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Beth's New Life Begins In Sawmill

When the plane stopped and uncle Blue opened the door on the plane and lowered the steps I could hear people clapping. My mum picked me up and walked to the door with me and gave me a hug and kiss and everyone really got to clapping then.

When we got to the ground this girl Anuta was standing there at the bottom of the steps. She was smiling at me and told to me in Russian welcome to Sawmill and your home now. My mum put me down on the ground and this girl Anuta gave me a hug and a very pretty teddy bear with the words I Love You on it. She then said to me, I am your cousin Anuta and live very near to you and we will be best friends.
So, at age 18 I now have a third I Love You teddy bear in our den behind those locked glass doors. There is no amount of money in the world could possibly buy those teddy bears from me.

Mu mum then introduced me to everyone as our daughter Beverly and we will call her Beth. They all started clapping again and I noticed some of them were wiping wet eyes and I did not understand this. As I got older, and more adopted kids were arriving to Sawmill on the Kagen family plane, I would also have wet eyes because I understood the meaning of having a true love home with a family and not living in a Home anymore or on the streets.

Some ladies and a man came to me. Each one of them hugged me and told to me they loved me and weclome home our Beth. I was soon to learn they are my aunts Jeannie, Mary, Syl, Lena and Carrie and uncle Ken.

A lot of other people were there also. Some bigger girls came to me and told to me there names were Karen, Marina, Scoot, Olga, Kristian, Oksana, Lexie, Alla, Kathy, Cath and two girls with funny names, Monkey and Slewfoot. They all spoke to me in Russian huggung me and telling me they loved me and welcome home Beth. I did not know what to think of so many people hugging me and telling me they loved me. A lot of other grown people came to me and did and said the same things.

My mum put me in a truck and my dad drove us to a  house that I would be living in now and would be my home. I was excited but I was also so very tired. This had been a very very long day for me and I was not with the kids in the Home in Moscow anymore nor with the Sisters that took care of us.

Everything was bginning to look and feel so strange to me and I started getting scared. I started crying when my mum took me out of the truck and started walking up the steps to this building that was going to be my home. I was with people I felt love from but I did not know them like I knew the Sisters in the Home in Moscow. I was very scared.

My mum held me close to her when we entered the house and asked me what was wrong. I was crying and thought I did not understand any of this and I could not explain to her why I was so scared and crying.
My dad came inside and held me also and asked me the same questions but I could not answer him either. In m mind I was thinking I may have to run away to the streets again but the streets looked so different here. There were no big buildings and It scared me that I was not in Moscow anymore and did not know where to run to and hide.

My mum sat down in a rocking chair and begin to rock me and soon I was asleep. When I woke up the next morning we were on the floor in our den on a big mat. My mum and dad were both holding me in their arms smiling at me. They gave me a kiss and told me they loved me so very much and everything was going to be ok for me and for me not to worry about anything.

My mum said I think you need a good warm bath and some new clothes to wear. She took me and we went to a very beautiful bathroom and she helped me get a warm bath, washed my hair and dryed and brushed it for me. When we left the bathroom I smelled some really good food.

We went to the kitchen and my mum sat me in a chair next to the island. My dad had cooked our breakfast and boy was it good. I felt a little better after some sleep, a hot bath and some really good food.

My mum took me and walked to a room with me and told to me, our beautiful Beth this is going to be your very own bedroom. I looked and there was nothing in that room but some boxes. She laughed and told me SOON, there would be a bed and other funrniture in there.

I really did not understand this but later in my life I wasn't told this, but I figured it all out. My mum and dad were professional musicians making a lot of money and had this home built for their retirement home and had not completed furnishing it yet.

I eventually figured out that my parents had ended their music careers at this very moment so they could adopt me and give me a new life with real parents in a loving and caring home in an area where everyone is a lover of kids, animals and horses. Adoption was something they just did because of this.

My parents, nor anyone else, have ever told me they ended their music careers because of me, but I know this. I have never mentioned it to them. When I was 16 years old I sang a tribute concert to my parents and sang their songs to them with many 100's of people there in the building where our family plane stays.

 I had an ochestra, my Italian aunt from Italy was my personal back-up vocalist and the Sawmill Choir.
My Kagen cousins Carman and Michelle backed me up with their classical guitars on a couple of songs.

I felt I didn't have any other way to thank them for the sacrfices they had and are still giving to me except in song, the songs they had written and had made them famous. I ended the concert with the one song that is my mum's signature song. I asked her to come to the stage and I held her hands and sang her beautiful song to her. My mum cried when I was singing to her, my dad cried, everyone in that building that night cried tears when I was singing that song. They all knew why and many of them have told me this and understood why I was doing this for my parents.

When the concert was over, one of the big doors opened to the front of the hanger and our beautiful Gulfstream family plane K1 was outside waiting for us.  My muskateer sisters came to me and had my boxer dog "grunge" with them and gave me his lease, They hugged me and told me they loved me. They told me not to worry about my Morgan, they would love and care for him while we were gone...real love here.

My mum and dad each had one of my twin sisters and were holding the hands of my little sis Jodie and my little brother Joey as we walked to the beautiful K1. Uncle Blue and uncle Tyler were waiting on us in the plane. They're the ones that flew me to America and Sawmill from Moscow with my new parents.This was our family as a whole, this was my father, my mum and their children, my little sisters and brother and my pet grunge. This is my very own family that love and care for each other. This is something I wanted in my life, to be a normal kid with a family that would love and care for and always protect me. And now here we are together, our family.

As K1 was lifting into the night sky with our family on board her we could hear uncle Blue saying the K1 signature reporting to a ground control station...grn ctr, K1 Angel Flight lifting to vector 20. This was the first time in 10 years, all the 10 years I had been here in Sawmill, that our family had ever been alone together and going to spend a week together in a  private location with no outside interference.

Yes, K1 was an Angel Flight that night because onboard her were the most precious people in my life.
My mum, my dad, my sisters and brother and my dog grunge.

Those two people we call our mum and dad are the ones responsible for my beautiful family that is full of real love, not cold or tough love and the ones that sacrificed their careers for us, their children. They sacrificed many hours of their lives to make sure my mind, my heart and soul were healed from being a street kid in Moscow. My parents, my sisters and brother, my family in Italy, my family in California,my grand parents here in Sawmill and in Italy, my Sawmill Family are the ones that have made me the person I am today...healed and have a healthy mind, heart and soul.

Love Them I do!

Anuta Visits Beth

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