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Sawmill Girl Galina's Story

Time moved on for me in my life living in my new home here in Sawmill. I was now 7 years old and had bonded very close to my sisters and brother and everyone else in my family. This still did not take all my pain away from having to leave my mum in Oskol though.

One morning after breakfast after I had been here about four months my mum told to me My Galina, it's time for us to return to Oskol and prepare your mum's resting place for the Winter. Mum also told to me your mum needs to see how beautiful her new 7 year old daughter has gotten and hear what's going on in your life now.

I really didn't know what to say to mum. I just told to her I like that mum and asked her when we would go. She told to me aunt Marcie was preparing some beautiful silk flowers for your mum and we would leave on Friday and be there Saturday morning.

That very Friday when K1 was lifting from the port I was looking out the window at the beautiful Sawmill mountain and said see you later Sawmill. I was sitting in a seat next to my sister Scoot. She looked at me and asked to me do you like Sawmill mountain sis? I told to Scoot I love to watch the sun come over the top of Sawmill every morning. It gives to me a warm feeling that my mum is smiling to me. Scoot leaned over and hugged my neck and told to me I just bet that is a smile from your mum sis and you should smile and wave back to her beautiful smile.

My first trip back to Oskol to have a visit with my mum was one of mixed feelings. Everyone in the plane went to sleep as the night closed in around us except my sister Scoot and me. Scoot let my seat back enough I was really leaning back in it. She got up and came back with a blanket and covered me with it. For some reason that Scoot has never told me why she had us sitting in seats facing the back of the plane instead of facing the front of the plane. I asked one time and she just smiled at me. So, I left it alone and haven't asked anymore. Scoot is a special sister to all of us. She and our big brother Igor comes and eats breakfast with us every morning.

I remember getting warm and knew my sister Scoot was awake sitting next to me so I felt ok and not alone. She was holding my hands and softly told to me I need to sleep so I would look fresh and beautiful for my mum when we got there. She closed the blinds on my window so I would wake up naturally and not have the morning sun in my face. This seems to help to not wake up so very tired from a lot of hours on an overnight flight in a plane.

That first trip back to visit my mum was emotional for me but I felt different about some things. I think one of the things that I needed to do most was accept the fact that my mum was no long on earth with me. I was 7 years old and still not old enough to understand why this had happened to me at 6 years of age.

When we visited my mum that day we put so many beautiful flowers for her. When my mum Anna and me stood in front of her stone all my family made a large circle around us and held hands.

My mum Anna talked so sweetly to my mum and told to her how much she loved and missed her so very much. She told to my mum she knew she was in Heaven working and was where she needed to be. Mum Anna then started telling my mum all about me. She told mum all the good things that had been happening in my life and how she loved me so very much and how all of my family loved me so very much. She told a lot more things to my mum and then my mum Anna asked me if I would like to talk to my mum.

I stood in front of my mum Anna and she put her arms around me and I started talking to my mum. I'm not going to talk about that conversation with my mum. My mum is very personal and private for me and I will always keep it that way.

Mum Anna and me got down on our knees and she unlocked the door on the front of my mum's stone. She gave to me a photo to put in the compartment. The photo was of me with my family celebrating my 7th birthday and I had a very pretty smile on my face. We closed the door and locked it and my mum Anna said to my mum.
Rest in peace my beautiful best friend in life. Your Galina and I will return again to you this Spring season and bring you many beautiful fresh flowers from our very own flower garden in Sawmill.

The return flight on K1 back to my home in Sawmill was much better than the first flight four months ago. I knew where I was going, I knew what it was like and not a mystery for me. As K1 was landing I was looking out the window and saw Sawmill mountain. I waved to Sawmill and said I love you Sawmill and I'm back home now from visiting my mum.

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