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Beth Speaks Her First English Words & Introduced To The Kid's Swimming Hole

I went to sleep that night very tired and very full of pizza. I had never had so much fun in my life. Maybe I didn't know what fun was and how to have fun until today. I'll tell you this though, my cousins and all the kids at the farm today sure know how to have a lot of fun and I wanted to have fun with them again.

My mum woke me up this morning and we went to the kitchen to eat breakfast. I really loved eating breakfast. This morning we ate outside on what's called our back deck. It felt so good and smelled so fresh outside and I ate a lot of breakfast. I also begin to notice how beautiful it was here where my home is now. I could see beautiful mountains and then I notice it, a beautiful lake only a short walk from our home and there were several deer there drinking water. I'd never seen the beautiful deer before. My dad told me all the wild animals in Sawmill are protected and we treat them as our friends. They sure were beautiful.

We went back inside after eating breakfast. Soon I heard something loud in our front yard. It scared me and my mum said to me..ah ha! a big surprise for you has just arrived in a big truck. We went outside and there were uncle Blue and uncle Ken. They opened a big door on the back of the truck and there it was....my very own beautiful white bed for my very own room! I learned later that uncle blue, uncle Ken and uncle Tyler had made all my bedroom furniture for me in their woodworking shop.

Soon that empty room with the boxes in it was full of beautiful white furniture just for me. My mum and aunt Carrie put a beautiful cover over the top of my bed. My aunt Carrie said this is called a canopy bed for pretty girls like you. Aunt Cyl made the beautiful canopy just for your bed. It sure was beautiful and is still my bed today. I will always love my beautiful bed and furniture because it was built only for me by my uncles I know that love me so very much.

A little later that morning I went and sat down on the window seat in the front of our home.  I was looking out the window at all the beautiful places in front of our home. I sat there and my thoughts were not about the beauty I was seeing, my thoughts were about something else.

I heard my mum asked me, what's on your beautiful mind my Beth and what are you thinking about. I didn't look around at my mum, I just said...poppa, granny, and I said it in English.

I heard my mum say YES! real loud. I already understood that English word as Da in Russian. She got all excited and called aunt Anna on the phone and they spoke in English so I didn't understand her. Soon Anuta and her mum aunt Anna came flying in the door. They were all trying to hug me but I didn't understand why.

Anuta went to the phone and spoke in English and I heard her say poppa and granny. She was bouncing all around the place talking to I guess was poppa and granny. She hung up the phone and told my mum something in English,  My mum told me we needed to get dressed and go to town and do some shopping.

We went to a store I now know as Walmart, I had been in this store before with my parents. My mum bought me a swimsuit and a bag that I liked. We then bought some milk, juices and some fresh fruits for me and then drove back to our home. We always had to go through a gate and we would stop. The men there would say hellooooo our beautiful Beth and would tell me they loved me.

When we got back home my mum made a phone call and by then it was time to eat again. I was hungry all over again after such an exciting morning for me. Mum fixed us some fries and a sandwich called a grilled cheese sandwich. Man that was a GOOD sandwich and I asked for another one and zoom it was on my plate.

Anuta came bouncing in the door again smiling as usual and had a bag with her. She looked at my swimsuit and said wow Beth girl I like that. My mum put my swimsuit on me and some towels in my bag and said ok girls....hit it. Now what in the world were we suppose to hit!. Oh, ok, I now know that meant  get in my mums truck.

Mum drove us out to the farm. When we drove through the gate she pointed to her left and said look over there baby. I saw kids jumping and playing in some water and sure looked like they were having a lot of fun. I saw granny sitting there in a chair watching them but I didn't see poppa. Anuta told me poppa was probably doing some must needed to do farm work today.

Mum drove near to the water and told me that is a big fish pond with no fish in it. All the kids here call it their swimming hole and it's your swimming hole too my Beth. When we got out of the truck granny came and gave me a big hug and asked me, how is our beautiful Beth feeling today and are you ready for some wet fun. All I said to her was ok and hugged her back.

She asked me if I could swim and I told her I have never been in water before like this. She smiled and said well today is your day and put a life vest on me. Anuta took my hand and we walked into the water. COLD but felt very good to me. All the other kids saw me and were yelling helloooooooo Beth girl! and welcome to our swimming hole! Boy that sure made me feel good and special.

Anuta and me went further in the swimming  hole and I started floating. I was a little scared at first because my feet were also floating. Granny came in the water with us and held me and moved me around. I was sure beginning to like this. I'm here to tell you now, all the kids in our swimming hole sure were having a big time. They were playing with a big ball  and then all of a sudden..WOW! they were splashing water all over each other and laughing.

Scoot came to me and took my feet and started pulling me around and I sure thought that was fun, and I started laughing. Man all those kids saw this and heard me and started clapping and said to me....gooooo Beth girl go!  WOW! look at our sister Beth girl go! All the kids took turns playing with me in the water and I liked this. We played a lot that afternoon and I sure was having fun.

I saw my mum returning very late in the afternoon. I saw aunt Anna, aunt Carrie and aunt Lena get out of the truck with her. They went to the back of the truck and took out some boxes I now know as ice chest.They put them on the ground near something I was to learn is called a BBQ grill. They also took out some bags from the food magazine, oh, that is what we called a food store in Russia.

My mum and my aunts were looking at me and they all started dancing and waving at me. To this very day I tell them, yall looked like a bunch of monkeys climbing up a banana tree that day. It's very funny to all of us. Well anyway I just waved back to them and kept on playing in the swimming hole with all the kids. The were laughing and left I suppose to go back home.

In a little while I saw poppa there with granny next to the grill. Poppa looked at me and started clapping his hands and told me, WOW our Beth you sure do look wet!. I thought to myself, well what else could I be getting bounced all over this swimming hole.

I think all of our noses started looking towards that grill and watching poppa and granny. Soon we heard the words..CHOW TIME!..now what in the world does that mean I thought. Man all those kids started getting out of the fish pond real fast like. Anuta pulled me to the edge and we got out. Granny took my life vest off and gave me a hug and said, I bet I know a Beth girl that is hungry. Yep!, your got those words correct.

Man I'm here to tell you now, those burgers were something to like and eat. I ate a burger with what we say has everything on it. I ate a pile of potato chips and had some slaw too.  Man that Scoot girl ate THREE of those burgers. After we got through eating granny opened another chest that had ICE CREAM in it. WOW I sure was having a good time today!

When we finished eating it was getting almost dark and we all changed into some clothes because we were still a little wet and it was getting cool. Poppa made a very pretty fire for us to sit around and get warm and this felt very good to me. Granny was holding me in her lap. That pretty fire and me sitting in granny's lap with her arms around me sure made my stomach begin to feel a little better.

Poppa and some of the kids went to poppa's truck and got their guitars out and came back and sat down around the fire with us. Poppa played his guitar and him and granny was singing a song to us. Granny kissed me on the head and told me everyone here sure does love our Beth girl. That sure made me feel good to hear those words.

All the kids and poppa started playing their guitars together and singing in English and I heard my name several times. It sure was a pretty song but I didn't understand why my name was in the song and I didn't understand all the other words. Then they started singing the song in Russian and it made me feel so good and so loved by all my Sawmill kids we now call our Sawmill Farm kids.

I was later to learn that song was written especially for me by Scoot, Karen and Marina. Today, the original copy of that song they wrote for me is in a frame on our bedroom wall and I love them so for doing this just for me.

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