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Where I Am In My Life Now

I'm a very healthy and vibrant 18 year old teenage girl now. In my 18 years I've overcome some dramatic things that a kid should never have to go through nor any person in their lives. I do not cry or dwell on any of the bad things in my past at such an early age in life. I do not get on pity trips and feel sorry for myself.

My Sawmill Girl sisters and I have never bowed down to the peer pressure in our kid's society today. We've never done social networking of any kind. We don't spent hours upon hours sitting in front of computers on Facebook and Myspace or whatever else is out there.

We use our computers to manage our beautiful Sawmill Farm. We use our computers searching for any Morgan that is a heir to poppa's beautiful Sawmill and then work to return that Morgan back home to his roots and heritage on Sawmill Farm. We use our computers for our school work. We use our computers to do research when we need to know something about farming and the new techniques that have become available to us.  We use our computers to stay in touch with our families and each other.

We never spend hours texting on our cell phones. We may send an ocassional text to each other and our family but that's as far as it goes. We would rather make a call to each other instead of sending and receive text messages.

We're just absolutely to busy for social networking and texting. We work in our family business almost on a daily basis learning from the older Kagen kids now that are the managers of our family business. We also work with our aunts and uncles that established this business many years ago.

Yes, our families are very wealthy and because of the hard work we do and investments made by our parents for us we could just about write a check for anything we wanted or thought we wanted. We've never worn anything designer before and care not to. We buy our clothes at Walmart and love shopping at our Thrift Stores. We judge our wealth, not in material things, but how we've succeeded as kids and hope to continue to succeed in our adult lives.

We try to catch the sales at the outlet malls down in Commerce and buy clothes there. We go to the Reebok store down there when they put their shoes on sale, buy one pair and get another for 1/2 price. We sure love the flea markets also. We very very seldom go to the Georgia Mall and Lenox Square shopping down in Atlanta. We all wear hiking boots from Kmart that we pay about $30.00 for. We like the way they wear and usually a pair last us a couple of years. We shop the Kmart in Cornelia and up in Franklin, NC. Sometimes we buy clothes there too especially if they're having a good sale.

We don't drive or think we have to drive a fancy vehicle. We all drive 2002 4 x 4 Ford Ranger Stretch Cabs trucks that were given to us by uncle Blue. They're all white in color with blue interiors. He bought a fleet of them one time and gives them to the kids here in Sawmill. There's a lot of these trucks here being driven by the Sawmill kids with or without wealthy parents.

I graduated from high school this year as an honor student. I had to study my butt off to get those grades but I also knew to be able to work in our family business I have to get a college education and a master's degree in the future. My muskateer sisters and I will attend a small college this September near our homes. We want to be home and we also have the responsibility of our poppa and granny's Sawmill Farm and that will always be one of our main priorities in our lives.  We have our Sawmill Farm Morgans we have to care for and take care of their needs. We also have chores in our homes that is our responsibility and there is no way I want to be seperated from my family for any length of time especially my little brother and sisters.

There is no way we could continue our responsibilites we have going off to a college or university. We need to be at home and continue to work our farm and keep training and learning in our family business.
We also know the future of our family business is in our hands. It's important for us to continue this business for the futures of our future kids, our little sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews for their futures.

Do we date?, no we don't date. We have guy friends we grew up with in our school and will meet them for  a night of bowling, tennis, putt putt golf or maybe a nice dinner out somewhere. We invite our guy friends and our girl friends from town and school out to ride horses with us and do some water skiing and cookouts on the farm next to our swimming hole. Did we go to the school dances and Junior and Senior proms? Yes, we went with our guy friends and had a lot of fun with them.

Will we ever get married? We had this discussion around a camp fire one night when we rode our Morgans out for a weekend of camping with some of our siblings. We all doubt very seriously we'll ever get married and I don't think any of us even think about it. Each of us have decided we plan on adopting at least five kids each and it doesn't matter what country they come from. We'll let our hearts lead us to them just as our parents hearts found us.

The big three have never gotten married and they tell us they never will but all three of them have adopted kids. Two from Russia and Scoot's twin girls from her homeland of Thailand. None of the Sawmill Farm Kids have gotten married either and all of them but the guys have adopted a kid. The guys do date and will probably eventually marry. Some of our decisions not to marry are based on how busy our lives are and the responsibilites we've committed ourselves to for the futures of our siblings and the kids we hope to adopt someday. We doubt very seriously we could have successful marriages because some of the above so no need for us to go through that heartbreak and hurting our kids.

We all have earned our private pilot licenses and are now working on our commercial and multi engine licenses. We'll then get our jet pilot ratings so we can fly our family plane just like the Karen, Scoot and Marina do. We also use our plane for our business travel and not have to spend wasted time in large airports flying comerical airlines.

Do we really drive big tractors? Yes we do and sometimes we've spent 12 to 14 hours a day in them planting and harvesting our crops. Was it difficult to learn to drive a big tractor? Nope, we were taught the correct way and it was a hoot for us when we were learning.

Can you really plow a mule? Yes, all of us can. You should try it sometime, bet it would be a new experience for you and something unique to add to your resume.

Sounds like you lead a boring liefestyle. Absolutely not! We're focused on our lives and our futures. We love what we do, especially being Swmill Girls and farming our family farm and caring for it for another generation and also working in our family business.

I hope all  you teenagers reading our book, and we know you're out there because of the amount of emails we receive from you, can and will learn something about real life from our personal stories and become successful adults and have a pile of kids and maybe adopt one. We read everyone of your emails. We also enjoy reading your personal stories from the ones of you that write and share them with us.
When time permits for us we'll try to answer your emails and we certainly thank you for contacting us.

God had a plan for us and our lives and he has a plan for you too. My muskateer sisters and myself are Christians and try to live by the Christian values we've come to know and love in our hearts and souls.
God has blessed all of us in so many ways we can't count them but are thankful for his wonderful blessings he's given to us.

We've never drank alcohol, we've never smoked and we've never done drugs. No amount of peer pressure could ever make us change our Christian values and ways. We all have healthy bodies, minds, hearts and souls and we plan on staying healthy.

On Christmas and Thanksgiving Days we all work in a soup kitchen helping cook and feed the many many people that are much less fortunate than us. I know how it feels to be hungry and never knowing where my next meal would be coming from.  If you see someone hungry, especially a kid, feed them and you will be blessed. If you see someone cold and cannot afford a coat to stay warm, give them your coat and go buy yourself another one. Please, give to Toys For Tots and any Empty Children's Stocking Fund during Christmas. Please, adopt you a family for a Christmas dinner and feed them if they cannot afford to eat.

Please remember, there is always someone worse off than you. They may need just a hug and a I Love You! to make them have a better day. 

I hope I've answered some of the questions you've asked us in your emails to us.

I wish all of you the best in your future lives and I hope you will be successful and happy adults.
I thank you for reading my Story. God Bless all of you. Love You I Do!

Sawmill Girl Beth



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