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I am 18 years of age now. My family and I relocated to this beautiful valley named Sawmill several years ago thanks to two of my best friends Anuta, Beth, and their families.  I have been asked not to tell all that was involved with our relocation so I will not bore you with writing those details.

We arrived to Atlanta from Moscow on a commercial airline. My uncle Blue, aunt Anna, aunt Marcie and uncle Bill were waiting on us in the Customs office at the Atlanta Airport when we arrived to them. They met us with many hugs and kisses and flowers for my mum, my little sis Olga and myself. I was very tired from the long plane ride but also very excited. Soon I would be hugging my sisters Emilia, Anuta and Beth and we would now always be together everyday and living very near to each other. It took us about an hour in Customs to be accepted into the America as immigrants for a permanet residency. The Customs officer shook our hands and told to us, welcome to America.

We walked into the baggage area in the Customs area and got our luggage. We soon rode an escalator down to another level and got on an underground train so much nicer and more modern than the Metro trains in Moscow. We rode for a few minutes and got off and started walking to another escalator that was going up this time.

When we got to the floor I heard a lot of clapping and cheering. I looked and saw many people with smiles on their faces. They had some big signs that had Russian words on them welcoming us to our new home in America.  I saw a lot of flowers and teddy bears. It seemed like it happened so fast I was on the floor with my Emilia, my Anuta and my Beth on top of me holding onto to me and they all had tears in their eyes. This got me eyes very wet also.

Everyone started clapping and cheering again, many other people there saw this and started clapping and cheering with the Sawmill people. When I was able to stand up I got attacked again by Karen, Scoot and Marina. They were hugging me and telling to me welcome home our Elena. I had never had this so wonderful experience before in all of my life.

There were a lot of kids their with pink and blue caps on that came to me and welcomed me to America. I felt so very special and was so very excited. I think everyone of the people from Sawmill that was there gave to myself and my family many hugs and welcomes. My little sis Olga had more teddy bears now I think that existed in all of Russia.

My sisters Emilia, Anuta and Beth took my luggage and we went outside the huge airport terminal, crossed a street and got into a van.  uncle Blue, aunt Anna, aunt Marcie and uncle Bill got in with us and we left for the drive up here in the mountains to Sawmill.

When we arrived to Sawmill we went through a gate. We stopped and the security people welcomed us to Sawmill and gave to my little sis and me each a teddy bear with hearts on them.  I had never seen so much beauty before with my eyes in person as I saw driving through Sawmill. Beautiful homes with beautiful flower gardens all around them. We drove past some homes and Anuta told to me, that is Scoot's home, and there is Karen and Marina's homes and soon...and here is your new home.

I'm here to tell you now I almost had a faint and an ass crash at the same time and so did my parents. There in my eyes was a beautiful white two story home with flower gardens around it also. I saw in the yard some swings and looked like a playground for my little sis Olga. She sure got excited when she saw all of that.

We get out of the van and go inside. I had never been inside a home that was beautiful as our new home here in Sawmill. My parents were speechless and all my mum could do was cry and look at aunt Anna and aunt Marcie.  They hugged her and told to her let's look at all your new home and tell us what you think and if we did a good job preparing it for you. I have no clue as to  where my dad went with uncle Blue and uncle Bill.

My Emilia, Anuta and Beth said to me follow us! WOW what is THIS I thought !...they started laughing and said to me, this is YOUR BEDROOM! WOW! is all I could possibly say to them. I looked out the windows and saw a huge mountain and they told to me that is Sawmill Mountain. It sure was big and beautiful for my eyes.

It was getting dark now and Emilia asked to me if I wanted them to spend the night with me? I nodded yes. I sure needed them not only beacuse they are now my sisters in my heart and soul and I did not understand some things in our new home. Aunt Anna and aunt Marice were going to stay with us tonight also and help my mum learn some things about her new kitchen and laundry room and I'm sure run their mouths about old times playing music together.

Two tall beautiful ladies came walking in the door and when my mum saw them BAM WOW !more hugs and kisses. I was soon to learn and call them aunt Carrie and aunt Lena. They're aunt Anna's sisters and also played music together in Russia with my mum in the same ochestra. They also live in Sawmill.

My sisters Emilia, Anuta and Beth and me walked outside. It was so very quiet and peaceful and smell so fresh and sweet. I think to myself, I think for sure I'm going to love my new home here in Sawmill and America and be so near to my sisters Emilia, Anuta and Beth. I looked up into a beautiful sky with millions of stars shinning to us. I'm sure my God in Heaven was then welcoming me to my new home in America with my best friends in life.