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Sawmill Girl Beth

We had a lot of fun that day. I was bought some more new clothes, shoes and boots. They took me to a circus in Moscow and we had so much fun together. It seems they were always poking food in me and buying me some new toys to play with. I never wanted this day to end.

Late in the afternoon we drove back to the Home. When I saw the Home I started crying and did not want to return. My now mum held me closer and told to me not to cry. I was going to meet some more special people that were going to help us always be together.

We got out of the van and my now dad held me in his arms as we walked through the door and into the House Mum's office. There were three people that I had never seen before. A man with a smile on his face, a very, and I mean a very tall beautiful lady with a smile on her face also. There was also a small thin red haired lady and she was smiling too.

Each one of them held me in their arms and told me I was so beautiful and they were so excited about meeting me. This made me feel a little better about some things. Everyone sat in chairs in a circle with me sitting in my now mums lap.

The House mum begin to talk and ask some questions to my now parents. They answered her with pretty smiles on their faces. I could tell this was pleasing her. The House mum then started asking me some questions. Did I have fun last night, did I eat a lot of food, did I have fun shopping today and was the circus fun for me.  All I could do was smile and shake my head yes. She asked to me did I like my now parents. I held to my mum very close and told to her I love them very much because I feel their care for me. This pleased her very much.

The House mum then told to me, this lady with the red hair is a judge, loves all children very much and has some questions she wants to ask you. She introduced herself only as Anastassia and asked me to please come sit in her lap. She held me close and asked me to tell her all about the visit with my mum when she first got here, about meeting my dad and all the things we had done together.

I told her a lot of things and it seemed all tthe things that I told her please her very much. She listen and was always smiling to me. When I had finished she told to me, I have some very important questions to ask of you and please answer me very truthfully. I nodded ok to her.

She asked to me, do you like Bill and Marcie? I told her I loved them and she smiled. She told to me, they live in another country called America and their home in America is located in a place called Sawmill Valley. She then asked to me, would you be afraid to leave Moscow and go to America to live with Bill and Marcie and let them be your parents and let them love and care for you?

I told to her noooo, I would not be scared to go with them. I told to her they make me feel so safe and have so much fun with me. My parents started crying a little and so did the other man and woman and Uncle Dimitri also. The House mum started wiping tears from her eyes also and this lady Anastassia got wet eyes too,

This lady Anastassia asked to my parents were they 100% in agreement with this. They both shook their heads yes and I ran to my mum and dad and they held me so close to them. This other man held me and told to me I was to call him uncle Blue and he loved me. The very tall lady took me and told to me she loved me too and I was to call her aunt Anna.  Uncle Dimitri told me the same things and told to me he and his family would soon be living near me in America in a few more months.

The lady Anastassia opened a large case and took out a lot of documents. My parents signed documents for a long time and so did my uncle Blue, aunt Anna and uncle Dimitri.

The lady Anastassia then asked my parents to hold me and asked them to say some things she was saying and then I heard her say to my parents, would you please say the Adoption Creed to your new daughter. When I heard new daughter I got all excited then. My mum and dad were crying as they said these beautiful words to me.

"Not flesh of our flesh, not bone of our bones
But you're still miraculously our own.
Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under our hearts, but in our hearts."

They then signed that Adoption Creed. Today that signed Adoption Creed hangs on the wall in our bedroom between my 2 year old adopted twin sister's Adoption Creeds. We share the same bedroom, at my request of my parents, so in my heart they'll have me near them and will never feel alone like I did when I was so young. I cherish all three of those Adoption Creeds because they represent true and real love to me from our parents, not cold or tough love like I experienced during the ages they are now.  Our parents tell us we were born in their hearts and souls and we believe that through the love and care they give to us.

My twin sisters, Randi, Candi and myself, also have a little brother and sister that aren't adopted. They're ages 7 and 6 now and are two shinning lights in my heart and soul that will never burn out. I also try to keep them near me so they'll know they have a big sis looking over them and will always be here for them, and they know that.

Do I feel like an adopted kid? No way do I have those feelings. With my faith in God and the love and care my parents and family have given to me those are thoughts that never enter my mind nor my heart and soul. My twin sisters and myself  have been a Williams and Kagen from day one....just ask our family or me.

If you have a kid or kids, no matter their ages, hug them as many times a day as you can , tell them how special they are to you and how much you love and care for them. If they live miles away from you call them on the phone everyday and tell them you love them and miss them. Our parents do this not to us but for us so we'll always know they love us and will care for us.

Beth Relocates To America & Sawmill With Her New Parents

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