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Sawmill Girl Galina's Story

Annablue and me had both been given some tractor driving lessons by our poppa's brother uncle Roscoe. Anuta snooker uncle Rosco into being the farm manager and he was doing a bang up job of it too. Our dad had bought Annablue and me a used tractor with a trailer for us to use learning and doing our farm chores and moving around on the farm.

One day we all looked over our corn fields and decided they were about ready to be picked. Annablue and me were in the equipment building with uncle Roscoe getting our only two combines ready to start picking corn in a few days. This was sure a learning experience for Annablue and me to be working on these two big ass combines.

Marina came walking in the door, stopped and watched us like she had been doing for several weeks now never saying a word to us. Uncle Roscoe walked over to her and they started talking. Annablue and me just kept right on doing what we had been shown to do and hoped we had it right.

Marina left and we asked uncle Roscoe what Marina wanted. He didn't ackowledge our question so we just kept right on working. I want to say to you right now that Annablue and me were loving working on the farm and learning how to do anything and everything we were being taught. Annablue asked me one morning, reckon we're Sawmill Girls yet? We both just laughed and kept right on working.

That afternoon uncle Rosco took the pickers outside and took them down the side of a cornfield to make sure we had everything ready for the next morning at sunrise and they were adjusted correctly.

We saw Marina coming up the road in her truck. She told us to get in the truck with her she had something on the farm needed checking for her. Uncle Rosco waved us on to go with her. We rode up to the tractor barn with her with Marina never saying a word to us. Annable and me were getting sorta concerned about this with Marina but said nothing to her.

We got out of the truck and she led us into the tractor barn. There sat two brand new John Deer tractors just like the other girls had and with big ass trailers. Marina said to us, I've watched you two work your asses off for over a month helping rebuild our poppa's farm and now it's time to harvest our corn.

These two new tractors are for you two sisters of mine and will remain your tractors and your responbilities. You're going to start tomorrow morning pulling these two trailers beside the pickers so the corn can be off loaded into the trailers from the pickers. Both of you have earned the right to own and maintain these two tractors because of your hard work and dedication to my poppa's farm. I think it's now safe to say both of you have earned the right to wear your stripes as Sawmill Girls. Next Spring when planting season begins both of you should be ready to handle the plows.

I asked what did we need to do with our other tractor. She said nothing, Taty and Hankie would be here tomorrow morning at sunrise to start earning their stripes as Sawmill Girls.

Man I'm here to tell you that tore ole Annablue and me up and we started crying with joy and a feel of accomplishment. All we had wanted to do was help our sisters make our poppa's farm beautiful again and we had really forgotten about being called a Sawmill Girl. We were having loads of fun being outside on the farm all the time and not having to do those boring chores at home.

Annablue and me were driving home that night from the farm and I asked Annablue when soccer season started for her. She said it's not, I called the coach and told her it was going to be impossible for me to play soccer anymore because I was working full time on the farm now and that's where my heart is and will stay.

I looked at Annablue laughing and said you and me have not earned a penny this summer. She started laughing and asked, why we need money, our asses working on the farm from sun-up until who knows when at night and never see the stores anymore. We sure had ourselves some fun this summer, have no fingernails left and have the best tans we've ever had. Whew! what a ride for us this summer has been!

Hey Galina...yo sis...our asses are redneck Sawmill plow girls now...our necks sho red from working out in the sun all day for sure...the laughter then roared all the way home over that one.

I'm sure if my mum Irina in Heaven could see me now she has one big beautiful smile on her face.

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