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Anuta's Parents Give Elena's Family A New Beginning
Anuta's Dad Gives Elena & Emilia Three More Of Their Rose Dreams

My Snoopy and my Anuta and me had a very fun time in the Hardrock Cafe on the historical Arbat street and ate so much food I could hardly even walk.  When we left the Hardrock and started walking back to our homes we held our arms together as we walked. In my homeland of Russia that is called escorting each other. At this very moment in my life was the most happiest in all of my years.

When we arrived back to my home and I opened the door and my home was empty of almost everything. This really scared me but Anuta told to me, Our Elena, do not worry please, we will go to the same floor our Emilia lives. There is a really a nice surprise waiting for you down there. I could not image why my home was empty of all our belongings and I felt a lump in my throat and a sick feeling in my stomach.

Anuta saw this and hugged me and told to me it's time for us to go to your new home near our Emilia.
I could not even comprehend what she was telling me. All I wanted at this very minute was to find my mum and dad and little sis and find out what had happened.

We rode the elevator down to the ground and go out the door. We walked to the other end of the building and Anuta and Emilia were holding my hands. I wanted my parents and little sis near me right now. We go into the building and Anuta leads us to a door very near my Emilia's home.

She opens the door and I was greeted by my mum with a beautiful smile on her face and that made me feel a little better about things. My mum said to me, welcome to our new home our Elena. I'm here to tell you now when I looked past my mum and saw such a large living room with a beautiful furniture in it I almost had a faint.

Anuta's mum and dad came to me and gave me hug and told to me welcome to your new home sweetie. I still did understand what was happening. My mum took my hand and walked to a hall and into a room. The room had a BIG bed, a REAL bed and my mum told to me, this is your and Olga's bedroom. My nerves were so messed up at that very time all I could do was start crying.

I think everyone understood at that very moment my feelings. I think everyone got so some tears in their eyes also. My mum took my hand and showed me to another bedroom that would be to my parents their bedroom. It was oh so beautiful also.

Mum then led me to another room that was a so beautiful kitchen and next to that was another room that would be our dining room. I could never have imagined in my life that a home like this would be so for us.
My mum told to me all the details so I will not bore you wit that.

Anuta's dad came to us and told to me with Anuta translating, I just happen to have a few bucks left in my pocket so we need to take a walk. Whatever a buck was I had no idea but I think I really needed a walk at that very moment and clear the spider webs from my fainting brain. Emilia told to us, I will go home now and see you later. Anuta's dad told to Emilia you need to walk with us so out the door we go.

Outside our home was a van waiting. A man got out of the van and shook our hands and told to us his name was Dimitri and he was a very personal friend on Anuta's dad. We get into the van and rode into the city centre near Red Square. Mr. Dimitri stopped the vaan in front of an electronics store and said to us let's go inside.

Anuta's dad opened the door for us acting kind of humorus and joking with us. We were laughing at him and I was beginning to have fun again. Mr, Dimitri opened the door for us to go into the electronics store.
When we walked in Emilia and me both yelled at the same time, WOW!. We saw MANY LAPTOPS and TV'S! Anuta laughed and said to us..time to shop till we drop again! WOW! was all Emilia and I could possibly respond to her.

I think we looked at EVERY LAPTOP in that store and was still not so sure what this was all about. Anuta said to us...WILL YOU TWO PLEASE find a laptop you like so dad can buy it for you. I think Emilia and I both had an ass crash then when she said that to us. Emilia and I knew nothing about laptops because they were a rose dream to us and we never in our lives expected to own one.

I wrote on my pad to Anuta that Emilia and I knew nothing about a laptop so we would leave it up to her to decide for us if her dad was going to buy us one. Anuta said WOW, oh I forgot and started laughing. That laugh she does always seems to make us look over our shouders so to make sure someone is not going to whack us over the head with a rock.

Anuta ask us what is our favorite colors, PINK is what Emilia told to her, we both like pink. Anuta says ok so we will get two pink laptops and two pink laptops is what she got for us. Emilia and I looked at each other and she said to me. What in the world are we going to do with Anuta and her dad? Anuta said to us, love him just as much as I do and he will always see to your needs. I can tell you now because of his funny humor and the care and love he has been showing to us we're certainly beginning to love him, and not for all the beautiful things he's been buying for us, because of his beautiful caring heart.

Her dad comes to us and says, wow two pretty laptops for two beautiful girls and then he says to us, follow us please. WOW what next! We follow him and Mr. Dimitri to the TV part of the store. He shows to us two very pretty tv's and ask us do we like them. All Emilia and I could do is shake our heads yes. He says YES! and tells the girl he will take two of them.

We look at him and both of us shake our heads no at the same time. He laughs, just like that Anuta girl laughs, and tells to us. Every kid needs their very own tv in their bedroom and YOU TWO are going to have your very on tv in YOUR bedrooms. WOW is all the both of us can say.

While in the store he pays for our internet connections for one year. The man tells to him that we will be connected tomorrow. Mr. Dimitri gives him the address of our building and our homes in the building.

Anuta's dad then tells to the man, we need two more things please. We need two cell phones for these two beautiful young ladies. WOW WOW oh WOW was coming out of our mouths. NO WAY would either of us ever expect to own a cell phone. So, Anuta picks out two cell phones just alike and ask to us..you like?
WOW certainly we like.  Her dad pays for our cell phones and service for a year.

I think at that very moment my Emilia and I were realizing Anuta's beautiful and loving dad was giving us more of his heart and giving us some more of our rose dreams. When I arrived to my new home in Sawmill I was soon to learn that her dad had also been adopted and was a true lover of all children and was sharing his wealth with any kid that needed a rose rose dream in their lives.

Love Him We Do.


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