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Anuta, Snoopy And Elena Speak About Beth

Anuta Speaks:
Our Beth. What an awesome friend, cousin, sister she's been to me it seems like from the first time I met her when we were 6 years old. Beth has told me more than one time she was a messed-up kid when she arrived to Sawmill.  I don't think our Beth was a messed-up kid, I think she was a confused kid. Beth had never had anyone in her very young lfe to love and care for her until aunt Marice and uncle Bill adopted her. I think this and then being surrounded by love from every person and family in Sawmill confused her even more.

My Beth and I have shared many many hours together from the beginning until this very day. We've had talks together that went deep into our souls and share these talks with no one but ouselves. I'm not going to say very much about my Beth because of the circumstances of her adoption and all the very pesonal events and struggles that have happened with her to heal her beautiful mind, her beautiful heart and a precious soul that only Beth could have.

My Beth, my best friend in life, my cousin, my sister, thank you so much for never giving up on life.Thank you for sharing the depths of your beautiful soul with me. Thank you for trusting me when you needed to talk with your best friend. Thank you for all the outstanding achievements you've accomplished in  your life. Thank  you for becoming one of the most outspoken mouthy people I know. You are one awesome person !
Love You I Do!  Anuta

Snoopy Speaks:
I was living in Moscow the first time I met our Beth. I remember the first time I saw our Beth, it was in Skype. She was grinning at us, waved and said to us...Privet! which means hello in Russian. I was just like our Elena when I saw someone in person on a computer for the very first time, I was a little shocked because I knew nothing like that existed.

The four of us talked for a long time that day and it was so very much fun for us. It was difficult for me to believe we were in Moscow and she was here in Sawmill having this first conversation together. Beth has a deep voice and we would laugh at her when she was trying to speak some words to us in Russian, She would laugh at us and tell to us, I will bust your asses when we meet and then laugh at us with a laugh that was even more funny to us.

We spent many wonderful hours together talking in Skype. I think we talked about anything and everything possible for our minds to comprehend. One night I had gone to bed and my cell phone rang. I thought now I wonder what that Elena doing calling me this late at night. It was that Beth girl. She was laughing and said to me...wake up you bum! I have a new joke to tell you. Man that Beth was and still does call us in the middle of the night and it's always something funny she wants to tell us. I wonder if she ever sleeps.

When my now mum Anna and dad Blue adopted me and relocated my auntie and me here to Sawmill I was excited about meeting our Beth and living very near to her. Soon it was time for my adoption hearing in a court in Moscow. Beth called me on the phone and told to me it was going to be a big day for me and my auntie and she would meet us at the port when we arrived here to Sawmill.

The next morning there was a knock on our door. I opened the door and saw my soon to be new sister Anuta grinning at me. She moved and there was this other girl behind her grinning..it was BETH! WOW what a surprise for me to actually see her in person! She grabbed me and hugged me and said to me laughing...I'm here to bust your ass! I will never ever forget that moment and it sure was funny to all of us.

Beth, Anuta, Elena and me spent a couple of days having a lot of fun together. Soon the day came for my adoption court. I was very nervous and that Beth kept telling me this is going to be a piece of cake and you have nothing to worry about. When we got to the court house my mum Anna and dad Blue held my hands as we walked into the room where the lady judge was. Beth was right behind me assuring me that everything was going to be ok.  It seems from the first time I met our Beth until this very day she is always supporting everyone.

Beth, my Sawmill Girl sister, my friend and cousin, Thank you for your everyday support you give to me. Thank you for your deep voice and laughter that I love so much and your humor. Thank you for your support that never lets me feel sad and always picks me up when I am down. Thank you my Beth for your never ending love to me that only a true sister in my heart and soul could give to me.
Beth, you are one of my hero's and Love You I Do!

Elena Speaks:
I remember the first time I met our Beth. I was sitting in a hotel room in Moscow with our Anuta. She opened her laptop and Skype and there she was grinning and waving to me and said to me Privet Elena!
I was already in shock because I had never seen anyone so far away in a computer before and now here was this girl grinning and waving to me. I'll admit, I think this was the very first ass crash I had ever had in my life meeting our Beth live on the screen of a laptop computer.

The thing that impressed me about our Beth is she was always laughing and with her deep voice it was even more funny to me when she was speaking to us in Russian. We had been talking for a few minutes and she said wait!..be back in a few minutes, I've got to pee!. I laughed so hard I almost had to pee myself then. This is the way most all of our conversations were between the four of us. Much laughter.

The four of us spent many many wonderful hours together talking in Skype and we still do even though all four of us live near each other here in Sawmill now. Beth helped make my days in Moscow fun and not depressing and I will never forget those many talks we shared together.

My Beth, thank you for all those many hours we spent together in Skype when I was living in Moscow. Thank you for your patience and understanding when I could not speak words and had to type all of my conversations with you. Thank you for your support when my family and I arrived to Sawmill and I was learning to speak words for the first time in my life. You would sit and listen to me and correct me when I was speaking something incorrectly. Your support in me learning to speak words and having to learn the English language at the same time will always be a part of my soul that will never be forgotten.
Thank you my Beth for the courage you have shown to everyone by overcoming some very difficult times in your life also. Your love and support to us our Beth is the foundation in our lives that make us stand proud of you and acomplish things in our lives that only you could make us achieve.
Thank you our Beth for always being by our sides in the bad and good times. Thank you our Beth, thank you so much for being a true sister to all of us.
Love You I do! Elena



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