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Sawmill Girl Anuta's Story

I was eating breakfast a few mornings later and heard my poppa come in the door. He came to me and gave me a big warm hug and kiss and sat down next to me. He told me he had someone outside he wanted me to meet when I finished eating my breakfast. My sis Karen started laughing and said sis YOU are in for a BIG surprise. I sure got excited then and finished eating my breakfast.

When I finished eating my poppa took me in his arms and out the door he and my sis went with me. There was this HUGE animal there called a MULE and I was told his name was Kickass. I had no idea what a Kickass meant but he looked HUGE.
My poppa put me on this MULE called Kickass and rode me around the yard with me sitting on him for a few minutes. I was laughing having a good time and I could see my mum and dad laughing at me and taking photos of me and that made me laugh more.

I heard my poppa yell something I had NEVER heard before in my life. He yelled something that went like this...yeeee haw!..WOW I wonder what language that was. I was just now begining to get use to English being spoken all around me from all my new relatives and Sawmill friends and now I've another language I had never heard before in my ears!

My poppa stopped the MULE and my sis got on with me and started riding me around some of other homes near our home. People would come outside and yell that strange yeeeee hawwww language too. I was really getting confused then but everyone was waving to me and smiling so I didn't feel to scared about this new yeeeee hawwww language.

My poppa stopped us and we walked to the front of the house. Poppa took this MULE Kickass and my sis told me he was "hitching" Kickass to the wagon. WOW another new word I had never heard before..."hitching".

My sis picked me up and put me in the back of this old green wagon full of hay and got in with me. My poppa got on the seat on that old green wagon and told this MULE Kickass to "git it up go" Kickass. Here was ANOTHER word I had never heard before in my life..."gi it up". I was really getting confused now, two new strange languages in the same day.

Soon we were bouncing, and I mean really bouncing, on the road. We were laughing and this was a lot of fun for me. My sis was throwing hay all over me and I was having myself a very good time. We kept bouncing on this road and soon I saw a very high and long beautiful mountain. My sis told me that it was called Sawmill Mountain, whatever that meant I had no idea.

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