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Beth Meets Poppa, Granny & Sawmill Farm

When my mum told me this I just shook my head no. She picked me up and sat me on the island and looked at me with her big  beautiful eyes. Beth, why are you acting like this baby she asked me.
You have to start going outside and play with Anuta and meet other kids and make friends with them.
There is not a single person in your new home that would ever hurt you. Everyone here loves you and wants to be your friend.

I started crying and told her no mum, I don't won't to go outside and not be near to you. She held me so very tight and said, Beth, my baby, your mum is never going to leave you and not ever let anyone take you away from me. Please go with Anuta when she returns. You'll have more fun than you ever had before.

You're going to meet someone that loves children and he'll love you as if you're his very own daughter. You'll have so much fun with him and Anuta that you'll want to go visit him everyday. All the kids here where you live now love him so very much and he loves them. They go visit him just about everyday and always come home laughing and sometimes very dirty. She laughed and said you'll probably come back home dirty too and will need a hot bath. Please trust Anuta and me on this baby.

Anuta came bouncing in the door again smiling as usual. Heyyyyyyy Beth girl! We need to go outside in a few minutes. Someone I want you to meet will be here soon. My mum looked at me and smiled and said, my Beth, you're about to go and have some fun today and will probably meet other kids having fun.

Anuta took my hand and we went outside. We stood outside and Anuta was laughing and started doing some kind of funny dance. I learned later this dance was called clogging and is the native dance to this mountain area.   I also learned this dance later in my life and have a lot of fun clogging.

I heard something on the road and soon saw a man in a green wagon coming towards us. Anuta jumped up and down and said, here comes my poppa and Kickass. Yahoooooooo! The fun is about to begin for us Beth girl!

This man stopped the wagon in front of us and I was soon to learn that Kickass was the mule pulling the wagon.  He got out of the wagon and came to us and said helloooooooo my Anuta! WOW my Anuta, who is this BEAUTIFUL girl standing next to you? I just stood there and looked at him. I really wanted to run back inside the house with my mum. Anuta said to him, poppa this is my new cousin Beth and she's ready to have some fun on the farm.

He picked me up and said helloooo! I am poppa and we're going to the farm and have us some FUN today! And!, you're going to meet granny! I was scared to death but something about him made me have a warm feeling inside me.

He put me in the back of the wagon on some weeds I was soon to learn was called hay. He picked Anuta up and looked to me like he just dropped her over in the wagaon on these weeds and she started laughing.

This man poppa got a handful of those weeds and threw them all over Anuta. Anuta was laughing and threw some of the weeds at him. She looked at me and said this is what we call a hay fight Beth. At the farm we reallllly have some big hay fights up in the hay loft of the barn and just kept on laughing.

Her poppa got on the seat of the wagon and we started moving. I looked and my  mum was standing on the porch with aunt Anna smiling and waving to us. My mum yelled at me...have fun baby and I promise to be here when you return.

We bounced in that old green wagon with those weeds all over us. I had those weeds in my hair, in my ears, my mouth and all over my clean clothes. Anuta was the same way and it didn't seem to bother her so I didn't let it bother me. I sooned learned that more of the kids would get in the wagon with poppa a lot of times and do this and they would call it a hay ride.

We were bouncing on this road with Anuta and me hanging on to the sides and I thought to myself. Glad these weeds are in here or my butt would be hurting. Poppa stopped the wagon and got off and told me to look a that big red building he called a barn. He started laughing and said Beth baby you'll soon be seeing a LOT of hay flying through the air and kids flying through the air too in that red barn. They'll be dirty, laughing and having a LOT of fun.

I think maybe this excited me a little and some of that bad feeling in my stomach begin to go away. We bounced on down the road and then bouced up another road to that big red building. I could hear kids laughing and yelling wahooooooo, yahooooooo and more laughter coming from inside. Poppa took me out of the wagon then took Anuta out of the wagon. He said come on girls, time we join in on the fun!

We went inside and I was shocked to see what was happening. I saw Anuta's sis Scoot, that had been adopted from Thailand, flying through the air from a room above they call the hay loft.  She was yelling yahooooooooo and landed in a big pile of those weeds right in front of us. She crawled out with those weeds all over her and was laughing. I heard another kid yell and here came Anuta's sis Karen flying through the air and she landed in that big pile of weeds and was laughing.

They came over to me and said helloooooo Beth girl and welcome to our barn! I really didn't know how to answer them so I just looked at them. I heard another kid yell and looked up and saw a girl named Olga flying through the air and she landed in that pile of weeds and was laughing. Then here comes another girl with that funny name Monkey flying down from that room up there yelling something that was YEEEEE HAW! and busted that pile of weeds in all directions and came crawling out of all those weeds laughing!  More kids flew through the air yelling and landing in that big pile of weeds. I was told later that girl Monkey was adopted from Columbia when she was the same age as me. She also lives very near to my new home and I can see the top of her home in the forest. Olga was from Russia also and told me she lived very near my home also. I could look out our dining room windows and could see some of her home in the forest.

Anuta said you want to do that beth? I shook my head no and she said aw come on Beth girl it's a lot of fun. Scoot and Karen said come with us Beth and we'll hold your hands and jump with you. I said if I see Anuta do it then I will do it. Anuta went up the steps and came to the edge and yelled WAHOOOO and here she came down flying through the air laughing and landed on her butt in that pile of weeds.

So, I go up the steps with Karen and Scoot and we walked to the edge. They held my hands and said ready? I shook my head yes and them ZOOM down we go with them yelling and laughing. I landed on my butt and all I could see was those weeds flying all over me. All the kids in there started yelling wayyyy to gooo Beth girl! We did this several more times and I'll admit I was having fun.

Poppa took me and let me meet a very big beautiful horse he calls Sawmill. He put me up on the horse and then got on the horse with me. He told me to hold on to something he called the horn. The horse starts walking out the big door and I thought now this is fun. We rode out in a big field with the horse only walking. We rode all over that field and I was having a good time. We stopped and he let me pet a small cow he called a baby calf. I was really enjoying this.

We rode back to the barn and I saw all the kids smiling and watching us. When we got back to the barn I saw a beautiful lady standing with all the kids smiling at me. She reached up and took me off the horse and told me her name was granny and told me you are so beautiful Beth and granny loves you so very much. I felt ok now and did not have this bad feeling in my stomach so much anymore, well, not as bad as it had been. Granny said come on kids, time to eat some home made ice cream. Poppa took my hand and we walked to a big tree that shaded us from the hot sun. He sat down next to me and Anuta sat down in front of us.

Granny gave all of us a big bowl on that ice cream and sat down next to me. I'm here to tell now that was some GOOD ice cream and taste just like the ice cream I had on the plane flying here. Granny and poppa would talk to me in Russian and told me I could come to the farm anytime I wanted to. Granny told me I would have to come spend the night with them the next time Anuta did and she said that's a lot of times.

When we got home that afternoon my mum and dad were standing on the porch waiting on me. They started laughing and said WOW Beth YOU need a bath! I was very tired, and dirty, and felt better about some things now.

I was in my mums arms getting a hug from her and I had not been put back out on the streets. Anuta said see you tomorrow Beth girl. Poppa and granny waved bye to me and threw me a kiss and left in the wagon.

My stomach felt some better now that I was back home again with my mum and dad. Mum took me inside and made me a hot bath. She said when I get done with my bath we're going to a place called momma's and eat some pizza, She's wating on us and is very excited about meeting you.

Man what a fun filled day in my young life. I have gone from being a street kid into a beautiful home with a mum and dad that loved me, cousins that are a lot of fun to be with, and....poppa and granny.

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