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Emilia Loses Her Mum And Relocates To Moscow With Her Anutie

I am Emilia Svetlana Anna-Blue Kagen and I am a Sawmill Girl. Everyone calls me Snoopy. I am 18 years of age and a Senior in High School. I am also the adoptive parent to a Sawmill Farm Morgan Horse.

I was born in Volgagrad, Russia to my mum Svetlana. The city of Volgagrad is located on the huge Volga River. The only family I had were my mum and my aunt that lived in Moscow, Russia.

My life in Volgagrad was ok because I had a mum that really loved and cared for me. I had some very close friends and we were good kids or our mums would bust our butts with a stick and we sure not want that to happen.

When I was about 10 years of age my mum got sick and was sick for a very long time. I spent all my time near her trying to help her and do good things for her. My auntie in Moscow came to stay with us soon after my mum got very sick.

One day we had to carry my mum to the hospital and the doctors told us she didn't have but a few days to live. This broke my heart so very badly and all I could do was cry and wonder what I would do without my mum that so loved and cared for me.
My auntie told to me that God had a special place in Heaven for my mum and she would soon be our Angel looking over us and would no longer be very sick anymore or ever again.

The day that my mum passed on and went to Heaven was the saddest day of my life. I felt like my world had ended. All I had now was my auntie that I knew loved me with all her heart and soul. I knew my mum was in Heaven because she was a good and wonderful lady.
All my friends and their families were with my auntie and me the day we put my mum to rest in her final resting place on a hill over looking the beautiful Volga River. They put many beautiful flowers over her and that warmed my heart so very much. They all hugged and loved on me for a very long time that day.

In a few days my auntie and me got on the train to Moscow where I would be living with her. I told to myself that I would love and care for my auntie so my mum would be so very proud of me. I talked to my mum in a prayer on the over night train ride to Moscow.
I told her how much I loved and missed her and not to worry because I knew my auntie would always love and care for me just as she had done all of my life. I told to her that I would always return to her resting place and make sure she had beautiful flowers over her and to this very day I have kept my promise to do this.

My mum Anna here in Sawmill and I grow very beautriful flowers every Spring and carrying them over and place them over my mum. My mum Anna talks to my mum and tells her all about how my life is now and how she loves me so very much and will always take care of me for her.

I also talk to my mum and tell her all the many wonderful things that's happening in my life now in Sawmill with mum Anna, my dad Blue, all my sisters, my brother Igor, my friends and my auntie that also lives in Sawmill now. I tell her about how I'm a honor student in school and study very hard so she will be proud of me. I tell her I play in the high school marching band, I tell her that I am the adoptive parent to a beautiful Sawmill Farm Morgan Horse. I tell her that I am a Bells & Hoof , play the banjo now, play in a Sawmill band we call the Potato Heads and most important of all...I am a Sawmill Girl and a farmer of the beautiful Sawmill Farm that was inherited by my sis Anuta from our poppa Johnathan Kagen. I always thank my mum for loving and caring for me until it was her time to go to Heaven. I tell her I know she is still loving and caring for me because I can feel her presence in my heart and soul.
When I'm talking to my mum all my family are in a circle holding hands around my mum's resting place supporting me as only a true love family can and will do.

Emilia Relocates To Moscow With Her Auntie

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