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Sawmill Girl Galina's Story

Where am I in my life now? I'm a very blessed and happy 15 year old teenager surrounded by my beautiful family that knows only real love not cold or tough love. I'm enjoying my school, playing in the marching band but the two most important things that have happened in my life are....I accepted Christ as my Saviour thourgh the faith in Him that my sister Snoopy has. I'm a Sawmill Girl helping to keep my poppa and granny's farm alive for another generation.

I do not smoke, I do not drink alcohol, I do not take drugs, I do no social networking and I do not bow down to peer pressure. Our home has "house rules" and I obey them. I never talk back to my parents nor any adult member of my family.

If my parents ask me to do something I do it and do not argue with them about it. As one member of a very large family I do my share of the work in our home to free my mum and dad up for other things that need doing. Our parents never tell us to do anything, they ask us and show us respect and we respect them for this.

I can drive a big tractor, I can plow a field, I can drive a large combine and harvest a field, I can milk a cow, I can plow a mule, I can ride my Morgan in precision movements with my other 8 Sawmill Girl sisters. I am an intern in our family business working and and learning from my older sisters that now manage our corporation.

I can fly a plane and will get my pilots license when I turn 16 years of age. I've been training in our family plane K1 and hope to one day be her Captain or First Officer.I can drive a snow plow, I can help rebuild an engine.

All that sounds like a lot for a 15 year old, correct? Nope not so because of the parenting I've had, the support from my big brother and all of my sisters, aunts and uncles. I've set plans and goals in my life and so far all of them are right on track.

We get emails asking us questions about what is it  like being a Sawmill Girl? I think that's an individual thing for each one of us.  To me it gives the satisfaction that I'm helping preserve the roots and hertiage of being a farm family on our poppa and granny's farm.  I grew up playing on Sawmill and remember my poppa and granny very well and the love they shared with all of us grand kids and me as an individual grand kid.

I also want to pass this tradition of Sawmill on to my kids one day. Being given the title of Sawmill Girl or Girls does not make us better than anyone else and we have no arrogant attitudes or think we're better than anyone else. It's just something we do and love doing it.

Is farming hard for a girl? Yes farming can be hard but for me personally it's just something I do and accept the bad along with the good just like any other job. Frustrating yes and rewarding other days. We have modern farm machines and equipment so sitting in a big tractor with a heated and air conditoned cab on it, GPS systems to guide us and radios for communcation between us isn't hard. Our butts get numb somedays but that's just part of it. We always have to keep a heads up and clear mind especially when plowing a young crop so we won't destroy it. We have our uncle Roscoe that manages our farm for us and if we have a problem in a field or with our equipment he's there in a matter of minutes to help.

We have days on the farm that are nothing less than a migrane headache. We brake a plow and have to change it out. Anuta got bogged down in a field. Taty was turning a tractor around in a small field and hit a newly built split rail fence with the plows and made firewood out of the fence...you go Taty girl, awesome job you did that day sis :-) . Was that the same day Hankie's hydraulic pump decided it needed a rest and she couldn't raise her plows and had the access road to the field blocked . We couldn't get in with our tractors to help her work the field.
Yee Hawww! what a day that was on the farm. We've got one field that we all agree on that grows rocks and nothing else.  Mountain farming!

Beth picked up a rattlesnake in the head of her combine when harvesting oats, and not to mention the snakes and other small varmits that get run through a hay baler sometimes.
When Beth picked up that rattler in her combine head it got sucked up into the grain tank. Beth said she could see that rattler striking at her in the rear glass behind her looking into the grain tank. She was telling us about it on her radio and calling for help. She had just a few minutes earlier unloaded the grain tank off into a grain trailer so not much grain in it at that time.

Now this was a serious situation that had to be taken care of immediately. All of us heard it on our radios but we were all in different fields aways from her. Her dad and our dad were watching her combining that field and was there in a heartbeat.
Scoot was driving the tractor with the grain trailer and keeps a shotgun in her tractor. All three of them got shotguns out of their trucks and tractor and told Beth to swing her auger around and raise it up high and to unload the oats off onto the ground. Beth said when that rattler dropped out of her auger all three of them shot it before it could hit the ground and then had to shoot it again.

It was 5 feet long and had a pile of rattlers on it. Again I say to you, we never work a field unless adults are there watching us work just for emergenices such as this one and we always have to have a heads up and watch what's going on around us when we're working. Yes, our work is fun for us and we love it but it can also be very dangerous for us.

I think that was the same day Ling Lee mowed down a hornets nest on the edge of a field she was bush hogging. The only thing that saved her was we're not allowed to have the doors open on our cabs when we're moving so her's were closed and the hornets couldn't get to her.

