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Sawmill Girl Anuta

I sure took my time eating that fresh churned peach ice cream and it was sooo good and tasty. After I finished eating my ice cream my poppa picked me up and walked not far from the waterfall and sat down.
He held me his arms and would give me little kisses on top of my head and tell me I was his precious little grand daughter and loved me so.  This made me feel so good and safe.

My sis Karen told to me I went to sleep in poppa's arms. Well, it had been a beautiful day of new surprises for me and I really loved surprises. She told to me that my granny put me in her truck and took me to her and my poppa's home while I was sleeping.

When I woke up sometime later I was in my granny's lap sitting in a swing. I looked up and saw the beautiful Sawmill Farm with the beautiful plowed fields and pretty green pastures. My granny held me and told me the same words my poppa had told me next to the waterfall. I felt so safe, so loved and had never had such wonderful warm feelings in my heart before.

My granny took me in the house for the first time ever and told me about each room. She would carry me to a bedroom and tell to me this was your dad's room, and then all my new aunt's and uncle's bedrooms.
She told to me I could have any one of these bedrooms for my own bedroom and could spend the night with them anytime I wanted to. Now this was a lot for a 3 year old that had never been in a real house before until I moved to Sawmill Valley with my mum and my new dad. I would have two bedrooms and only the age of 3 years.

I was beginning to live the rose dream of a lot of kids from my home Stary Oskol. I had a mum and dad that loved me, I had a new sis that was very loving and caring for me, I had two bedrooms, and I had a poppa and granny that was so dear to my heart, especially my poppa. I sure miss my brother Igor and hope he will come to me soon in my new home and family in Sawmill Valley.

It seemed like the years from my age of 3 until I was 6 was a rose dream for me everyday. I was learning  English and was speaking and understanding it very easy now. We no longer spoke in Russian in our home anymore. My brother Igor is living here with us now and that really pleases me.

My dad and I had bonded well and to this day he is still the main hero in my life for making the sacrifice to marry my mum, adopt me and my brother Igor, relocate us here to America and Sawmill and give us a real home with a real love family and of course...spoil us.

I had been spending many wonderful and fun filled days with my sis Karen and brother on the farm with our poppa and granny. My mum no longer had to dig potatoes in a field and sale those potatoes on the streets at night to help provide for my brother and me. My mum and brother and me always have plenty of food to eat and nice clothes to wear. My mum no longer had to mend our clothes for us.
I had aunts and uncles that loved and cared for me and would tell me they loved me so and they would always help me in my life as I was growing into adulthood. And, I had my poppa loving and caring for me.

Well, I am 6 years old now, starting to school soon and soon to learn my sis Karen, my brother and myself will soon have two new sisters that are being adopted by my mum and dad. One will be coming from Stary Oskol and one will be coming from Thailand. We will call them Marina and Scoot.
I would like to thank my sis Karen and my family for helping me write my story during the years that I was to young to possible remember so many things that I'm writing about in my story.

To Be Continued January 2014

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