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Sawmill Girl Beth

I am Beverly William-Marcilena Williams and I am a Sawmill Girl. I am 18 years of age and a Senior in High School. Everyone calls me Beth. I was named Beverly after my granny Beverly that lives near us here in Sawmill Valley. I am also the adoptive parent to s Sawmill Farm Morgan Horse.

I am from Moscow, Russia and was a street kid until I was adotped by my beautiful parents Bill and Marcie Williams at the age of 6 years. My mum is a Kagen and all her family lived in Sawmill except a sister in California. My father is from Italy and I have a beautiful Italian family that loves me as their very own especially my Italian poppa, granny and an aunt.

I was living on the streets of Moscow since about the age of 5 years. I do not remember my bio parents in Moscow anymore and I don't remember how I became a street kid nor do I remember my Russian name anymore. My heart and soul tells me I am a Williams and a Kagen now and that's all I need to know anymore.

I was living with other street kids at a train station in Moscow.  In the very cold winter months we would live in the underground Metro because it was warm down there and we had places to hide from the cops. During the days we would ride the Metro and beg for food or money to buy food with. Sometimes we would beg at the train station. I don't think we ever went hungry but food was difficult to come by if you were a street kid in a city of 16 million people where the incomes were very low.

Some things happened to me while I was a street kid that I do not and will not discuss with anyone. When I arrived to Sawmill my parents loved me like no other and saw to it that I had the best of the best doctors to turn my mind around and realize I had real love now in Sawmill, not cold or tough love anymore. Those memories have faded away from me now and I never look back to those days when I was a street kid.

I was told that I was picked up by the cops one night when I was asleep at the train station and carried to a Home. I do not remember much about that but it was a blessing for me and my parents tell me it was a blessing to them also. They had no children because of their careers and had no intentions of having any.
But, in Sawmill my mum had a cousin by the name of Blue Kagen that I call my Uncle Blue.
Uncle Blue found out about me through a Moscow friend and called my mum and told her about me and  told her it was time for her to end her career and go to Moscow and adopt me immediately.

My mum tells me she thought he was boinkers but listened to what he had to say. She and my dad were performing in another country at the time. She told me she tried to argue with him about it but the more he talked about this kid in Moscow the more her heart weakened for me so she said she would fly to Moscow the next day and meet me and try to figure all of this out.

I was in this Home, I was warm and had food to eat and some new clothes to wear and a nice bed to sleep in so I thought I was doing ok and felt safe now for the first time in a long time.

One morning one of the Home mum's came and got me and told me we were going to the office. This scared me and I thought they may be putting me back out on the streets again

When we walked into the office I saw a very tall beautiful lady that looked very rich. She had a beautiful and warm smile on her face. She walked to me and picked me up and hugged me and was crying a little. At that time I didn't know the Head mum had told her my story about being on the streets as a street kid.

She sat down in a chair and sat me in her lap holding me close to her all the time. My heart was pounding for I had never felt this kind of warmth from anyone before especially a beautiful lady like her. I never wanted this moment to leave me ever.

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