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The Unexpected Reunion

My mum and Anuta's mum were talking so fast and hugging each other I think the building was shaking.
Our dad's were watching this and realized they had not met and started laughing so Aunta introduced her dad to my dad. My dad spoke to him in Russian and Anuta translated for them.

When they stopped, looked at us and both smiled they told us what all the excitement was about. I have already told to you that my mum had been a professional flute player. Well, it seems that Anuta's mum had also been a professional musician and THE violinest in ALL of Russia. She and my mum had played in the same orchestra together and had been very good friends and this is the first time they had seen each other in a lot of years.

My heart was crying with joy because something else good was happening in my life again. As the afternoon moved on Anuta and me became very good friends and our dads became very good friends.
I think Anuta's mum understood our living conditions and I later learned at one time her life had been the same as ours.

Aunta's mum said to us, we're all going out to eat tonight and it will be on us so let's get going. My mum hesitated but Aunta's mum told to my mum, Galina you're one of my best friends in life and I'm so thankful we have found each other again and you will do as I ask please. Let's never be seperated in our lives again. So off we go.

We had a wonderful time that night. We were laughing and our mums were really enjoying each other talking about old times together and sharing what their lives were like now. Anuta and me were becoming very good friends and so were our dads.

When we arrived back home that night Anuta asked me if I would like to spend the night with her in their hotel. Her mum said to my mum I think that is a good idea Galina and we will see you early in the morning. So, I was about to spend my first night ever in a a hotel room and sleep on a real bed for the first time ever in my life.  In our home we had a sofa that was a bed also. My little sis Olga and me sleep on the floor on a smaller matress that was put away during the day.

Our mums hugged each other and our dads hugged each other and we left for the hotel. My Emilia and her auntie were in Volgagrad for a few days visiting friends and to put more new flowers on her mum's reating place.

When we got to the hotel and in the room I was so amazed at what I was seeing. There were two bedrooms, a beautiful bathoom and a TV! I had NEVER slept in a bed much less such a BIG bed before in my life. I had NEVER taken a bath in such a beautiful bathrrom as that one. I promise you that hotel room was bigger than our apartment

Aunta and I went into a bedroom and she said I have something to show you. She had a LAPTOP computer. That is only a rose dream for me. She opened her laptop and told to me, I'm going to let you meet one of my cousins, Her name is Beth and she is also from Russia. Now this was sure wrecking my mind as I had never heard of such a thing in my life before.

She said this is called Skype and is a special program where friends and family can talk and see each other at the same time.  Don't even ask what was bouncing around in my mind when she told this to me.

All of a sudden there was a girl looking at us and waving. She was in America in a place Anuta says we call Sawmill and is where we live.  Anuta spoke to her for a few minutes in English and then they started talking in Russian so I would understand.

This girl Beth waved to me and told to me it was very exciting for her to meet me. I did not know how to answer her. Anuta told to me write to her on the laptop. I wrote on my pad that I had never done such a thing before. She said something else to Beth in English and Beth shook her head ok and smiled at me.

Aunta told to me this laptop had the Russian language and Russian alphabet keys also so all I had to do was touch the keys and make the words just like I would do on my pad. So, I was very slow and Aunta showed to me how to make seperations between the words. Beth sat there watching my words on her laptop is what Aunta told to me.
Beth would then answer me speaking Russian and I would answer her making the words with my finger on the keys. We must have done this for an hour, It was so exciting and fun for me.

Soon we said goodnight to Beth. Beth told to me this had been so very exciting for her to meet me tonight and she looked forward to meeting me one day and we would talk in Skype again soon. I just nodded my head ok and waved bye to her. I sure didn't know how that was going to happened because I had no laptop and would probably never own one.

Anuta said I now go show you how to use that fancy bathroom so you can take a hot bath and then we will watch some tv and then go to bed.

I started crying, Anuta hugged me and said everything will be ok. Her mum heard me and came into the bedroom and hugged me also and told to me tomorrow was going to be a very special day for me and my family so not to cry. We love you Elena and we love your family also.


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