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Anuta & Her Parents Give Elena A Rose Dream

After the the first bath in a fancy bathroom that I had ever had before in my life, Anuta and me watched a movie on the tv. The only time I ever got to watch tv was when I was visiting my friend Emilia in her home. A small tv cost more than a months wages that my parents made so we never owned one. I never felt badly about this because I loved my parents so much and understood they had to buy food for us and see to some of our other needs.

When I awoke the next morning after sleeping in a real bed for the very first time in my life I felt lonely and had thoughts as to how all this came to be for me. Anuta's parents were already awake and dressed and her mum came in and woke Anuta and told us to get dressed so we could go eat some breakfast. She looked so beautiful and had a very beautiful smile on her face. She gave me a hug and said outa the bed and into your clothes time for new adventures today.
I had already had more new adventures in my life in the last 24 hours than I thought my mind could comprehend and now she was telling me there would be more today.

We left the hotel and walked to the Metro Station and down the long escalator we rode. We soon got on the train and rode it for about 20 minutes, got off and made a transfer to another train and rode it for about 15 minutes. Anuta thinks the Metro is fun but for me all it does is get me underground from one place to another place.

We left the Metro station and started walking on the sidewalk and went into a place Anuta said was an American Diner called the Starlite Place, whatever that meant but it sure smelled good in there. We sat down and a girl came to us and gave us a menu and brought coffee for all of us.

Anuta asked me what would I like for breakfast. I looked at the menu and said ooie and wrote on my pad very expensive. Anuta shook her fist at me, laughed,  smiled and said NO. I will order for you. When our plates were brought to us I almost had a faint when I saw so very much food on it. Some things I had never seen before. Looked like enough food on my plate to feed three of me.

I was a little sad when I was eating so very much and good food because I had some thoughts of my friend Emilia not being able to eat in this place because of the expense. Anuta asked me why did I look so sad.
I got a few tears in my eyes and wrote on my pad how sad I was was because my friend Emilia could not afford to eat here.

Anuta said to me, any friend of yours is my friend also and asked when Emilia would return home. I wrote on my pad on the train very early in the morning. She said to me then we will meet her train and bring her here to have breakfast. I wrote her auntie will be with her also. Anuta said then I will bring all three of you here for breakfast in the morning.

I'm here to tell you now that really warmed my heart and knew in the morning would also be a new adventure for my Emilia. It would be exciting for me to see the look on her face and watch how she looks when she sees so much food on her plate just like I did, and an American breakfast, sure was going to be interesting for me.

We left the food place and got on the Metro again. Anuta was laughing and seemed to be having herself a good time just trying to stand up hanging on to keep from smashing into other people. It was just a way of life for me but it was funny watching her having fun.

Soon we were leaving the Metro and walking on a sidewalk headed towards Red Square. Anuta and her mum were holding my hands as we walked. Soon we turned and went into a store called Terranova. Ooie so many very beautiful clothes and sooooo expensive for me. A girl came to us and asked if she could help us. Anuta's mum said to the girl, we want to look at the clothes sizes for this beautiful young lady.

I almost had a faint when I heard that. Anuta grabs me and told to me, in America all the girls and women call this we going to shop until we drop and started laughing. Well I had no words for this so what was I to do?

We were zooming all over that store with Anuta and her mum hanging clothes on me and asking me if I like them. WOW what girl my age or any age wouldn't like that. All I could do was hang on and nod yes or no. Wham bam it was done, I felt a little sorry for Anuta's dad. If I said yes they handed the clothes to him.

He went to the register and my eyes almost crashed when I saw the amount of Rubles it was costing. He just smiled and gave the Rubles to the girl and out the door we went with a lot of bags. We walked to another store and went inside...BOOTS, WOW! Beautiful BOOTS! and REEBOKS! OOOOOIE!

Soon I had new BOOTS and a pair of REEBOKS!...NEVER in my life would I have ever thought to own such beautiful things as in all these bags. Anuta looked at me and gave me a hug and told to me. This is nothing for my dad. I have MORE sisters at home so he's used to this and started laughing.

I told to Anuta..I don't think I can keep all these beautiful things. She asked me why and I told to her my friend Emilia does not have and cannot afford such things. She laughed a little said well then we'll just have to bring Emilia shopping tomorrow and buy for her also. Her mum laughed and said..sounds good to me! Her dad just grinned and gave all of us a hug.

When we got back to my home and my mum saw all the beautiful clothes I had she fussed at Anuta's mum. Anuta's mum started laughing at her and said to her...YOU, and the baby get ready, you two are next and hush your mouth. Anuta's dad looked at my dad and said to him, while the girls go shopping, you, Elena and Anuta and I are going shopping for you.

So, what are we to do...it seems Cinderella is paying us a visit.

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