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Sawmill Girl Elena Tells Her Story

I am Elena Sergie Galina Yushnova and I am a Sawmill Girl. I am 18 years of age and a Senior in High School. I have lived in Sawmill Valley with my parents and little sis Olga for about seven years now. I am also the adoptive parent to a Sawmill Farm Morgan Horse.

I am from Moscow, Russia and relocated to Sawmill Valley when I was about 14 years in age thanks to my very best friends in life my Sawmill sisters, my Anuta, my Beth and my Snoopy and their parents.

When I lived in Moscow my life was very much different than my life here in Sawmill. Moscow is a very huge city with many millions of people living there.
I was born with a serious speech problem and could not talk very good so I had no friends and most all the kids would laugh and make fun of me.

I was very lonely and had become an introvert type person. My parents could not afford any special doctors for me to help my serious speech problem but I loved them so and never blamed them for being poor like most of my people were and still are.
I loved my parents and my little sis so deeply within my soul because I know they love me in the same way.

My time was spent staying at home on the very top floor of a huge gray building not far from Moscow Centre near the beautiful St. Basil's Cathedral and Red Square. Sometimes I would walk to Red Square and people watch.
I could see all the kids laughing and talking to each other and having so much fun. I was happy for them because they seemed like was a normal life for a kid but I had a hurt in my heart and soul because I thought I was not a normal child at my age.

My family was so very poor even though my parents worked a lot of hours each day to try and support my little sis and me. My father is a master carpenter and worked for very low wages. My mum used to be a professional flute player but was making so little money that she took a job cleaning a few apartments for the more rich people in Moscow.
I can remember seeing her hands so chapped because having to use the cleaning chemicals that she could very use them to cook our meals and mend our clothes.

I can remember I use to look out the window of our tiny apartment and see the sun set every evening and had dreams of what life would be like where the sun was setting. At that time in my life I had never heard of a place nor did I know what a Sawmill Valley was. I would just look at the sun having a beautiful sunset in the west and would dream of what was under the sun at that time of day. I'm sure it had to be a beautiful and peaceful place where all kids love each other even if some did have a serious handicap.

We were so poor that we could not afford even a tv but we did have a small radio I could listen to. Today that small radio sits on my desk in my beautiful home here in Sawmill. I love that little old radio and listen to it sometimes when I'm doing my studies for school.

Sometimes when I was feeling really lonely and sad I would walk to the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and go inside and pray and ask for a blessing for my family especially my mum and her so sore hands all the time.

I remember one time when I was praying and asking for these blessings I asked God to bring to me a very special friend that would love me for a friend and not think so much about my speech handicap. I told God I was so very lonely and had not even one friend to laugh and share fun times with.

When I walked out of the Catherdral that day I did not know that my life was about to change forever. I was about to meet an Earth Angel for sure sent to me from my God in the Heavens, my Snoopy.

Elena Meets Emilia ( Snoopy)

Th Cathedral Christ The Saviour From My Apartment Window

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