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Sawmill Girl Beth Moves On In Life Now

When I returned home that night from the swimming hole on Sawmill Farm I got out of my dad's truck laughing with Anuta and my dad. For the first time in my life my stomach did not have any funny and sad feelings in it.  My mum came to me and picked me up and hugged me very close to her and told me she loved me and I was the most precious thing in her life. I hugged her neck and gave her a kiss and smiled at her.

Anuta waved to me and told me, I'll see you tomorrow Beth girl and went to her home. That girl Anuta, where would I be in my life now if it wasn't for her love and support to me. She's stood by me when I was really having some bad days and never let her support to me fade away. She would never let me give up. When I would start to fall down in my life she would never let me get past just thinking about it.

I knew that night that I was really loved and cared for. I knew in my heart and soul that my parents would never let me go to the streets again, ever. I knew I had Anuta near to me with her pretty smile and her beautiful laugh. I knew I had poppa and granny's love and support. I knew I had all the kids support here in Sawmill. I knew all my family loved me and was supporting me. I knew everyone here in Sawmill were supporting me and loved me. Everywhere I went, and until this day too, I hear I love you Beth Girl.

In the years to come I spent many many wonderful happy and fun filled days on Sawmill Farm with Anuta, poppa and granny and all the Sawmill Farm Kids.
Less than a year after I was adopted and relocated to America and Sawmill my grandparents on my mum's side relocated here. They thought it was important for them to be here with me giving me the special love that only a grandparent can give to a child. They supported me with their special kind of love and would never let me fall back down again. They never had to pick me up per say because it was impossible for my mind to return to the streets of Moscow with the care and love they were giving me and still give me to this very day.

My grandparents in Italy would call me on the phone just about every day and would tell me how much they loved me and would come visit me often, and they still do both. My aunt in Italy has stood by me and supported me. She and I talk on the phone several times a week and most days we have a short conversation in Skype. She was and still is the first person off their plane when they get here and always comes straight to me hug me and tells me she loves me and has missed me.

It seems just about every day of my life I receive a I Love You card from my aunt and uncle In California.They call me often and come to visit us often. They call me on the phone several times a week just to say hi and we love and miss you our Beth. What you and the Sawmill Girls been getting into lately?

I had the best of the best doctors working with me. Many things can harm a persons mind and cause a person many failures in their lives. No matter how strong you may think you are your mind can play games with you and ruin your life if you let it.

I was dealing with depression because of where I had been in my life on the streets even though I knew I was being loved from all directions and not on the streets anymore. It was one of those mind failures I was having and it took professional help to help bring that mind failure to an end and let me move on in my life and become healthy.

Many times I have thought to myself, what can I do to repay the ones that have stood by me and have given their love and care to me and would never let me fall again.  I've had these thoughts many times, I have prayed about this many times. The only answer that touches me is to never let them down and never fall again. This will never happen to me is a promise I've made to myself and my God in Heaven and all of them.

I've been to hell and back in my life because of mental abuse when I was living on the streets and not having a family to love and care for me at such a young age. I'm sure if I hadn't have been rescused from the streets I would be in a grave now that says Jane Doe on the headstone if I even had a headstone.

When you abuse a kid's mind you're also killing the kids heart and soul. You're ruining the life of one of God's most precious gifts to humanity...one of his children.

If anyone ever harmed or tried to harm my little brother or little sisters I would take that person apart one piece at a time with my bare hands until there was nothing left of that person but a stain when I got through with them.

I ask of you to never ever abuse a kid's mind and never injure a kid with physical abuse. Give kids the love of your heart and protect them with your soul. You, as an adult, should love and protect all children of the world and keep their minds,  hearts and souls healthy.

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