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Sawmill Girl Galina's Story

I don't think I have any words to describe how I felt when the day came for me to leave my mum and the life I had ever known in Russia to relocate here to Sawmill with my new family. Everyone had returned back home to Sawmill and I was left here alone with my new mum Anna until all the documents were ready for my adoption so I could relocate here to Sawmill and it be in my new home with all my new family.

My dad in America would call to me everyday and talk to me on the phone. All my family would call to me and talk to me often. They were giving their love to me 6000 miles away and trying  to let me know my life was going to be just great here and I would be a happy kid.

About a month after the passing of my mum my mum Anna took me for a walk in a pretty park near to us here in Stary Oskol. She bought me an ice cream and we sat down on a park bench. She told to me that my dad, my sisters and brother, a few cousins and my aunts and uncles were on a plane flying to us. She told to me that we had to go to an adoption court hearing so she and my dad could be my legal parents and I could live in America with them.

We went to the airport the next morning to meet everyone when they arrived to Oskol. A big plane landed and my mum Anna told to me that it was their family plane and I would fly on that same plane back to Sawmill.
After the plane door was opened and the steps down the first person I saw coming to the door and down the steps was Anuta smiling and waving to me. Anuta is always smiling. Beth came out next smiling and waving too. All my sisters and brother were there coming out doing the same thing.

I saw my dad Blue sitting in the very front of the plane waving and smiling to me and he threw me a kiss out the window. Soon he and my uncles Tyler and Ken came out the door from the front of the plane and to me with hugs and teddy bears. I still have those teddy bears here in my bedroom.

I looked back at the door of the plane and two more people were there waving and smiling to me. I was soon to learn they were more of my grandparents and I was to call them poppa and granny. They also lived in  Sawmill and are farmers....and big time lovers of children especially all the kids in Sawmill. I would soon feel their care and love for me here in Sawmill.

That very afternoon mum Anna dreesed me in a beautiful new dress and shoes and told to me it was time to go to my adoption hearing and everything was going to just fine.

I don't remember to much about that hearing. I sill had a broken heart because of the loss of my mum and I would soon be leaving everything I loved and knew behind to move to another country and live with a new family.

I had no other choice uunless I wanted to be placed in a Home for kids. That was not an option my mum Anna was going to let happen to me and a promise she had made to me mum..that was not and would never happen.

When the hearing was over I remember everyone in the room clapping. I was now a Kagen with new parents and would the next morning be relocating to America with them.

My legal name is now Galina Irina Anna-Blue Kagen.

Galina Relocates To America and Sawmill With Her New Family

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