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Elena Meets Emilia

That very day when I was leaving the Cathedral and walking out the door a girl stopped me and said to me hi. She was a little taller than me and had big brown eyes . I looked at her and pointed to my mouth and shook my head no. She asked to me, you cannot talk and I shook my head no again. She asked, do you have a speech problem and I shook my head yes.

She took a pad and pencil from her purse and said to me, I am Emilia and I have just recently relocated to Moscow from Volgagrad and live with my auntie now.  Write your name on this pad. I was a little shocked but did as she asked. She looked at the pad and said to me, hi Elena and was smiling at me.

She asked to me to write where I live in Moscow. I wrote on the pad my home and she smiled and said I also live in that building. She told to me where she lived in the huge building and asked me to write where I live in the building. I wrote and she told to me I live on the very other end on the first floor.  We laughed and she asked would I wait for her to go inside and pray and we would walk home together.

I was almost about to cry for no one had ever treated me with this much kindness and never asked me to write anything for a conversation before. I go back inside the Catherdral with her and we light a candle together. She prays and I also pray again.

We leave the Cathedral and start walking back to our homes. We came to a small park outside the Kremlin and she told me to sit and she would return in a few minutes. She said I go into the McDonalds and get us a drink.  My heart was doing all kinds of things I had never felt before.

Soon she returned with two cokes. I wrote on the pad I had never had a coke from McDonalds because I could not afford one and I thanked her. She said to me well enjoy and we will drink a coke here everyday and I will buy for us. I also told to her I had no friends. She smiled and said you have me for a friend now.
I thought, maybe my prayer has been answered.

She told to me about her life in Volgagrad and the loss of her mum and why she was living in Moscow now. I wrote some things on the pad and told her I was very sorry to hear of her mum's passing. Se said to me it was God's will for her to live in Heaven now and have no sickness ever again and she was happy for her mum not to be so sick anymore and she knew her mum was still with her every minute of the day.

We talked about some more things and it was a new and fun experience for me. I was about to use up all the paper in her pad and apologized to her. She laughed and said no no no do not apologize and I will get a much bigger pad for you.

We walked back to our building and she asked me to come in and meet her auntie. We go inside and she tells her auntie I have a new friend auntie and her name is Elena. She also lives in our building. She told to her auntie that I had a speech problem and could not talk very well so she would write on the pad for us.

Her auntie gave me a big hug and welcomed me to their home. She told to me that dinner would be ready soon and asked me to stay and eat with them. I wrote to her thank you but I would need to go and tell to my mum. Emilia said I will walk with you and meet your family. I had never had a friend to eat with before and this was really making me feel so excited.

We go outside and walk to the other end of the building and ride the elevator to the top floor and go to my home. I open the door and go inside. My dad stands up and smiles and asked me who is this beautiful girl with me. Before I could communicate anything with him Emilia tells to my dad her name and she is my new friend and we live in the same building.

My mum heard this and came from our tiny kitchen and introduced herself and gave Emilia a hug. Emilia said to my mum, my auntie and me would like for Elena to have dinner with us tonight and my mum said why certainly Emilia.

I showed to my family how Emilia and I had conversation together just like we do in our home. This really pleased my family very much.

We leave my home and return to Emilia's home for dinner. For some reson I could feel something very warm inside me and felt like maybe something good was finally going to happen in my life.  Emilia and I spent most of our days together when we were through with our family chores and just about everyday we would go to the Cathedral and pray and I would always think God for sending me a special friend...Emilia whom we now call Snoopy here in the beautiful Sawmill.

I have no words to describe how it feels to have a friend that understands a speech handicap and has the patience for me to have a conversation with her by writing on a pad. Life can be very lonely when a person cannot speak words where everyone can understand.

I would soon have another new life experience when I was alone one day walking from the food store.
I was about to meet my Aunta and her parents when they were visiting Russia.

Photo of My Emilia ( Snoopy ) & me taken by our Anuta in Moscow near Red Square

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