more use to living in Moscow and felt more comfortable there I would most days go back to the Cathedral and pray again in the afternoons. My mum had raised me in church and to love God. To this very day in my life God, prayer and church are still at the top of my prioity list and I've not changed that. Here in Sawmill I can walk outside in these beautiful mountains and feel like I'm in one of God's greatest Cathedrals and pray and he still hears and listens to my prayers. I think God had a special job for my mum in Heaven and thats why she's there now.  One thing I've never done is question God why He took my mum away from me at such a so very early age nor do I question anything he does now about anything.

My auntie spent a lot of hours a day with me always smiling, laughing and loving and caring for me. I never went without anything I needed and she always made sure I was loved, clothed and food on the table for us. She taught me how to care for our home, how to cook. She was teaching me self descipline and how to manage my life when I became and adult.

When I look back on that time in my life I never dwell on it but remember it as an experience that has helped make me the person I am today. Do I get sad when I think about it, sometimes maybe and I also have learned to cherish my childhood days in Moscow living with my auntie.

Thank you God for my precious auntie. Thank you for giving her the power to give me an agape love from her heart and soul and to have been a guiding light in my life to start my growth into my adulthood without my mum. Thank you God for you holding my hands in this very critical time in my life. Without your love and care for me I would not be where I am in my life now still believing and trusting in you that you would take care of me.

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