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Swmill Girl Anuta

My poppa picked me up again and carried me inside his big red barn and there stood that BIG horse with a BIG mouth call Sawmill looking at us. My sis Karen also had a Big horse in there with a BIG mouth.
My poppa sat me down on a bench and started putting a saddle on Sawmill. My sis Karen was putting one on her horse also.

My poppa got up on Sawmill and my sis put me up there in front of him. My sis got on her horse and we started riding out the door of the barn. Down the hill we went into a beautiful green pasture with my poppa holding onto me.

We rode for a long time not saying very much. Boy was I ever excited sitting on this horse Sawmill with my poppa. I had never ever had so much fun in my life as right now. I got to meet some of the beautiful cows and rub my hands on one of them. We rode through the pastures, we rode next to some plowed fields that smelled so fresh and good to my nose.

My poppa and sis Karen stopped and got off the horses.Then poppa took me off and my sis took off her boots and took my shoes off. Poppa took his boots off and then they both held my hands and we all walked barefoot in that fresh plowed Sawmill Farm dirt.

The dirt was cool to my feet and felt very good to me and I was liking this a lot. The more we walked in that fresh plowed dirt the more I loved this place called Sawmill Farm, my poppa, my sis Karen, Sawmill and Karen's horse and my new life in America and in Sawmill Valley. That walk in that freshly plowed dirt
made me feel like I belonged on Sawmill Farm and had been there before. It was also soothing some homesickness I was feeling in my heart for my family and friends still in Stary Oskol.

I'm sure every kid in their young life has had something good to always remind them that life can be good and is good because of an experience like I was experiencing this day on Sawmill Farm with my poppa and sis Karen.

Soon we were riding the horses again and were following a big stream called Sawmill Creek. I cannot write in words as how I was feeling at this time in my life. I was with a new sis named Karen from my city Stary Oskol and also spoke the same language as me.
I was riding on a big beautiful gentle horse with my new poppa that was really pouring his love out to me.
This was a new part of my life that only could be a rose dream for a lot of kids from my city and country where I had just relocated from.

After about some time of riding next to Sawmill Creek I heard a noise that was soothing to me. It was a little loud and sounded like water.
There the noise is...oooo weeee a beautiful waterfall!!! So beautiful and there was my granny waiting for us. I had never before in my life seen a real waterfall.

My granny had made a picnic for us. Oooo weeee I love picnics. My granny took me down off Sawmill and gave me a big hug and kiss and told me she sure did love me. I like those words!

She had made some foods for us to eat and I sure was hungry. I saw only one thing I had ever seen before in my life and that was mashed potaotes and I have eaten a lot of those.
There was something she called country fried chicken, hot dang that sure looked and smelled good. There was something there she called green beans that I had never seen or eaten before.
Fresh baked BISCUITS with butter on them....oooooooo weee let's EAT!

After I had eaten all I thought I could possible eat my granny brought me a bowl with something in it.
WOW fresh made peach ice cream! OOOOOOOOOOO WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

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