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Anuta Meets Emilia

Well, it's 5:45 am and Anuta and myself have just arrived at the Paveletsky Train Station to meet my Emilia and her auntie arriving on the train at 6:30 am from Volgagrad. I wrote on my pad to Anuta that I'm a little nervous. She asked me why? I wrote to her I don't know, Anuta told to me everything will be just fine. Emilia and I will make friends also so please not to worry. One thing I have noticed about Anuta is she always seems to be so sure of herself. She's very sweet and always smiling.

Anuta and I are standing on the platform and can see the train slowly coming into the station. Anuta laughs and says my dad hates that 13.5 overnight train ride from Moscow to Stary Oskol. He always has jet lag and cannot sleep, funny to mum and my sisters and brother for us. Our sis scoot always tells him to put a sock in his mouth and hush so we can sleep. I laughed at that one.

I asked about her sister scoot and she told to me we adopted her from Thailand. She is older than me, very intelligent and has a mouthy mouth and will tell you her thoughts in a heart beat. She is also very funny and has a lot of humor about her. We call her pencil because she's so small but boy can she get a person told if she feels offended or someone offends any of us. Eats more than a horse and never gains a kg. She's also a champion kickboxer, plays a lot of musical instruments and is studying international corporate law for our family business. She can also fly our family plane along with my sisters Karen and Marina.

We see my Emilia and her auntie walking towards us and they wave and smile at us. We wave and start walking to them. They come to me and give me a hug and tell to me they missed me. Emilia looks at Anuta, smiles and introduces herself, Anuta smiles back at her and introduces herself.  Anuta starts telling her how we met and how proud she is that I have her for such a wonderful and caring friend. Emilia blushes a little and I laugh at her. Yep, I think the three of us will be very good friends together.
Auntie introduces herself and gives Anuta a hug. This please me and I can tell it pleases Anuta also.

Auntie says lets go to the Metro station and go home now. Anuta says to Auntie, you have luggage so we'll take a taxi and I will pay. Auntie and Emilia just have blank looks on their faces and both look at me.  I start laughing and nod ok so off we go to find a taxi.

During the drive to our homes Anuta and Emilia do a lot of talking. They ask me something and I write back to them on my pad. How wonderful it is to have two friends now that love me and have so much patience for me to ask or answer something to them or just tell to them my thoughts with writing on a pad.

The taxi stops at the end of the building where Emilia and auntie live. We get out and Anuta pays the driver. We walk inside with Emilia and auntie and Anuta tells to Emilia, we have a surprise for you and want you to come with us. Emilia says ok, auntie says ok, so we all say ok at the same time and out the door we go laughing to the other end of the building where my home is located.

When we get to my home there is no one there. My mum has left me a note and Aunta's dad has left her a note with a LOT of Rubles in it. I show my Emilia all my new clothes. boots and Reeboks. Before she could say anything Anuta says to Emilia, time for us to go shopping for you also. Emilia says no no no. Anuta tells to her, my new friend Emilia, some good things are beginning to change in our Elena and her famly's lives now and you are part of this family so please do not argue with me. Emilia was speechless and I started laughing. I wrote on my pad that I felt the same way but it's ok and Anuta wants all three of us to be alike so it will be ok. I told to her that auntie has a note waiting on her from our mums when she finds it on the table explaining how some things are for us now so, let's go shopping for you now.

We ride the Metro to the same stores we went to yesterday. Emilia and me are hanging on for our lives and that girl Anuta is having fun again smashing into people when the train starts off and stops. To this day living in Sawmill now, Emilia (Snoopy) and me have no clue as to why that Anuta likes to ride the Metro so much smashing into people and people smashing into her.

I'm here to tell you now, that was a fun day for the three of us and I'm so proud that my Emilia and Anuta have bonded so well. When we decided we had not eaten and started laughing Anuta says to us, let's go to Arbat Street and eat at the Hardrock Cafe! I write to Anuta that place is very expensive and she laughs and says to us, not for me and will never be for the two of you again.

Arbat Street is near our homes so we decide to carry Emilia's new clothes, boots and Reeboks to her home and then go to Arbat next. When we go to Emilia's her auntie met us at the door and tells to us about the notes she found on the table. She hugs Anuta and gets a little tear in her eye when she shes all the beautiful things Anuta has bought for our Emilia. Anuta says to her, auntie, we are all very good friends now. My family wants to help all of you now so please accept this and be proud of the wonderful niece you have and our friend Elena. That Anuta is a smooth talker too but I'm sure not going to tell her that just yet.

Auntie told to us that my mum and Anuta's mum would be here later this afternoon and be ready to go out for dinner and some stores also. Anuta just smiles and said to auntie, uh oh, be prepared for a NEW experience. We all started laughing and auntie laughed with us.

We start walking to Arbat and the Hardrock Cafe, Emilia and I have never been in there because of the expense but we're sure looking forward to it.

Thank you my God in Heaven for answering my prayers, but all I asked you for was one such friend and you have chosen to send me two and bring us together as best of friends.

The left photo is a sign showing where the McDonalds is located where I had my first ever meal with Anuta and her parents.The second photo was my home in Moscow. The third photo was our tiny apartment. The next photo is my Emilia standing in front of the store Terranova on Tverskaya Street where our new clothes were bought for us.



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