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Emilia Relocates To Moscow With Her Auntie

The overnight train ride to Moscow was very long for me. I sat up most of the night looking out the window it seems at nothing. My life at age 10 had just been turned upside down with the loss of my precious mum. I was leaving my mum, our home, our friends and everything I had ever known and loved in my life in Volgagrad except my auntie.

At the age of 10 years and no longer having my mum with me I had so bad a hurt in my heart and soul and felt I had nothing to really live for anymore. I knew I was so loved deeply by my auntie and she would always care and love for me and lead me into my adult life as a good person.

Sometimes I would look at my auntie sleeping and wondered what my life would be like living in Moscow with her and without my mum. My auntie is the younger sister to my mum and they were always very close to each other. My auntie had never been married and had never raised or lived with a kid all the time. I was not so worried though because my auntie and I are very close and I would be a good kid for her and not give her any problems.

I got up and kissed my auntie so softly on her cheek and told her I loved her as she slept. She whispered back to me I love you too our Emilia. I think at that moment I felt the presence of my mum holding both of us in her arms.

I got on my knees next to my auntie and prayed silently to God and thanked Him for his love to my mum and told to Him my mum was with Him now and He had a new beautiful Angel in Heaven with Him. I then talked to my mum. I felt a warmth enter me and it was telling me I was going to be ok and life would be a rose dream for my auntie and me soon. At that time in my life I had no idea what this was going to mean for me.

As daylight enter the window in our train compartment I could begin to see the city of Moscow. Moscow is a so very big city and I wasn't used to living in a city of 16 million people. Just when I thought I was going to start getting a little scared this warmth came into me again, The sun was rising and it was a beautiful sunrise. My auntie was awake and smiling at me and I smiled back at her.

The train was moving so very slow and all I could see was large buildings, many vehicles and people walking on the streets. This was nothing like my beauiful city of Volgagrad and I wasn't so sure I was going to like living here but I had no choice.

It seemed like to me it took us an hour to get to the train station moving through Moscow so slowly. When the train stopped in the station my auntie and I got off with our luggage and started walking out to the front street and I was getting homesick for my home in Volgagrad. My auntie took my hand and told to me everything was going to be ok.

We got in a taxi and rode for a long time to my new home.  When we got out of the taxi I could see the top of a beautiful cathedral. My auntie told to me that is the Christ The Saviour Cathedral and we would go there to pray everyday.

My auntie lived on the first floor of a very large building. When we got out of the taxi my auntie's friends were there waiting on us. They all had flowers to give to us and hugged and told us they loved us and they told to me everything was going to be ok.

My heart and soul still had a terrible hurt in them and every time I felt this hurt a warm feeling would come into me and I would feel a little better.

Thank you God for the ten wonderful years you gave to me with my precious mum.  Thank you God for my auntie that wanted to bring me to her home and raise me into my adulthood with high morals and see to all my needs as a kid. God I ask you to bless my auntie and help her to raise and care for me here in a new home in Moscow. Amen, Emilia

Emilia Begins Her New Life In Moscow