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Sawmill Girl Galina's Story

When we got home from the hearing it seemed like everyone was in a happy mood. I was being hugged by everyone over and over again and told to me I love you my sis Galina. You're going have soooo much fun with us when we get home to Sawmill. Always that word Sawmill and I did not understand what that word was or what it meant.

When morning came everyone had their bags ready to go to the airport. My big brother Igor came to me and held me in his arms. He told to me that we were going to go see my mum Irina before we went home to America. He told to me we were not going to say goodbye but see you later mum.

When my big brother Igor and sis Karen held my hands and walked up to where my mum was there were so many flowers I didn't think I could find her.  All my family made that big circle around me and held hands.  They sang another beautiful song to my mum and me.

My mum Anna started talking to my mum and then asked me if I would like to say something to her. I told to my mum that I loved her and missed her so very much and I would come back to visit her soon. Mum Anna then gave to me a photo with me and all of my new family together, We got down on our knees and opened a door on the front of my mum's stone and put the photo inside and then closed and locked the door.

Mum Anna then kissed my mums stone and told to my mum that she would love her always and would always love and care for me.  I kissed my mums stone and told her I loved her and would see her later. Every one of my family went to mum's stone and kissed it and said the same words and told to her not to worry they would also love and care for me too and see her  later.

That plane sure did look big to me. I had never been this close to a plane before and did not know what to expect but everyone else seemed ok with it so why not me. My dad and uncles Tyler and Ken walked up the steps and went to the very front of the plane.  My new poppa picked me up in his arms and walked up the steps with me telling to me that this was going to be fun for us.

My mum put me in a seat next to her and put a belt on me and told to me my ears may pop a little soon and what to do about it. Everyone was on the plane now. I heard what I know now are the engines roaring. The plane begin to move forward and my mum started holding my hand. The plane turned to the left and the next thing I knew the world was going by very fast and then everything started getting so tiny outside the window.

I mentioned earlier that it has taken me almost a year to be able to finish my Story because of all the memories I still have when my mum passed on me.  When my sister Snoopy finished her Story I read it and then I read it a few more times. Snoopy came here a few years later than me and we've never talked about our past other than we both had lost our mums to cancer.

I think Snoopy knew something inside of me, just like herself, was keeping me from writing my Story. She came into my bedroom one night and sitting on the floor with my goat in my lap and her kitty in her lap we talked about this for at least two hours.

I told her when I read her Story, especially on her K1 flight here, I felt like I was sitting in that same seat next to mum again having all the fears and homesickness that she was having. I've been a student pilot now for two years and have flown many many times on K1 since I got here. I look back on that flight to America now and it was one of the most horrible experiences of my life. Snoopy told me the same thing when we talked about it.

It seemed all I could hear was the sound of those big engines taking me further away from my mum in Oskol. I was being well taken care of on that flight and everyone was really trying to love me, but to me it seemed my mind and body were in a trance and my world as I knew it was breaking apart into millions of tiny pieces.

Snoopy and me both admitted to each other that we will not sit in that seat on K1 ever again and we don't. Everytime I board K1 that seat is the first one I see and I walk right on past it and find me another place to sit. I remember now noticing that Snoopy always passes it up too and it's actually the best seat in K1. Our minds don't won't to go back to that first K1 fight ever again.

I had went to sleep long into the flight to Sawmill. My mum woke me up and said we would be landing at my new home in Sawmill soon. I felt K1 slowing down and turning to the left. When she rolled back level again and started decending down through a beautiful valley I saw a very large mountain off to my right. Mum said to me that is Sawmill mountain and you will always be able to see it from your new home.

Very soon after that I saw the trees and we were lowerer than they were and then we were on the ground rolling very fast. Soon we came to a fast stop and turned left. I could see some big buildings and looked like more planes sitting there. As we got closer to those buildings I could see a lot of people there.

When we had stopped and the door was open my mum had me in her arms and walked down the steps with me. All those people there were clapping their hands and telling to me welcome to your new home our beautiful Galina.

I was now many many miles away from my mum Irina and my 6 year old heart wanted to exploded with sadness.

Is This My New Home In America?

My sis Snoopy and me do NOT fly in that left seat.

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