Snoopy and Elena were being held hostage in a trailer loaded with grain out in a field by a black momma bear and her two cubs playing next to it. Who would be crazy enough to mess with that momma bear with two new cubs.

Then..Anuta and me were blessed one day when we were plowing a corn field very slowly so not to mess up the small corn shutes. I was running about 50 feet behind her and to her right. I heard her say in my headset STOP shut your tractor down and wait. I did as she said and was looking to the front of our tractors wondering what was wrong. Soon 4 beautiful Does came walking out in front of us with their Fawns. They stopped and watched us no doubt showing off their new babies to us. They were walking very slowly taking their babies across the field to a stream to get water. I got my camera and took photos of them. We waited until they had gotten to the stream before we started up again and watched for them while we finished plowing that field. Wildlife is protected in Sawmill and on our farm. 

Our sis Sawmill Girl Snoopy is a prayer warrior and says there is something spiritual about our farm and she goes there everday and prays. She calls it her Cathedral. I think everyone in Sawmill goes there to pray sometimes. It's beautiful, quiet and peaceful there.

Our dad's and uncles made some strict, and I mean very strict safety rules for us on the farm. If we disobeyed one of those rules then we could be suspended from using any of our equipment. We're never allowed in a field by ourseleves when we're working. There is always an adult there in a truck watching us just in case we had an accident. Any of our equipment or machines we use can kill a person so we pay very much attention to what we're doing.

We're not always plowing or using any equipment or machines nor are we on the farm working everyday. We're all still in school from middle school to college. School comes first and we have our family and personal lives. The only time we're really busy on the farm with tractors is during planting and harvest seasons. Harvest season is our busiest time of the year and it's nothing for us to run 16 to 18 hour days. We also have a lot of help from our dads, uncles and some of the Sawmill Kids.

It's now Winter as I finish my Story. We shut our farm equipment down in November until probably March. We put our farm to sleep and then took a week to do maintainence on our equipment so everything will be ready for planting season. We go to the farm, ten minutes from the village, to play with our Morgans. I have 12 Pigmy goats and Annablue has 12 cows there we visit and care for. Our internet radio station as also located in the Morgan Quarters so either one of us or Sawmill Farm Kids are there streaming music on Shoutcast and to our private members and no, we don't white page it.

Our farm is at peace and resting right now and needs to be left alone for a few months.

We farm Sawmill because of our heritage as a small farm family and we farm Sawmill to feed the many horses and farm animals we have that live on Sawmill and call it their home.

How did I become a Sawmill Girl? I worked my ass off for a full summer learning and doing just about anything that needed doing at any given time during a working day on the farm. I never got paid a penny nor did I ask,  have never asked and will never ask to be paid any money for being a Sawmill Girl and working our family farm.

Being a Sawmill Girl each one of us also has assigned duties on Sawmill other than actually farming. It takes a lot of teamwork between us to make Sawmill what it is today. If either of us failed to do our assigned duties this could cause some problems and problems are something we don't need.

Will there be anymore Sawmill Girls after us? I think we'll always be a Sawmill Girl. We have a 13 year old sister and a 13 old cousin that starts earning their stripes as a Sawmill Girl when Spring planting season starts.  There are girls all over the world learning and helping their dads farm. A person's life can be a matter of choice for them if they apply themselves at a young age.  The Sawmill Girls have made our individual choices and we're sticking wih these choices.  I've made my choices and I'm sure my mum Irina in Heaven is looking down on me saying....well done my Galina, Love you I do!

We think this question Jenny out in Colorado asked us is a neat one and here is our reply to her . Do you girls wear cowboy hats, cowboy boots and do you ever wear a dress? None of us own a cowboy hat or a pair of cowboy boots. We live in a mountain area where hiking boots are the norm. Only our larger fields are on flat land and the rest are sloped a little, curvy and wavy. This is not good country for cowboy boots. Yes we all wear dresses and heels at certain times. We are "girls" you know. :-)

Do we have boy friends? Our dads would say..Are you crazy ?!!! WHO would have us?? !!! No, we don't have boy friends we just have a few guy friends :-)

It took me some time to write my Story as it's taking all of us to get them completed. I've learned some things about myself and healed a wound by writing my Story. The first 15 years of my life have been completed for me and I'm sure if our book stays alive all of us will be making changes in them as time moves on for us.

I thank all of you for reading my Story and all of our Stories. It's been a challenge for me but I feel like I'm a better person for doing this. I challenge you to sit down and write your own personal Story. Send me an email and let me know how it's working for you.

God Bless all of you and I wish all of you the best of life especially all the teenagers out there that has a hurt in their heart that needs fixing. Love You I do!
Sawmill Girl Galina



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