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Sawmill Girl Galina's Story

I think that first return trip back to visit my mum began the healing process for me. It helped make me realize that my mum was no longer here on earth with me but was in Heaven. I remember looking around me on that trip and all the buildings and people seemed like strangers to me even though I had been gone only four months.

When we returned to my home here in Sawmill from that trip everything here looked different to me also.
K1 didn't seem strange and scary. She looked and felt like my friend. Sawmill mountain looked more like my friend than just the big mountain I saw the first time I landed here four months ago.

Riding into the Village from the port everything seemed much prettier for me and I felt like I was back on my old stomping grounds. When we got home and got out of the van we started rubbing our butts and laughing about how numb they felt after 11 hours in K1.

When we went inside all of our pets came running to us and it sure was good for me to see them again. Everything in the house looked much brighter now and seemed more warm and cozy to me. When I went to my bedroom I felt like I was walking back into my domain and how great it felt to be back with all my things in there.

Each new day seemed to get brighter for me. I was having much more fun now without that bad hurt in my heart called homesickness. I became more extroverted and was romping around Sawmill with my sisters, cousins and friends playing.

I started taking more interest in the farm and was headed that way it seems like everyday with my sisters. I began to spend nights with poppa and granny on the farm and really enjoyed their attention and love to me. I was letting poppa teach me how to ride a horse and take care of one.

I'm going to move this on up now to my age of 14. The Sawmill Girls Anuta, Beth. Snoopy and Elena were working hard to transform the farm back into it's glory days again. They had already planted and harvested a corn and wheat crop that surprised everyone because of the yield they received from it.

It seemed like they were naturals at farming and sure were having themselves a fun time doing it. They were spending all of their time there not only farming but rebuilding the infrastructure of the farm in general.

They had restored poppa's barn, rebuilt and cleaned the pond, mowed and killed anything that looked like a serious weed. Pretty new rail  fencing and stonework was going up around the area of the barn. Landscaping with our native flowers being planted all in this area. New gates and a beautiful new gate for the barn area. All the farm roads were being reworked and new gravel spread on them.

I stood with Scoot and Annablue in Scoot's backyard one Spring day looking down on the farm. Scoot built her home here just for that one reason to be able to see most of poppa's farm.  Right in the middle of the farm on  a large terrace we saw a huge and I mean huge barn being built. It was being timberframed and had three stories to it and was called the Morgan Quarters.

The fields right below us looked like a new checkerboard but had large green and dirt colored squares. Scoot said...Anuta is in the tractor in the first field next to the first green pasture. I asked now how do know that? She said I've stood here and watched poppa drive a tractor and plow that same field more than one time. That tractor is plowing that field just like poppa's would. It's Anuta, she drives a tractor and plows just like he did.

Scoot said we're looking down on four green pastures and four almost freshly plowed fields. Anuta, Beth Snoopy and Elena are bringing back poppa's Sawmill to it's glory again. She looked at us and said they need help. It's time you two became Sawmill Girls and help work our farm. The farm doesn't owe you anything but you owe it.

We got in my truck and rode down to the farm and out to the field where Anuta was plowing. She stopped her tractor and walked over to us. Scoot said Anuta, Galina and Annablue want to be Sawmill Girls and help rebuild our farm. Anuta told us to expect a lot of hard and frustrating work sometimes. You'll start like we did learning what everything does, the do's and the don'ts and how to do a whole lot of management to make everything work.
You're going to get very dirty, bash your knuckles and watch and feel them bleed. You're going to have to learn about more trades than you even knew existed. You're going to have to learn how to plow, plant, rake, harvest and we have no time clock here or 8 hour days.

Every day that summer Annablue and me worked our asses off on Sawmill. We would be out of bed at 5am and on the farm by 6am. Mum would have our breakfast ready and then bring our lunches to us about 1pm. If we had to work on into the night Beth's mum Marcie and Elena's mum Galina would show up with plenty of hot food for us.

We had to learn what needed doing at any given time or place on the farm and sometimes we had very little time to learn it in. Early one morning in August our sister Marina showed up where Annablue and me were running a ditchwitch down the side of a small field to lay some drain tile in. She got our of her truck and watched us for about 30 minutes. We never slowed down or stopped digging that trench, we just waved and kept going. We had to get this done before dark tonight or this field couldn't be worked the next day by Snoopy.

Marina got back in her truck and left. Annablue and me worked until dark and then called for some lights. We had about 100 more feet to get laid and it had to be done now tomorrow would be to late. Snoopy had to get in the field at daylight the next morning no questions asked.

This is what our days were like that summer. All day and a lot of nights 6 days a week. We didn't work on Sundays. Annablue and me got to noticing that Marina would just show up and watch us work never saying a word to us. She would watch us usually for about 30 minutes and then leave and she never got close enough to us for conversation.

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