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Laptop 101 & Skype Lessons

I'm here to tell  you now that Anuta, Emilia and me were sitting on the entrance of our building very early this morning waiting on the man to come and connect us to the internet. Last night that Anuta had taught to Emilia and me how to use our new laptops and cell phones. She also taught to me how to listen on my cell phone and answer using a text message when I am talking to anyone. That anyone would only be my Emilia and my Anuta because I had no other friends. At this very time I had no idea that Beth girl in Sawmill would also be calling to me everyday on my cell phone. Anuta's big sisters Karen, Marina and Scoot would call to also about once a week.

Last night in our so very new beautiful home I spent my very second time only in a real bed. My little sis went to sleep and never woke up during the night like she did so many nights in our tiny apartment we had just relocated from. I sure love my little sis Olga.

We saw this man get out of a van and come walking to us. He had a lot of wires and other things with him.
He stopped and ask to us did we know where the Yushnova home was..YEP! we sure do, follow us. We led him to my new home and inside. He looked around and asked to us, where would you want your phone to be located?

PHONE! you mean like a TELEPHONE? I write on my pad to him. He replied yes and when I heard that I almost had another ass crash for sure. We had never had a phone before that I know of. Anuta and Emilia were laughing their butts off at me. I looked around in the living room and wrote on my pad to him I suppose on the table next to that pretty chair. What color he asked to me...now this was really putting a willy nilly in my already messed up mind. I wrote to him I like the color red that is in my Emilia's home. So, he returns to his van and returns with a red phone.

He works for about an hour and puts a funny looking thing next to the phone and told to me this is your router. Uh Oh, I had no idea what a router was. Anuta said to me with a router I could use my laptop anywhere in our home without connecting a wire to it. OK! if you say so!

Soon he opened my new laptop and did something in it and then told to me you're connected to the internet now. He gave me a paper and told to me this is your new phone number. I wrote on my pad to him thank you very much. He smiled and shook my hand and said your are very welcome young lady. He then said he had to go to Emilia's Home and connect her to the internet also. ZOOOM out the door we go leading him to Emilia's home.

Soon all was finished and the man was leaving, Anuta gave to him some Rubles and thanked him for taking care of her friends so very fast. He thanked her for the Rubles and left waving to us. ZOOOM we go back into my home and open our new laptops. Anuta did something last night to our laptops and told to us she had downloaded the program Skype for us so we three could talk everyday when she returned home. Emilia and me thought that was as good as it gets for sure.

Anuta opened her laptop and connected to Beth in Sawmill, she showed us how to connect to Beth also. Soon Emilia and me had Beth looking at us on our laptops. Beth smiled and waved to us and said some words Emilia and I had never heard before. Howdy and how youins doing today? Howdy and youins are not in our Russian languge and Anuta and Beth started laughing. Anuta said howdy is American slang for hello, youins is a native word to our mountains in Sawmill and it means you all. Emilia and me laughed and nodded ok.

We talked for about an hour. Anuta, Beth and my Emilia waited very patiently for me to answer them using my keyboard. We all were having a lot fun together and then all of a sudden BAM there was an Asian looking girl on our screens waving to us. Anuta started laughing and said that's my mouthy sister SCOOT!
We waved back to her and she started talking to us in Russian.
We looked at Anuta and she said to us Scoot speaks five languages fluently. Scoot asked me a question and told to me to answer her with my keyboard and she could read it on her laptop. So I answerd her and we talked together for a few minutes.

BAM! all of a sudden there was a red headed girl also on our screens. Anuta laughed and said that is my sister Marina. Marina waved and smiled to us and we waved and smile back to her. Marina spoke to us in Russian and said she was originally from the city Stary Oskol. She ask to me a question and I answered her with my keyboard. When I finished she talked to us in Russian a few more minutes and then..

BAM! there was a girl with black hair and blue eyes on our screens. Anuta laughed again and told to us that is my sister Karen. She also talked to us in Russian and I wrote some things to her also. She told to us she was also originally from the city Stary Oskol.

Emilia and me were having a fun time with Beth and Anuta's sisters. Scoot told us a joke that really got all of us to laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes. Soon everyone said goodbye to us and we would all talk again later. Beth told to us see you three bums in the morning.

My cell phone rang and it shocked me. I looked at it and put it to my ear. It was Beth talking to me and told to me to text to her so she could see how it would work on her cell all the way to America and Sawmill. So, I texted to her and she said WAHOOO it works great here. She them told to me good night and she would call to me again very soon and would also call to Emilia.

I wrote on my pad to Emilia and Anuta my butt was tired. They laughed and said thir butts were tired also.
Anuta said to us, I'm hungry, let's go to the Moo Moo for some food! WOW she wanted to eat in a Russian place! SO, out the door we go walking arm in arm and laughing to Arbat Street and the Moo Moo Restaruant.

I cannot explain to you the many wonderful feelings I had in my heart and soul at this very moment. I had never had these feelings before in my life. I now have six friends that understand my speech handicap and have never once ignored me and love me for myself.


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