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Sawmill Girl Galina

My mum starting to talking to me. She told to me I was everything in this world that was perfect and beautiful to her. She told to me that God has a very special work for her to do in Heaven with all the little kids up there and She was going to soon be in Heaven working and looking down on me.

I didn't won't to hear this and really started crying and saying no mum no please don' go and leave me here all alone. Every person in that room got so near to me when I said that. Aunt Anna, uncle Blue, Karen and her grandparents, the sisters all surrounded me on that bed and so loved me I can still feel it to this very day here in Sawmill.

When I was able to stop crying and knew she wasn't leaving me at that very moment she and aunt Anna begin to talk to me. Uncle Blue picked me up and put me in his lap. Karen sit right next to us and held one of my hands.

My mum told to me that I was going to be just fine and I had nothing to ever worry about. Her best friend in life Anna and her family in America were going to love me as their very own and care for me always. Anna was going to be my second mum and love me as much as she did. Uncle Blue was going to be to me something I had never had and that was a real love dad.

She told to me I want you to always love and care for them in return for all the love I would be receiving from them. She told to me I would soon have sisters, a brother, cousins, more aunts and uncles that would ever been possible to have here.

Aunt Anna started talking to me and told to me she has always loved me as her very own daughter and would always love me as her own daughter. She promised to me that we would always return a couple times a year to visit my mum. She promised to me anytime I thought I needed to have a talk with my mum here at her resting place we would come immediately so I could have that talk with her.

Uncle Blue talked to me and told to me that my future was already set and I would become a very successful adult. I would always have a beautiful home and would never have to worry about money. He told to me in his heart I was already his daughter and he loved me so as his very own daughter.

Karen promised to me that she would always be my big sister and would always always help take care of me. At that time I didn't know that Karen was from Stary Oskol and had been adopted by uncle Blue afer his friends her parents had passed on.

Karen's grandparents promised to always love me as their very own grand daughter and would always make sure my mums resting place was beautiful for her and me.

To this very day none of those promises have ever been broken by any of my family and every promise they made to me has taken place.

Galina Says Goodbye To Her Mum

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