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Elena Meets Anuta

For the very first time in my life now my life was seeming have a little substance to it thanks to my best friend in life, and my only friend, my Emilia. I could smile now and know I had a friend smiling with me and some of the loneliness that had always filled my heart was beginning to fade away.

One day several months after my Emilia came into my life, I had gone to the food store near my home to get some milk for my little sis Olga. She would drink only milk and sometimes water so she kept me busy walking to the food store to get more milk for her.

In most of the big cities in Russia we have tunnels, or underground passage ways going under the wide, busy and dangerous streets to walk from one corner to another without getting smashed by the crazy Russian drivers.

One morning I was walking through one of these underground tunnels and there were some musicians playing classical music hoping somone would drop some Rubles in a can for them to help feed them and I feel certain of this.

I love classical music and stopped to listen but I had no Rubles to drop in their can. I heard a sweet voice say to me in English, they play very beautiful music but I did not understand her. She looked at me and in Russian said, oh, sorry sometimes I forget I no longer live in Russia.

I smiled back at her and she began to talk to me and asked me what my name was. I pointed to my mouth and shook my head. I took my pad out and wrote my name for her. She said hello Elena and said I am Anuta. I am from the city of Stary Oskol but I now live in America. She also asked me if I had a speech problem and I shook my head yes. She smiled and said that is not a problem for me and write to me on your pad.

We stood and listened to the music for a few more minutes. Her dad took American money from his pocket that had a 100 on them and put them in the musician's can. Anuta walked to the can and put some Rubles in the can and so did her mum. She came back to me and asked me if I had any Rubles for the musicians and I shook my head no. She put some Rubles in my hand and told me to put it in the can for the musicians. I shook my head no and she told to me I insist that you do, so I put the Rubles in the can.

She then introduced me to her mum and dad and told them I had a speech problem so she would write to us on a pad, Her mum and dad smile so beautiful to me and they both hugged me and told to me their names. Her mum spoke to me in Russian but her dad would speak to me in English and Aunta would translate for me.

Anuta said to me, Elena we're going to McDonalds for lunch and want you to eat with us. I shook my head no and wrote on my pad, thank you so very much but I do not have the money to eat in McDonalds. She held my hand and told to me, you need no money to eat with us, my dad will pay for all of our meals so YOU will go to McDonalds and eat with us, please.

Anuta takes my hand and we go up onto the sidewalk and there is the first ever McDonalds to Moscow and Russia. I had walked by it many times but I had never been inside before. We went inside and Anuta asked me what would I like to eat. I looked at her and wrote on my pad, you pick and I will eat. She got the biggest hamburger and the biggest fries and a very large coke for us.

We sat down at a table next to a window so we could see the some of the beautiful Moscow buildings and people walking on the sidewalks. Her mum and dad sat with us and treated me like I was their very own daughter, so heart warming for me. We ate and Anuta asked if I would like more and I shook my head no.

Anuta started talking to her parents in English and I could not understand. Her mum looked at me and said to me with a pretty smile on her face, Elena we would like to walk with you to your home and meet your family.  I did not know how to answer her and Anuta said to me it's very important for us to meet your family. So I shook my head ok.

As we left McDonalds her dad took my bag with the milk in it and Anuta and her mum held my hands and we walked the couple of blocks to my building. I had so many mixed feelings going on in my heart and I did not understand them.

When we got to my building Anuta said to me, it's a very big building but a pretty building. We go inside and ride the elevator to my floor and walk to my apartment. I took my key and unlocked the door and we walked inside. My mum turned around and looked at Anuta's mum and they both started getting all excited and talking so fast I could not understand them. Anuta and her dad stood like me, in shock at this.

This is the day and place I met our Anuta for the first time

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