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Beth Meets Her Soon To Be Mum And Dad

This tall beautiful lady continued to hold me in her arms while I sat in her lap. She told to me that she was from America and lived in a place called Sawmill Valley. She was talking to me in Russian but I really didn't think anything about that.  She told to me that she was married to  wonderful man from Italy and they had no children. She talked to me and told me more things but I don't remember much about the rest of it.

She told me that she would be here longer and would have lunch with me and we would talk some more. She was doing all the talking, all I was doing was listening and enjoying the warmth of sitting in her lap with her arms around me.

One of the Sister's came and got me and I remember crying and not wanting to leave this lady. This lady hugged me and told to me that everything was going to be ok for me now and she would never leave me alone again. That made me feel better so I left with the Sister and went to play.

True to her word she came and got me and we went to the dining room and ate lunch together. She fixed my plate for me and cut my meat for me. She never asked me where or who I came from. She asked me a lot of questions about playing, what my favorite colors were, what were my favorite foods, etc. At that time in my life I could have told her any food I could get my hands on would be my favorite foods.

My heart was beginning to tell me I could trust this lady and I remembered her words that she would never leave me alone again and until this very day in my life she hasn't. After we finished eating the Sister's told us it was time for our naps. This lady picked me up and carried me to my bed in a room with 5 more girls. She laid me down in my bed and kissed me and then she sang a beautiful song to all of us.
She told to me I'll be here when you wake up my little one.

She stayed there all day and played with all the kids and me. She ate dinner with me again that evening and put me to bed just like she had done for our nap time. She also sang another beautiful song to us. I went to sleep that night with a warmth in my heart and secure feeling like I had never felt before.

The next day was more of the same. She and I were bonding very well together and I was feeling even more secure with her. She had me to laughing now about a lot of things and we were really having a lot of fun together. That night she told to me when I woke up the next morning there would be someone else here for me to meet.

The next morning when I woke up she was sitting on the floor next to my bed smiling at me. She hugged me and told me to get dressed she had someone she wanted me to meet and it would be someone special.
She helped me take my nite clothes off and put on my clothes. She washed my face and combed my hair.

She took my hand and we walked to the House Mum's office. When we walked in the door there was a tall man there with  big smile on his face. She told to me this is my husband and his name is Bill. He's come all the way from America to meet me. He leaned over and picked me up and held me in his arms and gave me kiss on my cheek and told to me I was beautiful.

He told to me his wife had told him many things about me and they were all good things. Now that really made me feel good. I remember hugging his neck back and then just looking at his beautiful blue eyes.
He never stopped smiling at me and I do think I remember seeing his eyes a little wet.

The House Mum stood up and asked to me if I would like to spend the night with them in a hotel and be with them alone. I remember shaking my head yes at her and then I hugged this man again and we smiled at each other.

He put me down on the floor and they signed some papers. They took my hands and we walked out the door together and there stood a man waiting on us. He looked at me and smiled and told to me his name was Mr. Dimitri and he was a friend of my parents. He hugged me and gave to me a small teddy bear. I still have that teddy bear today behind glass doors in our den here in Sawmill.

We got in a van and drove for seemed like a long time to a hotel. We went to a higher floor and went into a room, a very beautiful room. On the bed was some new clotthes. This lady took me in the bath room and let me take a hot shower and then she washed my hair and dried it for me. I felt really fresh and good then.

She asked me how I like my new clothes, I was really excited when she said my clothes. She helped me get dressed and both of them told me I was soooo beautiful. I will never forget that. She combed my hair for me and told me now it's time we go have some fun together.

We left the motel with Mr. Dimitri always close to us. I really didn't think anything about that but later in time because of who my mum was she had security with her everywhere she went in public. I remember Mr. Dimitri was always very close to us. He and his family now live in Sawmill with us and we call him Uncle Dimitri.

I was carried to McDonalds to eat. That was the first hamburger and fries I had ever eaten in my life. I also had a milk shake and that was my first ever. We went shopping and more new clothes were bought for me.  One of them either held me or they held my hands, they were always holding onto me.

Up until I was put in the home and then until that day and night with them my life had been nothing but a living hell for me. I did not want this to ever end and I never wanted them to leave me. From that day until to this day at the age of 18, they both guard over me and protect me with everything they have and give me a love impossible for me to explain to anyone.

Beth Meets Uncle Blue, Aunt Anna & Another Lady

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