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When all the documents were signed and all the oaths were taken the House Mum came to me, hugged and kissed me and wished me much happiness. She also asked my parents never to forget the Home I was in and how fast my adoption took place. My family supports this home and sometimes we return there for visits and shop for and play with the kids.

My dad picked me up and carried me out the door and we all got in the van. Uncle Dimitri drove us straight to an airport. We went through Customs and Passport Control and my dad never let me away from his arms during all this time.

I remember we went down some steps and walked to a plane. I learned later that this plane is the Kagen family private jet and I have flown in her many times. A man greeted us at the door of the plane with a big smile on his face and handed me a teddy bear that said I Love You on it. That teddy bear also sits in our den behind those locked glass doors next to the one Uncle Dimitri gave me in Moscow.

That man is actually my cousin Tyler but I call him uncle Tyler and is one of the brothers to my uncle Blue. He carried me inside the plane and waited for my parents and everyone else to come inside her.
He handed me to my mum and gave me another kiss on the cheek. My mum sat me down in a seat and put a seat belt around me, She sat down next to me and told me that we were going to fly to my new home in America and flying on the plane would be fun for all of us especially me.

I was so excited and also had other feelings because I was leaving the only place I had ever known. Even though these people had poured their love out to me I still felt a little frighten. Uncle Blue went to the front of the plane with uncle Tyler and soon the plane was moving. I looked out the widow and it seemed like everything was getting very very small. Today I still think about that everytime we fly somewhere and I'm looking out the window. I laugh at myself as I watch everything getting smaller as the plane lifts from the ground.

Soon my mum got up and was gone a few minutes and when she returned she had some cake and ice cream for me and everyone else on the plane. I'm here to tell you now that was some good cake and ice cream. I was told a lady had made the cake and the ice cream just for me while I was flying on the plane. She told me her name was Hanna but everyone where I would be living called her granny and she would want me to call her granny also. Ok with me, got some more of that ice cream and cake!

Not long after I had eaten a LOT of that ice cream and cake I could hardly keep my eyes opened. My mum moved to a small sofa in the plane and told me to come with her. I walked over to her and she laid me down and put my head in her lap. Aunt Anna got a blanket and put over me. I  held my teddy bears uncle Dimitri and uncle Tyler had given me.

The next thing I remember my mum was waking me up and we were on the ground again. She told me to wake up my little one, time to have some food and then we would be flying again. I know now that we had landed to refuel the plane at an airport that also had a place to eat.

When I finally got awake I agreed, I was hungry and wanted to eat. We all got off the plane and my mum held my hand as we walked to a building that had a eating place in it. My mum sat me in a chair and smiled at me and told me, I sure do love you my little one. That sure made me feel so warm and special.
My dad sat next to me also and pinched my ear a little and smiled at me.

I don't remember what I ate but I do remember it was sure some good food. My mum fixed my plate for me just like she did in the home. Cut my meat for me and fixed my veggies for me. Both my mum and dad made sure I ate my food and would help me with it sometimes.  I think I tried to eat everything that was on my plate, it was a lot of food for me and I still remembered not having food to eat some days.

Soon we were back in the plane and when I looked out the window everything started getting small to me again. I was really getting tired. My mum said we would be home in about four more hours. My dad told me to follow him. We walked to the very front of the plane and he opened a door. When I went through the door I saw so many pretty lights all over the place I thought it looked like a Christmas tree.

My uncles turned around and smiled at me and said something like welcome to the deck beautiful!. What ever the deck was I sure as heck didn't know. My dad picked me up and put me in uncle Blue's lap.
Man those lights sure looked pretty now. He told to me we're going to let you fly the plane for a little while. I had NO idea what he meant but they sure made it fun for me.

We went back to my mum and everyone else in a little while. My mum told me we would be home soon and a lot of new and fun surprises were waiting on me when we got there. This excited me but I still had a funny feeling in my stomach about some things.

Soon my mum was putting my seat bealt on me again and said we would be home in 30 minutes and smiled at me.

If you ever feel it in your hearts to adopt a child from another country please pay very careful attention to the feelings and body language of the child when you're leaving the child's homeland. Make them feel safe and secure and everything will be ok and much better for them relocating to a new country and having to bond with a new family and friends.

My parents and my new family on the plane with me that day made me feel loved and like I had always been a part of their family.  My family have NEVER once introduced me as their adopted or stepchild.
I've always been introduced as this is my daughter, my grand daughter, my cousin or my niece.

I was looking out the window as we were landing and saw a very big and beautiful mountain. My mum told me that is Sawmill Mountain. It was also the first mountain I had ever seen before in my life. As the plane slowed down and was stopping I was looking out the window and saw some people waving and smiling to me.

I noticed one girl there that had the most blue eyes I had ever seen before and blonde hair. She was really smiling and waving to me.

My mum looked at me and told me...she's your cousin Anuta, and she's really excited about you going to live very close to her and have you for her cousin.

Beth's New Life Begins in Sawmill

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