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Emilia's Adoption Process Begins

The two weeks I had just spent with my new mum, dad and my new sister Anuta starting the bonding process of our hearts to accept me into their family as a new daughter and sister will be something I will never forget. I will always cherish those two weeks together with them in Moscow. Even though I had my auntie, my friend Elena and her family in my life those two weeks together let my heart know that I was actually a lonely kid trying to reach out for something that seemed impossible for me to have.

I felt really sad the day my new family had to return back to America and here to Sawmill in these beautiful and sacred mountains to me. I knew in my heart that this was meant to be and one day in a few months I would be inside the Kagen plane landing here in Sawmill where I'm sure I would be loved and cared for by my new family and Sawmill friends.

Now that I'm a Kagen living in my home here in Sawmill, and have this beautiful family that surrounds me with their love constantly, my mind often goes back to Moscow and all the kids that are so less fortunate then me. I think about the street kids in the neighborhood where I lived that are always hungry and with only the clothes they own are the ones they're wearing. I think about how they must tolerate the violently cold Russian winters in Moscow without a warm home to live in. Something in my soul is telling me that one day my Sawmill Sisters and myself will return to Moscow and open a shelter for these street kids.

It seems everday at some time during the day I was in Skype with my sis Anuta, my other sisters, Beth and then there was my big brother Igor always showing up on my laptop screen to cheer me on. My beautiful new mum and dad would call me on the phone every day and talk to me. My new mum would meet me in Skype for a few minutes every morning to help my day start off positive. I could feel her love for me by just looking into her beautiful blue eyes in Skype.

The weeks turned into a couple of months and one day there was a knock on our door. I went to open the door and there stood a very small red haired lady and uncle Dimitri was with her. He introduced her to me as Judge Anastasia and she was here to have a talk with my auntie and me. I cannot go into the details of our conversation but it was very positive and she left with a smile on her face. She told to us before she left that she was going to set a court date for my adoption and we would be hearing from her very soon.

My heart was leaping with joy but I was also sad because once again I would be leaving everything I had known in my life, my life in Volgograd and now my home in Moscow. I would be relocating to a new country, a new and different culture, new parents and family and a lot of new friends. For a few months I would be without my precious auntie, my Elena and her family until their documents had been approved to relocate here to Sawmill with me.

I ask one thing of you as a parent that is reading my story. Always pay attention to your kids hearts and souls. Protect their hearts and souls from harm with your life if you have to. God has blessed you with that kids heart and soul and it can never be replaced by any human being.

I got a call that very same day from mum and dad. They told to me they were on their plane K1 coming for a short visit with me and would be here to Moscow when I woke the next morning. I was excited and asked them if Anuta was with them. All mum told to me is we'll be to your home to get you for breakfast and love you we do our Emilia. All I could say was ok and I love you too mum.

I was ready and dressed the next morning waiting on them. Auntie was looking out the window and saw them arrive in the van with uncle Dimitri. We went outside to greet them. My mum came straigt to me and gave me a hug and kiss and told to me she loved me and has missed me. My dad came to me and picked me up and held me near to him and told me these same words. My heart was racing in all directions.

I asked them where is my sis Anuta. Mum told to me she was busy and not to worry I would see her soon enough.
My auntie and me got into the van with them and drove to the hotel where we stayed before. When we were walking into the hotel my mum and dad were holding my hands and I really liked this feeling. We walked down a long hall and stopped in front of a door. Dad opened the doors and I almost had a faint and this also had  to be my first major ass crash when I saw with my eyes what was in that room.

All my new family was in there smiling and clapping their hands. They had a big sign that said We Love You Emilia Welcome To Our Family. I had never seen so many kids before in my life belonging to one mum and dad. It made me wonder if I was going to have a place to sleep when I got to America with them.

They begin to hug me wiping tears from their eyes as they introduced themselves to me. That got me started to having to wipe my tears from my cheeks as they hugged me and told to me their names and they loved me. I had seen all of them in Skype and knew their names but meeting them in person was the most awesome and rewarding thing I had ever experienced in my life. My aunts and uncles came to me and hugged me and told to me they loved me and welcome to our family.

I felt some arms around me and heard this voice say, hi sis I'm your brother Igor. I turned around very fast and there he was looking striaght into my eyes. My brother! I actually have a big brother now! and he's here with his arms around me telling me he loves me! WOW!

Our Emilia, yes dad....tomorrow you will become legally our daughter and will return with us to your new home in America and Sawmill.

Dear God, my only God in the Heavens above. I love you so very much. Dear God, thank you so much for blessing me this day with the meet and greet in person with my new family from America. Dear God, thank you so much for the love and acceptence they're showing to me. Dear God thank you so much for providing for me a big brother. Dear God, please tell to my mum in heaven with you that I love and miss her so very much and I've met in person my new beautiful family from America. Amen, Emilia