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Samill Girl Anuta

Soon we were going down a long hill that's now a residental area call Da Hood where my older sisters Karen, Marina and Scoot now live. My poppa stopped Kickass and that old green wagon and what I saw made me feel like the Heavens above had opened in front of me.

I could see that big beautiful mountain called Sawmill Mountain all the way to where it ends. My poppa and my sis got out of the wagon and my poppa picked me up and we walked to the edge of the road. I had never seen so much beauty in my life. As far as I could see were beautiful plowed fields, beautiful green pastures and a lot of beautiful cows and a big beautiful horse in one of those beautiful pastures.

Way out in the middle of all that beauty was a big red barn with a tractor sitting next to it. The air smelled so fresh and I could smell the sweet scent of the flower called Honeysuckle.

My poppa hugged me and said to me, my little angel there is Sawmill Farm. I could  not take my eyes away for one second and said nothing back to my poppa. All I could do was look at so much beauty in my eyes . My heart felt so warm with feelings I had never felt before in my life. We stood there for a long time saying nothing just looking at the beauty in front of us.

My poppa put me in the seat of that old green wagon being pulled by a mule called Kickass. My sis Karen got next to me and poppa started driving that old green wagon down the hill on the road called Barn Road. I could still not take my eyes off Sawmill Farm.

As the road begin to level out that big beautiful horse came running towards us. I was later to find out this horse was not running but trotting because of his breed. My poppa stopped that old green wagon, picked me up and we walked to the fence where the horse was standing. My poppa gave me a big red apple and told me to give it to him. I'm here to tell you now, that was a BIG horse with a BIG mouth and I was not very big at all and my poppa wanted ME to FEED him this big red apple. ooo weee!

So, I gave the big red apple to that BIG horse with a BIG mouth. He took it gentle from my hands and looked at me with his very BIG beautiful brown eyes. His eyes looked so soft I felt as if he was looking all the way into my soul. My poppa said this to me, this is my friend Sawmill and he is a Morgan Horse. The only true American breed in the world is the Morgan. Well, he may be but he sure is BIG and has a very BIG mouth and eyes so soft and beautiful.

My poppa put me back in the wagon and we rode on down the road to a small road going up to the big red barn with that BIG horse with a BIG mouth running next to us in the pasture. My poppa turned that old wagon on that little road going up to the big red barn and stopped and took me out.

We walked to the edge of the hill that barn was on and looked west. Once again I was speechless and all I could do was look at more BIG horses with BIG mouths running and playing and looked like having a hoot of a good time. My sis told me all those horses belong to the people that lived in Sawmill Valley and everyone that lives here loves horses.

My poppa put me down on the ground and walked to the other side of the barn facing north and all I could see was that big beautiful mountain called Sawmill Mountain and beautiful plowed fields and beautiful green pastures. Off in the distance I could see a beautiful home sitting on a hill overlooking the farm.
I was soon to find out that was my poppa and granny's home.

Something in my heart and soul was making me feel just like I had stood in this very same spot before and looked at the big beautiful mountain called Sawmill and all those beautiful plowed fields and green pastures. I wish my big brother Igor was here with me. Sometimes I cry a little because I miss my Igor but he will soon be here in Sawmill with me.

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