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Sawmill Girl Galina

I am Galina Irina Anna-Blue Kagen and I am a Sawmill Girl. I am 15 years of age and attend high School. I am a member of our high school marching band. I am the adopted parent to a beautiful Sawmill Farm Morgan Horse. I am an honor student and a member of our high school debate team. I am a lover of Pigmy goats and raising 12 for my friends. I am also the adoptive parent to a Sawmill Farm Morgan that I love very much and she loves me.

I am from the city of Stary Oskol, Russia and was adopted by my beautiful parents Anna and Blue Kagen after the death of my precious mum Irina when I was 6 years old.

I've been trying to write my Story for almost a year now and was having problems trying to express myself. When I would be working on my Story the memories of the past would return to me and I would have to stop. When I read my sister Snoopy's Story it gave me the encouragement to continue my Story and try to finish it.

There is a time in every persons life when a major tragedy happens.  This tragedy happened to me when I was six years old. My mum pass on when I was six years of age with cancer. I never remember having any other family members other than my mum Irina. My mum was an only child and all her family had passed when she was a younger woman. When my mum passed I was left alone in this world with only my friends.

My mum was a doctor of internal medicine. Her best friend was a surgeon and was now married to an American man and living in America. Her name is now Anna Kagen and I knew her very well by her visits and phone calls to my mum from America.

My mum called to her friend Anna and told to her that she had terminal cancer. Her friend Anna was here the very next day. She arrived on a private plane with her husband Blue and one of their daughters named Karen.
Anna's parents were still living and lived only a short distance from our apartment. Anna called to them before she left America and told them what was happening.

I was staying with my mum at the hospital. Because the sisters in the hospital knew and loved my mom they were trying to take care of me in the hospital the best they could. Anna's parents came to the hospital and told to the head sister that their daughter was doctor Anna which they also knew and loved so very much. They told to the head sister that doctor Anna was on a private plane and would be here the next day. Her plans are to stay until everything was over with and she wanted us to get Galina and provide for her until she got here.

The head sister agreed to this but I would not leave my mum alone. Anna's parents told to me we would like to take you to our home and let you get a fresh bath and some food and then we will return back to the hospital.
I told to them I would do this but I must return to my mum as soon as possbile. They told to me we will return in two hours so I agreed to go with them.

We were sitting at the table eating and my stomach felt like it was full of alligators and my heart was hurting so much for my mum. All I could think about was my mum and where would I go when my mum passed on to Heaven.

The phone rang and Anna's mum answered it and talked for a few minuntes. She told to me that Anna was calling from their plane and wanted to speak with me. I took the phone and said Allo aunt Anna. She told to me she loved me and would be here to my mum and me in about 8 more hours. She also told me not to worry about anything. She told to me I was going to be just fine and she would let nothing happen to me and she had already started taking care of me and my future before she left America flying here to me. All I could say was ok aunt Anna see you in 8 hours.

The next morning I was sitting on the bed with my mum holding her hand. The door opened and aunt Anna came walking in the door. She looked so beautiful. She came to me and hugged me so very close to her and told to me she loved me just like her very own daughter. Her husband and their daughter Karen came in the door right behind her. Blue had a case with him I think called a briefcase.

They both hugged me so very close too and told to me they loved me and was here to help my mum and me. This made me feel so very good and I didn't feel alone anymore. Karen took my hand and told to me let's take a walk and get some ice cream. I told to her no I could not leave my mum for a single minute again. Karen told to me everything was still ok and her mum Anna and dad Blue needed to be alone with my mum for a little while.

Karen took my hand and we walked out the door. Her grandparents were standing there talking to a sister. They gave Karen and me a hug and told to us they loved us and not to eat all the ice cream we could find. We go outside to a Koisk and get some ice cream and set down on the steps of the hospital and start eating it.

Maybe and hour later Karen's cell phone rings and she tells to me let's go back inside to visit your mum now. That Karen was a super kid that day and was always near to me and still is to this very day here in Sawmill.

When we  got back to my mum's room and went inside aunt Anna was holding my mum and they were smiling at each other. My mum asked me to sit on the bed with her and aunt Anna. My mun told to me she and aunt Anna had something very important to tell me.

Uncle Blue picks me up and sits me on the bed between my mum and aunt Anna and begins to talk to me. Uncle Blue and Karen laid their hands on my shoulder as my mum starting telling me some things.

Next in Galina's Story...Galina Learns What Future Plans Have Been Made For Her

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